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  2. OG win with odds 1.5 or more. 3% I seriously hope BLinkpool able to advance to TI8, however OG performance just way too strong, groupstage getting 7-0 which never lose to a single team of other Europe Participant. Their only lost in this regional qualifier is against Wind and Rain, letting WR get 1 game from them in bo3 matches. Topson and Ana are doing so well as cores while Notail been a support player 1 year ago, so there is no problem for this team to adapt now.
  3. BlinkPool win with odds 1.98 or more. BlinkPool lost to Wind and Rain with 1-2 score in first playoffs and they also had a 1-0 match favors on Blinkpool in group stage, overall their head to head are having same score which is 2-2. I am favoring on BlinkPool, because I think their roster are still better.
  4. TNC Tigers win with odds 3.22 or more. TNC Tigers as one of the black horse in SEA qualifier, I would definitely go for them with 3.22 payout odds. Because they have at least 45% to win this bo3 matches, Fnatic is a formidable team and always joined TI8 major and minor in this year however this new TNC Tiger is doing so well, not only they took down Fnatic once in group stage, they also have very great result before open qualifier started. 1.5% on TNC tiger here is good
  5. 24.6 OG vs Kinguin

    OG win 2-0 with odds 1.79 or more. OG is definitely comeback strong with their new lineup, which is exceed what I expect from them. Synergy is most important thing in tier 1 team, I only can assume that all Europe qualifier team are now tier 2 so OG able to win 7-0 in group stage. Also, there are almost all teams are only formed up within 1 month before the open qualifier started. Kinguin is not one of the new formed team, so their synergy might the the reason allowed them get into this europe main qualifier playoffs. However, 2% on OG 2-0 should be fine here as they dominated the group stage so well.
  6. W and R win with odds 2.3 or more. This match is purely based on higher payout odds team. TFT might have better synergy but W&R lineup is so strong. I am going to yolo on W&R for 0.5% here.
  7. Alliance win with odds 1.64 or more. 1% I am rooting for Qojqva here, he been on those trash tier team for long time. Seeing him able to join Alliance and might have chance to secure slot to TI8 is kind of excited. Team Kinguin is a strong tier 2 team when they perform really good. So Alliance is having only 60% chance to win this.
  8. TNC TIgers win with odds 3.14 or more. 0.5% I honestly do not see how TNC TIgers is having more than 3 payout odds in this bo1 game. I mean ENtity Gaming do have better performance lately however TNC Tigers should not deserve such high payout odds. I will advise go 0.5% just based on that odds and I think TNC Tigers is a potential team with InYourdream. (potential team means upset this match, but not securing TI8 slot)
  9. Blinkpool win with odds 2.27 or more. Blinkpool is strong lineup team with Misery as captain, having Madara, one of the best 1/2 position player along with Keyser, Khezzu and Saksa. Alliance is also having very strong lineup, qojqva as position 1 in their team do make the team better. After comparing both team lineup, I am favors on Blinkpool and also their payout odds is higher so 1% on them is fine.
  10. Final Tribe win with odds 1.4 or more 1% As you all know, I am kind of fan of Final Tribe, of course I am supporting them here. Singularity is not team like OG, Blinkpool or Alliance who is having potential upset rate with their lineup. So this should be a safe bet, however I only advise 1% on all these bo1.
  11. Pain Gaming win 2-0 with odds 1.79 or more. Pain Gaming is having only 1 lost in group stage which is against SG Esport. SG Esport is SG Esport, there is nothing wrong losing to that team since they are one of the best team in SA Region. Thunder Predator and any other 3 teams which include Torus, Infamous and midas club are on tier 2 team now. Pain Gaming definitely one of the tier 1 team from what we can see from them so losing even 1 game here should not be happening.
  12. Team Spirit win with odds 1.4 or more. Team Spirit and Fly To Moon is definitely the big favors of getting the CIS slot to TI8, I personally would favors on FlyToMoon, well back to team Espada, team that having ILTW and Misha, their performance in group stage is good, only lost against FTM and Team Spirit. However Team Spirit only got 1 lose and I expect they will win against 20 mins less even that match goes on. Team Spirit is having much more synergy compare to Espada here, so 3% on them should be good enough.
  13. 18.6 FTM vs EMpire

    Empire win with odds 2.71 or more. I would favors on FTM if this is 50-50 payout odds game, but 2.71 for Empire is quite high comparing both team skill right now, I would go 0.5% on Empire as they are underdog which have potentail to upset.
  14. Empire win with odds 1.24 or more. 1% Nothing much to be said, Empire is doing good in qualifier, although Espada did upset Navi and prove themselves are not weak. ILTW and Misha are formidable players but should not be enough to take down Empire with current momentum.
  15. FLYTOMOON win with odds 1.57 or more. To be honest, I am not really having attention on their Open Qualifier match, but I personally is taking a like on FlytoMoon based on their performance on 1 month ago. You guys could skip or go low as 0.5% on FTM because I see Team Spirit is strong but should have difficulty to take down FTM here.
  16. Liquid vs mousesports Pick: Handicap mouz +1.5 (it means they need to take at least 1 map from BO3) Odds: 1.58 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Definitely possible. Don't know why so low odds on Liquid and high on mouz. i think this is 40-60 match for mouz.
  17. FaZe vs Space Soldiers Pick: Handicap Space Soldiers +1.5 (means SS needs to take at least 1 map from BO3) Odds: 1.56 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) FaZe looks shaky, and SS looks in really good form. If you want to risk more, go for SS win, but i expect them to take 1 map from FaZe.
  18. BIG vs Não Tem Como Pick: Handicap Não Tem Como +1.5 (it means NTC must take at least 1 map from BO3) Odds: 1.43 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I don't think BIG is so good that they can win NTC with 2-0. No way, maybe NTC can even surprise them, they have cool linuep, able to surprise, i expect them to take 1 map at least.
  19. EnVyUs vs VG.Flash Pick: EnVyUs Odds: 1.29 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) That's safe bet. VG.Flash can surprise Envy with 1 map, but thats max i think. Safest bet you can make today.
  20. 10.6 VP vs LIquid

    Liquid win with odds 1.84 or more. I hope Liquid able to win this Major before TI8 so their dream can comes true which is bringing home a trophy of Major event of TI8. This game should be 60-40 favors on Liquid and I recommend 2% is enough
  21. 9.7 Secret vs VG

    Secret win with odds 1.96 or more. I personally favors on Secret here not because their win chance higher but just Yapzor is a very good support, I hope they able to win against VG, this match should be 50-50 favors on no team here. 1% on Secret and just enjoy the match.
  22. VP win with odds 1.22 or more. 3%. I think VP is having more than 80% to win this, Liquid, VP and LGD are on another tier where there is no teams can reach them now. Optic Gaming is doing very good as a strong tier 1 team, however upsetting VP, Liquid or LGD sounds very hopeless for them right now. 3% should be good enough, 1.22 odds is not worth putting more than that.
  23. 7.6 Newbee vs VG

    Newbee win with odds 1.94 or more. 1% on this. NOthing much to be said, as I think both team also able to win but Newbee recent result will make me feel more comfortable picking them to win. VG unable to get 2-0 against Navi which currently should be a tier 2 team with new roster is definitely a bad thing. So Newbee should the favors here since Newbee able to get 2-0 against Navi.
  24. OPtic Gaming win with odds 1.74 or more. This is one of the 50-50 game, but I am rooting for Optic Gaming with lower payout odds, because I think their recent performance are overall better than TNC. Both team are strong tier 1 team here, where TNC get 1 game from VP in groupstage, while Optic Gaming able to remain their consistency by taking down VG.J Thunder 2-0 in group stage.
  25. 7.6 VP vs LGD

    VP win with odds 1.66 or more. LGD definitely a potential team to upset VP at this moment, however I am too afraid to go against VP which on beast mode now. Although they unable to get 2-0 against TNC and Newbee, but their skill are still there. LGD is considered very lucky as their group stage was against Infamous and Optic Gaming only. SO getting 2-0 against those 2 teams are nothing special. LGD losing 1 game to Mineski should be one of the main reason I am going for VP here, Mineski is strong however LGD should able do better than that, for me VP is a very stable team while LGD is more inconsistent.
  26. 7.6 Liquid vs Secret

    Liquid win with odds 1.51 or more. Liquid and Secret are both TI8 participant however Liquid is very eager to get 1 Major Champion before TI8 while this is their last chance, I will not go against them when they are the favors here. Secret is strong team but compare to Liquid, they are always a little behind Liquid no matter in draft, heroes pool knowledge or decision making. Liquid is doing very decent this tournament which we can try 3% on them
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