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21.4. SuperMassive vs Saigon Jokers IWCI

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Ok we have the SF here and theese odds are in my opinion too generous to let it go. 

Supermassive are 5-2 and yes they lost to Saigon Jokers and INTZ during group stage but still they are for me main contender for title , they are from Turkey which is really solid LoL reagion and they have proved it with their gamestyle. Saigon jokers are too inconsistent , making individual missplays and in  my opinion they dont belong to the final . The only reason why we have theese odds is previous match . But this is BO3 and i cant see Supermassive loosing this. They have just  more experience to be able to pullout a win. My fair odds are around 1.5


BET : SuperMassive @1.909 Pinnaclesports

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