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17.3 Execration vs MVP Hot6

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Execration win map 1 and map 2 with odds 1.35 for both.

5% for map 1, then all returned win from map 1 put into map 2.

If Execration lose map 1, skip map 2.

I think bookie is really overestimated MVP HOT6, they really do not perform any result that made me think they belong to tier 3 or more. While Execration although do not get to 4 places of group stage in Kiev Major Main Qualifier but Execration definitively prove they are on top of tier 3 by giving us a lot excited game against Mineski Faceless and CG.

MVP HOT6 is really some tier 5 team I guess, with 1.35 odds here, 5 % is worth a try.

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