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6.4 GSLsuper: herO vs TY

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herO vs TY


Pick: TY (Mid, 2.5%)
Odds: 1.72 (Bet365)

TY has looked really good in TvP, narrowly winning Stats 4-3 at IEM World championships. It was an insane match where both players showed top notch plays and before that TY took down WESG against Maru in the finals. He's on a roll this year, on a roll...? That's not the right phrase... His hardwork is finally paying off - he's been the cream of the cake for a long time.

In my opinion and most likely the scene will agree that Stats is a step over herO however the latter protoss is without a doubt a top 3 protoss, if not top 2.

herO has an realy intresting playstyle, his style adds alot of variance into his games f.x. proxy robo and many sharp timings that gotta catch the opponent off guard while on the flipside TY is a really ''Solid'' player. The only way to exaggeriate this matchup futher would be sOs vs Innovation.

I think that TY has an bigger edge as the game goes on however by no means do i think this will be an walkover - it's going to be a great match.

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