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    • Pick: Low/Icb Gambit This pick carries insane risk, which is why I'm hesitant to even recommend a low bet. Navi have looked better as a team and their core 3 looked absolutely dominant against Mouz. However, Gambit are a team that can really stand up to Navi. Ever since Zeus left Gambit for Navi following the major, the teams have remained competitive despite a clear difference in individual skill. Gambit have looked good this tourney as well. I think if they can manage to get inside Zeus' head a bit that they can stand up to the crazy fire power that Navi have. It's going to have to be a long, grindy, tactical series or them to win, but I think that the possibility is there. 
    • Yea sure they have had 7 wins in a row but they aren't as experienced as some of the players from OG, notail and s4 were some of the best on the dota 2 esport scene on par with folks like Dendi and Puppey  back in the old TI days. But maybe thats the problem, they were good. So i think ima switch my bet on to TFT because you've almost never missed a prediction
    • Pick: Total maps over 2.5 I think this should be a very competitive and exciting matchup; the Swedish derby normally is. There's an interesting storyline of Dennis vs his old team as well. I think NiP and Fnatic have both been decently strong throughout this tourney and that we'll have to go the full distance in this matchup. Taking a ML bet on this match is very risky as it's a borderline 50/50 without super favorable odds either way. This should be a fun one as Swedish CS seems to have gotten back on track, especially with where they were a year ago. 
    • Pick: Low Astralis Part of me actually wants to go med Astralis, but they are decent enough favorites right now (1.5 range) to keep me from doing so. Astralis have looked incredibly strong so far this tournament, whereas FaZe have only beaten Envyus, a team who hasn't been performing great lately. FaZe also haven't been the same team with Xizt, especially not compared to when they have Olof. I think that FaZe will struggle in a bo3 against a team as hot and good as Astralis. The biggest concern here is probably Niko as he's been on fire all tournament and could be more than capable of winning FaZe a map. However, this is unlikely and if you can get anything above 1.7 I'd recommend a medium sized bet instead of a low one on Astralis. 
    • Pick: Low Gambit This pick isn't necessarily because I think Gambit are the superior team to C9. However, I think they can have some upset potential. C9 have looked pretty good on paper beating G2 and FaZe this tourney, but G2 got eliminated by Envy, who haven't been impressive lately, and FaZe haven't been the same team without Olof. Even with those things in mind, I still think C9's performance is surprising and impressive thus far. Gambit had a rough start against Liquid on Cobble, but managed to bounce back to beat SS 16-7 and actually eliminate Liquid in a Bo3 format. I'm not surprised C9 are the favorites but by how much is ridiculous imo. Gambit having 2.55+ odds on all the sites listed on hltv as I write this is kind of ridiculous, which is why I think they make for a good low bet here. They'll be better in a bo3 than a bo1 because C9's map pool will likely be narrower due to having a new IGL.