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      Two 13.37€ risk free bets!   02/18/2018

      A new eSports betting site is offering 2x 13.37€(or 133.7 SEK, 133.7 NOK, 13.37 CAD) risk free bets for all new customers! Deposit 30€ and you are eligible for them!

      eSportsbetting.com is a very high quality betting site with a very trustworthy background and it is licensed in Malta.
      - Create an account from HERE
      - Deposit 30€ or more
      - You are now awarded with 2x risk free bets, each worth 13.37€
      - Risk free bet is used by check marking the box from the bet slip (can be used only in eSports bets). You must have enough money in your account to cover the stake.
      - If the bet loses, you get the stake back on your account with no roll-over requirements.
      - If the bet wins, the net winnings must be rolled over only once, with the odds of 1.70 or higher. You have 7 days to fulfill this requirment. (f.ex. You place your risk free bet with the odds of 2.00 and the bet wins. You now have 13.37€ bonus money in your account. Next you need to make bets until you have played for atleast 13.37€. After the roll-over you can withdraw the winnings when ever you want!)
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    • OG win with odds 1.5 or more. 3% I seriously hope BLinkpool able to advance to TI8, however OG performance just way too strong, groupstage getting 7-0 which never lose to a single team of other Europe Participant. Their only lost in this regional qualifier is against Wind and Rain, letting WR get 1 game from them in bo3 matches. Topson and Ana are doing so well as cores while Notail been a support player 1 year ago, so there is no problem for this team to adapt now.  
    • BlinkPool win with odds 1.98 or more. BlinkPool lost to Wind and Rain with 1-2 score in first playoffs and they also had a 1-0 match favors on Blinkpool in group stage, overall their head to head are having same score which is 2-2.  I am favoring on BlinkPool, because I think their roster are still better. 
    • TNC Tigers win with odds 3.22 or more. TNC Tigers as one of the black horse in SEA qualifier, I would definitely go for them with 3.22 payout odds. Because they have at least 45% to win this bo3 matches, Fnatic is a formidable team and always joined TI8 major and minor in this year however this new TNC Tiger is doing so well, not only they took down Fnatic once in group stage, they also have very great result before open qualifier started. 1.5% on TNC tiger here is good
    • OG win 2-0 with odds 1.79 or more. OG is definitely comeback strong with their new lineup, which is exceed what I expect from them. Synergy is most important thing in tier 1 team, I only can assume that all Europe qualifier team are now tier 2 so OG able to win 7-0 in group stage. Also, there are almost all teams are only formed up within 1 month before the open qualifier started. Kinguin is not one of the new formed team, so their synergy might the the reason allowed them get into this europe main qualifier playoffs. However, 2% on OG 2-0 should be fine here as they dominated the group stage so well.
    • W and R win with odds 2.3 or more. This match is purely based on higher payout odds team. TFT might have better synergy but W&R lineup is so strong. I am going to yolo on W&R for 0.5% here.