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27.4 - Power Rangers vs Fantastic 5

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Power Rangers - Fantastic Five

Pick: Fantastic Five
Odds: 2.40 (Betway)
Bet size: 2.5

Odds in Betway are differentiating quite a bit from other bookies. The average is around 2.10 while Betway is giving 2.40.

I really don't see why F5 would be an underdog here. F5 have been playing great and and PR hasn't played one competitive game in the new patch. When I'm looking PR's drafts, I'm seeing a lot of Invoker, NP, Ebola spirit, Chen and OD. I feel like PR has been riding with the 6.86 meta heroes more than other teams. Well all of those heroes are now nerfed and I think they are going to struggle on their first games of the patch.

This one is a really good bet in my books, odds of 2.40 means a probability of 42% when I think they are favorites to win. Sounds like crazy value to me.

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