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10.4 SSL: Innovation vs Solar

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Innovation vs Solar


Pick: Solar (Mid, 2.5%)
Odds: 3.00 (Bet365)

Solar showed an really intresting style in the GSLsuper - Taking down both Maru and Bunny that are regarded to have good TvZ and then eventually falling short to aLive.

Innos TvZ is quite sick however i think that Solars style works the best vs Innovations playstyle - in theory atleast. Teching up to Lurkers, playing defensively and then getting up to brood, an eventual deathball that Terrans have a hard time against. Out of all the top4 terrans i actually think Solars style matches up best vs Innovation as i think the counter to Solars composition is to hit him at many spots at the same time and make him fall apart, playing against lurkers is kinda like vs collossus but i wonder even if Innovation simply pushes down the middle.. is he just too solid???

I don't know but at 3.00 odds i think this is a great bet. I was thinking about Solar at 2.5 which is what pinnacle offers, so i'm slamming it down at 3.00.

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