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  1. Today
  2. 17.2. Cloud9 - Winstrike

    Cloud9 - Winstrike (BO3 match) Pick: Cloud9 Odds: 1.60 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Cloud9 should win this match. If winstrike surprise us, they might take one map, but i doubt they can win this match. C9 should pull out the win, if they want to do something with their lineup!
  3. Yesterday
  4. 16.2. Cloud9 - FURIA

    Cloud9 - FURIA (BO3 match) Pick: handicap Furai +1.5 Odds: 1.53 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) C9 played so bad at IEM. This is hard match for predictions, so i go with +1.5 on FURIA, hoping that they can surprise us.
  5. 16.2. Fnatic - G2

    Fnatic - G2 (BO3 match) Pick: Fnatic Odds: 1.54 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I think fnatic will win. G2 is so shaky, they are playing terrible currently, and i think fnatic is better team overall. So ML on fnatic.
  6. Ninjas In Pyjamas - Vega Squadron (BO3 match) Pick: handicap Vega +1.5 Odds: 1.63 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) ELEAGUE Major all over again. Can NiP lose again to Vega in an Major elimination match? I think Vega will give them a hard match. It's bo3, i think 1-2 or 2-1 so i go handicap +1.5 on Vega.
  7. Last week
  8. 15.2. ENCE - Winstrike

    ENCE - Winstrike (BO3 match) Pick: handicap Winstrike +1.5 Odds: 1.88 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I think 60-40 or 70-30 for ENCE, but we saw how Winstrike can surprise. I can give them 1 map, and because of the odds, ill go with Winstrike taking at least 1 map.
  9. 15.2. TyLoo - AVANGAR

    TyLoo - AVANGAR (BO3 match) Pick: AVANGAR Odds: 2.28 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Close match i think. Tyloo is again at the great form. However, CIS team AVANGAR is playing good too, as i watched them, they really impressed them. I will risk and go with AVANGAR because of the sick odds. Worth of risk.
  10. 15.2. Vitality - ViCi

    Vitality - ViCi (BO3 match) Pick: Vitality Odds: 1.28 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Vici had great tournament by beating fnatic and C9 in BO1. However i think Vitality is stronger, and young hope ZywOo will carry them to victory. 2-0 or 2-1 for Vitality at best.
  11. Natus Vincere - Ninjas in Pyjamas Pick: handicap +1.5 NaVi Odds: 1.59 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Both teams had a good tournament. Will be a close match and i predict 1-2 or 2-1 for one of the teams. Even tho NIP is better team currently overall
  12. Natus Vincere - Alliance Pick: NaVi Odds: 1.45 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) New NaVi lineup seems it's working after long weeks of practice. Alliance had few good matches, and are decent team, but i don't think that Alliance lineup can do big things in the future. NaVi has just better carries and will win.
  13. Ninjas in Pyjamas - Gambit Esports Pick: Ninjas in Pyjamas Odds: 1.36 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) High bet on NiP. Gambit seems like in good shape, but NiP is better team overall. I think 2-1 or 2-0 for NiP.
  14. Ninjas in Pyjamas - Team Empire Pick: Handicap Ninjas in Pyjamas -1.5 Odds: 1.64 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) NiP is way better team currently. I think they will win vs Empire 2-0 easy.
  15. 14.2. Fnatic - Grayhound

    Fnatic - Grayhound Pick: Fnatic (BO3 match) Odds: 1.25 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Fnatic for sure. Even if they are not so stable and good as maybe other top teams, i think they will take Grayhounds easily. Maybe GH can take 1 map, maybe.
  16. 14.2. Renegades - ENCE

    Renegades - ENCE Pick: Renegades +1.5 handicap (BO3 match) Odds: 1.70 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) This is first IEM bo3 match. I think its maybe 60-40 in favour of ENCE, and that will go to the 3 maps fore sure. 2-1 or 1-2 for one team.
  17. 13.2. Winstrike - NRG

    Winstrike - NRG Pick: Winstrike (BO1 match) Odds: 3.49 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Winstrike really impressed me lately. They had some good matches, and as this is BO1 and winstrike has 3.49 odds on their win, this is good opportunity to earn some money. I would say NRG are the favourites, but BO1...
  18. FURIA - Ninjas In Pyjamas Pick: NIP(BO1 match) Odds: 1.44 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Even tho Furia was good in qualifiers, i think NIP will take this match. Like 70-30 in NIP favour.
  19. G2 Esports - Vega Squadron Pick: Vega Squadron (BO1 match) Odds: 2.48 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) We saw what Vega can do on Majors, they can usually surprise. G2 is not so good like it seems, so i think CIS team can surprise us all once again, and odds are too good. Remember, those are BO1 matches, anything can happen.
  20. 13.2. ENCE - Spirit

    ENCE - Spirit Pick: Spirit (BO1 match) Odds: 2.92 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I think this match will be a lot closer than odds shows. 2.92 on Spirit is must take opportunity, even if ENCE wins too. I think 60-40 for ENCE, but Spirit can surprise too.
  21. 13.2. TyLoo - Vitality

    TyLoo - Vitality Pick: Vitality (BO1 match) Odds: 1.30 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) On first, i would say that this would be a close match. TBH i think Tyloo can take win here too, but i would give slight advantage to Vitality, they are improving slowly and showing their class. They can be team to look into the future. If you want little risk, go low on Tyloo.
  22. 13.2. Cloud9 - Grayhound

    Cloud9 - Grayhound Pick: Cloud9 (BO1 match) Odds: 1.22 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I think Cloud9 will have strong showing at IEM. Basically Grayhound can't beat them, it would be a big big surprise if C9 lose that match.
  23. 13.2. ViCi - Fnatic

    ViCi - Fnatic Pick: Fnatic (BO1 match) Odds: 1.20 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Vici had some good shows lately, but fnatic is fnatic. I think they can't beat them, so fnatic will take this match easy.
  24. Renegades - AVANGAR Pick: Renegades (BO1 match) Odds: 1.99 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Will be close match if you ask me. AVANGAR is good lately, but i think Renegades can win, and odds are not too bad on RNG, so i went for Renegades.
  25. Earlier
  26. J.Storm vs paiN gaming Pick: paiN gaming -1.5 Odds: 2.57 Units: Small individually and as a team paiN is the better team in this match up. paiN gaming played quite well even if they started at the lower bracket, but managed to go to defeat Forward Gaming and Team Aster that they managed to reach the semi-finals of the lower bracket facing Team Secret, then they lost to Secret 2 - 0. Still I do believe that paiN gaming could 2 - 0 J.Storm here with the stability of their team and the pace they're playing right now will be the ace they have facing J.Storm.
  27. TNC vs Team Aster

    TNC vs Team Aster Pick: Team Aster Odds: 1.55 Units: BIG Odds are so sweet here for Aster, it's so hard not to get this one would be one of the mistakes you'll ever make in betting TNC isn't really good playing against Chinese teams because of how they play. Team Aster play patiently which is very opposite to what TNC's play is which is they're so aggressive. This is where teams like Team Aster stands at the top because they know how to play against the strategy of TNC. Considering how both teams played earlier, Aster really has the edge on this one, just how they played against Evil Geniuses was so good it's just that they fell short during that 3rd map. But the way they hold so long against the siege of EG is nice, it's just that they started so slow that EG snowballed on the 3rd map. Regardless of their loss against EG, they're still far better as a team against TNC. Good luck!
  28. Vici Gaming vs Evil Geniuses Pick: Vici Gaming Odds: 1.97 Units: Medium Vici Gaming played pretty well against Team Secret during the ESL One Finals but was just short to be crowned as the champions, they've won straight 2 - 0 against TNC earlier today and have plenty of time to rest before their next game. The EG vs Aster went to game 3 and the game 3 match was so long and exhausting that it might take a toll unto them mentally, there are even instances that team Aster could've turn the tables during the late game because of how they defended the high ground but the slow siege of EG still won. I'd take Vici Gaming here, based on the recent performance both teams did in the group stage, I'd be favoring Vici Gaming just because they've been well rested and could've made a better strat against -- during that time and so they can execute it better. Not to mention Vici Gaming had a good run on ESL One. Good luck!
  29. Team Secret vs NiP

    Team Secret vs NiP Pick: Team Secret -1.5 Units: Medium With that convincing win from Secret against J.Storm, boosts their confidence more after coming off a win from ESL One Hamburg against Vici Gaming. Team Secret is also known to be one of the best teams when it comes to winning group stages to qualify in the playoffs. NiP isn't playing bad and are playing quite good but if we compare them when it comes to playing as a team, Secret is way more better than NiP and individually they're far better. Both captains have faced each other quite a lot already since then so they know a bit on how one thinks unto making drafts but Puppey's drafts sometimes surprises us. If the draft is quite close, it will be up to the execution of the play and I do believe Secret is far better as a team against NiP. Good luck to your bets and picks.
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