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  1. Today
  2. Vici Gaming win with odds 1.58 or more. VG definitely is performing worse than VG.J Thunder in group stage as I have high expectation from VG while I was expecting VG.J Thunder to be kicked or stay loser bracket. However Group B is actually having a better average skill compare to group A so VG should have more than 70% chance to win this game.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Team Serenity win with odds 2.36 or more. This game, is actually 60-40 favors on Fnatic because Fnatic always able to come up with good draft and Abed's Mepoo is always one of thing enemy have to aware and becaful while doing draft. However Serenity performance in group B is not bad as they able to get 1-1 against VP, their PL+ Ursa draft was risky but it works out. I am recommending Serenity because Group B is having a higher average skill, and Serenity always have potential to upset any team right now.
  5. 20.8 PSD.LGD vs VP

    PSD.LGD win with odds 2.13 or more. PSD.LGD is actually not doing as good as I expected in group stage, they unable to get 2-0 against VG.J Thunder is a mess there. VP's performance on the other hand in group B does not let me feel disappointing, Group B average skill is actually more balance compare to Group A. But I still pick LGD because FY and Xnova both support players are better than Solo and Rodger right now. Considering the draft, I would say VP would able to get advantage from the draft when up against LGD. This match is still close to 50-50, you can go low on LGD or skip this, I personally would go a little high bet size for LGD here.
  6. Team Liquid win with odds 1.22 or more. Although Optic Gaming is only a moderate tier 1 team compare to other teams in TI8 right now, however Liquid in group stage also getting 1-1 against Fnatic and IG are making me feel insecure to pick Liquid 2-0 here. You can go 5% on Liquid win this match but not 2-0 as Optic Gaming do actually have more than 50% to get 1 game from Liquid here.
  7. 8/19 G2 vs Vitality

    Team Vitality is currently on tiebreak with FC S04 and G2 Esports so they will play both of these to compete for that second position on the ladder. This match will be fascinating to watch as both these teams have quite correlative playstyle so foreseeing certain victory of any team is tough here. Odds : 1.96 - 1.89 My personal odds : 50% - 50% Suggested bet : Low on Vitality / Skip
  8. Third and final tiebreaker game of LCS Europe for the second spot skirmish between G2 Esports , FC Schalke 04 and Team Vitality. If the previous two games go according to my predictions then I am expecting FC Schalke 04 to win this one also to gain that second postion here as G2 eports sure cannot be cut out from the skirmish but I think FC Schalke 04 is being underrated here after their loss against H2K which happens one time or another to all good games. Upsets are part of a game especially in a BO1 series so I don't think judging a team by one match is a keen idea. That is why I think today FC Schalke 04 will come out stronger and snatch the second spot. Odds : 1.79b - 2.07 My personal odds : 47% - 53% Suggested bet : Medium on FC Schalke 04
  9. FC S04 disappointed me yesterday by fortuitous defeat against H2K. Today they will play against much stronger team compared to H2K and I postulate that they will not repeat same mistakes that they did against H2K. Both these teams are tied with each other on second place so this will be tough match to call. Odds : 2.02 - 1.83 My personal odds : 50% - 50% Suggested bet : Medium on FC S04
  10. Last week
  11. This is pretty much one sided match-up despite the odds being rather peculiar, FlyQuest is remarkably ahead of Golden Guardians in every pasture. Keeping that in mind I am convinced that FlyQuest should emerge victorious here and further bolster their rank up the ladder. Odds : 2.38 - 1.61 My Personal Odds : 20% - 80% Suggested bet : High on FlyQuest
  12. Echo Fox vs Liquid

    Another close match-up and interesting to watch, Liquid is sitting on #1 spot while Echo Fox is looking to snatch that #2 spot after securing this win. Liquid summoners are in their best form this season and are reigning supreme over other NA teams. Echo Fox has a slim chance here but according to me they won't be able to beat Liquid here. Odds : 2.37 - 1.62 My personal Odds : 25% - 75% Suggested bet : Medium on Liquid
  13. 100 Thieves vs Cloud9

    Tough , Tough and Tough. NA LCS today is having nail-biting match-ups and this is one of them. Competition for the spot in the worlds is sturdy in NA LCS compared to EU LCS due to being most of the teams having similar resilient summoners in their regiment. Cloud9 sitting on #3 spot tied with Echo fox and Flyquest while 100 Thieves is sitting on #2 right below Team Liquid. This match carries significant importance for Cloud9 and 100 Thieves so this will be tough match-up as indicated above. Odds : 2.01 - 1.84 My personal odds : 47% - 53% Suggested bet : Low on Cloud9
  14. Splyce vs Giants

    Splyce did give FC S04 tough time yesterday as they lead by almost 4k gold between time stamp of 30:00 - 35:00 at which it was Splyce on the roll but making some silly mistakes costed them the match that they were supposed to win. I hope today ADC (Kobbe) of Splyce will come up stronger as they lacked behind yesterday due to failure of BOT lane. On the other hand Giants Gaming got outclassed by G2 in every field on Rift. As they are sitting on the bottom of the ladder just above H2K, they have no chance into making it to the worlds. Odds : 1.57 - 2.48 My personal odds : 75% - 25% Suggested bet : High on Splyce
  15. Misfits vs Team Roccat

    Misfits losing to Team Vitality yesterday was somewhat expected despite the odds being rather equivalent for both teams. Misfits is currently sitting on #4 spot tied with Team Vitality so winning this match-up should pretty much give them the #3 spot for now. So keeping that in mind Misfits should be ready for Roccat Gaming. On the other hand Roccat Gaming is yet to fix their lousy mistakes which costs them the match especially their mid laner and jungler as seen yesterday against Fnatic. They had a chance to upset but as their mid laner fall behind due to the snowball initiation by Fnatic Caps. So I don't think that with this weak mid laner and major mistakes by the Jungler, Roccat won't stand a chance against Misfits here. Odds : 1.49 - 2.70 My odds : 80% - 20% Suggested bet : High on Misfits
  16. FC SChalke 04 vs H2k

    FC Schalke 04 is for sure going to the worlds as they are currently one of the best team in EU LCS. This match-up is very one sided and totally in favor of FC Schalke 04 and I do agree with these odds as they seem quite fair. While talking about H2K, they are not anywhere near close to having a chance into making it to the worlds so I don't think they have any motivation left to upset FC Schalke 04 here. Odds: 1.23 - 4.36 My Personal Odds : 95% - 5% Suggested bet : High++ on FC Schalke 04
  17. OG win 2-0 with odds 2.7 or more. VG.J Thunder been coming back into the game after taking down IG and WinStrike with 2-0 there, however OG is still a team that have better chance to win 2-0 in this match. IG and Win Strike are both weak tier 1 team, and WinStrike has very high possibility to kicked(placed at 9th) in the end of group stage. OG on the other hand, with Topson and Ana switching role between carry and mid, making their draft is unpredictable furthermore, TopSon always can play Sky as a core hero, which make OG's draft has more flexibility.
  18. Line-up FC 04 : Viscisazi , Nukeduck , Amazing , Upset , vander Line-up Splyce : Odamane , Xerxe , Nisqy , Kobbe , KaSing Odds : 1.58 - 2.46 My personal odds : 70% - 30% Analysis : FC Schalke 04 looked promising last week as they went straight to position #2 on EU LCS Ladder. While Splyce on the other hand is also a team not to be underestimated as they have delievered upsets before and they will do so if FC 04 makes the mistakes they shouldn't make. Expected Winner : FC Schalke 04 Suggested Bet : Medium
  19. 17.8 Liquid vs EG

    Liquid win at least 1 map with odds 1.45 or more. EG is definitely the strongest team right now in Group A based on their result. Also their 2-0 against PSD.LGD also proved their consistency right now, however Liquid is a team that always able to upset strong team, I was expecting PSD.LGD is having better group stage score compare to Liquid because Liquid against weak team, they sometime just lost it. EG as one of the strongest team right now, I even believe Liquid could 2-0 here.
  20. PSD.LGD win 2-0 with odds 2.42 or more. 1% Fnatic is actually doing a great job right now in group A, getting same score as Liquid and even took down Liquid with 39 kills against 1 kill. However PSD.LGD is still better as FY is still a better support compare to DJ, supports are still the most important roles in this meta. Fnatic yesterday game 1 against Mineski are kind of throwing, and let Mineski comeback, I believe such thing still happens as EE is one of the god of throwing. Overall, we could go low on LGD 2-0 here based on both team performance lately.
  21. Optic Gaming win 2-0 with odds 2.75 or more. 1% Optic Gaming and Team Serenity are both the lowest scorer in group B along with Pain Gaming. Although I said Serenity is a potential China Team, but NA region team showed their stability like EG is having 9 wins 1 lose and VG.J Storm is having 7 wins 1 lose, I believe Optic Gaming can do better than this as China Team is really inconsistent right now.
  22. Line-up G2 Esports : Wunder , Jankos , Perk , Hjarnan , Wadid Line-up Giants Gaming : Ruin , Djoko , Betsy , Steelback , Targamas Odds : 1.32 - 3.5 My personal odds : 90% - 10% Analysis : G2 Esports is one of the EU Lcs powerhouse and are currently sitting on #2 spot with two other teams (FC Schalke 04 and Misfits) so they have to win this game to strengthen their position for the worlds run. While Giants Gaming is floating on second last place. Expected Winner : G2 Esports Suggested Bet : High on G2 Esports
  23. Fnatic vs Roccat

    Line-up Roccat : Profit , Memento , Blanc , Heaq , Norskeren Line-up Team Fnatic : SoaZ , Broxah , caps , Bwipo , Hyllisang Odds : 1.32 - 3.5 My personal odds : 90% - 10% Analysis : Fnatic is in dominating form and is leading the charge in EU LCS standings so far. So I don't expect Roccat to win here. Expected Winner : Fnatic Suggested Bet : High on Fnatic
  24. H2K vs UoL

    Line-up H2k : SmitthJ , Caedrel , Selfie , PromisQ , Shock Line-up UoL : WhiteKnight , Kold , Exileh , Neon , Totoro Odds : 2.47 - 1.53 My personal odds : 30% - 70% Analysis : UoL is better team compared to H2K who won 1 match out of the 16 they have played in total. So I don't think that Whiteknight and gang should have any problem in dealing with H2K here. Expected Winner : UoL Suggested Bet : High on UoL
  25. 16.8 EG vs PSD.LGD

    EG win at least 1 map with odds 1.41 or more. This is a risky bet where I only recommend 1% on it, EG only have less than 70% to get 1 map from LGD here. Their performance in Group A are the best now, taking down Mineski and also VG.J Thunder with 2-0 while LGD not only lost 1 map to Liquid and OG, but also VG.J Thunder which is unacceptable. So I would go for EG win at least 1map here.
  26. Team Liquid win 2-0 with odds 1.57 or more. 0.5% Liquid let Fnatic stomped with 39-1 kills score in game 2 is definitely a disappointment as their first bo2 game in group stage. However they still proved to us that they are one of the top 3 team, game 1 against Fnatic was crucial as well as they lost 12k net worth then only come back with creating space and kills to Miracle's Spectre while Broodmother controlling the game momentum. IG lost against Win Strike with 0-2 score is definitely one of the point I am supporting Liquid here, as we all know that Win Strike just formed up their team to participant in CIS Qualifier on 20 June 2018, their team only trained for 2 months(on top). Although WinStrike do have a good lineup of players but losing 0-2 against them still make me believe Liquid able to get 2-0 here.
  27. VG.J Storm win 2-0 with odds 3.0 or more. 1% VG.J Storm getting 2-0 against VG is really gaining a credit there, not only that, they also took down Secret with 2-0, they are the only team that haven experience any lost in group stage yet. Optic Gaming lost against VP with 0-2 is expected but also disappointing so I would go for VG.J Storm 2-0 here,however low bet size with only 1% .
  28. 16.8 VP vs Secret

    VP win 2-0 with odds 2.05 or more. 1% VP is definitely the stronger team right now, although they only able to get 1-1 against Team Serenity yesterday, however like I said, Team Serenity is a team that is potential underdog as they also able to get 1 game from Secret. Secret lost against VG.J Storm 0-2 is not a big disappointment because VG.J Storm did proven they are one of the top 10 team in the world around 1 month ago. Overall, I will still advise go low on VP here.
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