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4.5 - Vega vs Rebels

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Vega Squadron - Rebels
Major Qualifiers

Pick: Tie
Odds: 2.91 (Marathonbet)
Bet size: 1.5

Found another surebet between Marathonbet and Bet365. Marathon is offering crazy 2.91 odds for a tie game while market average is below 2.4. You could actually make a profit of 4,7% by betting Vega and Rebel on Bet365 and betting tie at Marathon.


I believe that Rebel is totally capable of winning one game and chance for a tie is likely here. I don't know why Marathonbet is underrating the chance for a tie but I'll be taking these!

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1 minute ago, RIX said:

yay cool find, nice job !

i wanna ask, how long a day u search for surebets ? :D


It's not a big task. Just whenever i find odds that seems to be off I look more into it. It's really fast to calculate and only takes a minute.

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2 minutes ago, RIX said:

can u tell me which sites u check ? i am only at bet365 atm, and pinnacle is no option to me, pinnacle stopped in germany.

My main bookie is definitely Marathonbet. They have really high payback percentage and often times odds that are off place. Usually I compare Marathonbet's odds to Bet365, Pinnacle, Betway, Ebettle and EGB. Ebettle and EGB have really bad payback percentage but sometimes their odds differ a lot from others.

But yeah, usually when there is a surebet, there is one bookie giving weird odds for certain outcome and often times it is Marathon.

Marathonbet however has pretty low bet limits, so high rollers have rough time getting their bets in. But a casual low stakes player like me Marathon is perfect.

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fast, on bet365 are odds, 1.83 to win 1 map for luminosty. its game vs optic

its  a misstake but i dont know if they might cancel the bet

i think they wanted make 1.083 odds instead 1.83

csgo bet

luminosity vs optic gaming

odds are 1.20 win for luminosity, but 1.83 luminosity to win one map :D lets try

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