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3 Things you need to know when sending a tip! [READ]

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Anyone can join and write tips in our site, all you need is a free account! There are, however few rules we want to highlight before you start writing your content.

1. Always put the date and the match info on the title like this --> "19.4 - LGD vs VG Reborn"

2. In the actual tip you needs to always mention pick, odds and the bookie.

3. The predictions in this topic need to have analysis attached, just bare picks are not suitable for this topic.

Here is an example of a well organized tip:



LGD - VG Reborn

Pick: LGD
Odds: 1.65 (Marathonbet)

Writing this tip pretty early because I believe the odds will come down closer to the match. LGD just got pwned by NaVi. Outplayed in the first game, outdrafted in the second one. Now they are playing the LB finals vs another Chinese team Vici Gaming Reborn. Chinese team vs Chinese team is always quite interesting to bet on, the teams play very similarly and usually the team with better technical skills takes the cake. Obviously they are both very skilled teams but I'm going to give the edge to LGD since I think they are more reliable as of now and usually newer teams are a bit nervous under audience.

Recently both of the teams have played pretty well but surprisingly enough they have not yet played versus each other, even though both of them are Chinese. Because of this, there is definitely a chance of an upset, but as of now I think LGD is in a stronger position and should be winning this game more than 60% of the time.  With the odds higher than 1.60 I believe the bet is profitable.



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7 hours ago, chloechan said:

Where can get Online Betting at Singapore? I only get search this only. ( http://singaporeonlinecasino.blogspot.my/ )

Hi, unfortunately Singapore has banned online betting as far as I know. You might be able to circumvent that by betting on bitcoin bookies using a VPN on places like Nitrogen sports or EGB.

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isent it better to make Daily Predictions Thread then for every game in part this would be more easy to find multiple matches in 1 thread like 

Title Daily Predictions Thread [11/26/2107] DOTA / CSGO


Newbee VS VG [Bo5] 

Newbee made a comeback 2-1 after 0-1 but VG also destroyed LFY 2-0 and i belive that they will have no mercy on Newbee today.

I belive it will be a 3-1


SSpace vs Godsent [Bo3]

SS look pretty good now they 2-0 EnvyUS 

Godsent won against G2 but still i belive SS will take this 2-1

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