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  1. LAN / Online : Online Line-up Imperial: Nexa , Nukkye , Espiranto , Pounh , Hadji Line-up Optic : Cajunb , Niko , gade , snappi , Jugi Odds : 1.80 - 1.92 My personal odds : 53% - 47% Analysis : This is very tough match to predict and it is a semi-final so both teams will probably give it their all. Imperial with 2 new additions (Pounh , hadji) while optic without Konfig so this will be rather interesting match to watch as both teams didn't have much time to adapt to the new additions. Expected Winner : Imperial Suggested Bet : Low on Imperial Veto prediction : Inferno Mirage Overpass
  2. 25.3 LGD vs IG

    LGD win with odds 1.54 or more. IG recent performance is good, however I am still favoring on LGD here, their performance is way more consistent compare to other China Team, however I still believe match between China is not stable, so 2% on LGD here would be enough.
  3. Odds: 1.5 for Space Soldiers Pick: Medium (2 unit) I think followers of my predictions would know that I have quite a liking towards Space Soldiers even when they were only in the tier 3.5 scene almost 2 years ago. They made us a lot of money and senior members here should be able to agree with me on this. Right now, Space Soldiers are getting better and better, they recently beat a tier 1.5 team which is EnvyUs, it was really exciting to watch them grow from an underestimated team to a powerhouse. AGO on the other hand was quite famous 2 years back as well, they were at the same level with Space Soldiers, but to be honest they are now miles apart from each other. Assuming Space Soldiers take this seriously, I don't think AGO can win this.
  4. 9.4 NaVi vs Astralis

    Odds: 2.1 for NaVi (EGB) Pick: Medium (2 unit) The thing with this match-up is that NaVi are absolutely playing like monsters since the playoffs; GuardiaN and s1mple are showing up and particularly GuardiaN is destroying teams like Fnatic with his performance resembling the old GuardiaN. Astralis on the other hand, while they did clear quarterfinals against CLG yesterday winning 2-0, they clearly struggled against them. This does not look good for Astralis as they should be destroying CLG with ease.
  5. 9.4 FaZe vs HR

    Odds: 1.4 for FaZe (EGB) Pick: Medium (2 unit) FaZe is much better than HR, no doubt about that. HR had a string of good games thanks to the efforts of DeadFox especially, but FaZe boasts a much better lineup with NiKo and IGL Karrigan. In terms of their level, FaZe is definitely tier 1 level and HR belongs to tier 2.5. HR's problem is them being inconsistent, they can be very scary when all of them are on point, but aside from their occasional bursts of skill like this tournament, we cannot really rely on their inconsistency.
  6. 8.4 NaVi vs Fnatic

    Odds: 2.6 for Fnatic (EGB) Pick: Medium (2 unit) Remember that NaVi has already trashed Fnatic previously in their match-up in Starladder, and currently NaVi's lineup is more consistent than Fnatic. s1mple is always a player that can be a monster if he wakes up, he is NaVi's biggest asset although he might be inconsistent at times. Fnatic is mediocre so far, they can make highlight-worthy plays and yet they can look disorientated as well. In this match-up, I favour NaVi more. EDIT: Since Fnatic has around 2.6x odds right now, I would say Fnatic is worth a bet.
  7. 8.4 CLG vs Astralis

    Odds: 3.7 for CLG +1.5 maps (Fanobet) Pick: Low+ (1.5 units) Realistically speaking this is an easy game for Astralis, the skill difference between them is just too wide. CLG does not stand a chance against Astralis, but lets be real here: 7.1 odds for CLG to win, 3.5+ odds for CLG to get 1 map? Remember CLG trashed Immortals yesterday and even won against Gambit 16-14. They might not win 2 maps over Astralis, but 1 map? Its really possible and the odds are stupid right now. Just go for a low bet and take advantage of the odds.
  8. 7.4 SK vs Astralis

    Odds: 2.1 for SK (EGB) Pick: Low (1 unit) Astralis has been the world's best team for some time now, but in this tournament they have been looking inconsistent compared to their previous tournament. Astralis is still a very good team, but in a Bo1 match-up, the current betting odds payout do not really make sense if we are looking to profit. SK Gaming used to be the number 1 team in the world, but they have fallen off their ranking for some while. FalleN in particular seems to be weaker than usual, but if he steps up, with his AWP skills and IGL skills, beating Astralis is possible. As they are rated as underdogs, betting on them can yield good returns.
  9. 7.4 Faze vs North

    Odds: 1.9 for Faze (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Faze should be the better team here, in terms of lineup and skill. With NiKo and Karrigan combined, they have the superior advantage here compared to North. FaZe has been looking quite good and we should take advantage of the better odds we get here. North, while good, should not be the favourites for this match. This betting choice is purely considered due to the odds payout, FaZe would give us better returns if we really look at the true vs given odds by the bookies.
  10. 7.4 VP vs Fnatic

    Odds: 2.1 for Fnatic (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Although VP fans might be sad, there's absolutely no reason to bet on VP at this point. This will be the elimination match between these two teams, and VP has been looking really bad for the past few matches. They look out of touch and are not energized at all; I won't be surprised if they lost this match as well. Even though Fnatic isn't as good as before, their form is still looking better than VP. I will go for a Fnatic pick here.
  11. 6.4 North vs NaVi

    Odds: 2.1 for North (EGB) Pick: Low (1 unit) The thing with North vs NaVi is that North has always maintained an advantage over NaVi in terms of map pool; the maps that NaVi are good on, North can match them. North has been on fire this event, beating teams like Astralis. Its no doubt that North (ex-Dignitas) is a tier 1 team now, their performance has been quite consistent recently. And they are even rated as underdogs in terms of odds payout... which should not be happening. We should take advantage of this.
  12. 6.4 CLG vs HR

    Odds: 1.4 for HR (EGB) Pick: Medium (2 unit) The problem with NA vs EU matchup is that EU teams are really much better than NA. Although CLG had a 11-16 score against Astralis, it doesn't really mean anything if they cannot scrape together wins. One more thing is that this match is very important in regards to their placement in the Starladder tournament. Both teams should be taking this seriously. Even if HR lost badly to G2, remember G2 is on fire at the moment and you cannot compare a team like CLG to G2. This will be HR's game to take.
  13. 5.4 FaZe vs Immortals

    Odds: 1.4 for FaZe (egb) Pick: Medium-High (2.5 units) Although FaZe lost yesterday, they are still way better than a team like Immortals. The thing with FaZe is that they need to warm up during these LAN tournaments and we should not underestimate them seeing as it's just a BO1 yesterday. In any case, Immortals have been struggling against domestic NA teams in the Pro League and even with FNX they are not that good anymore. With the departure of their coach last season, it seems that they are lacking in terms of strats and teamwork. I do not think Immortals can win against FaZe.
  14. 5.4 Gambit vs Tyloo

    Odds: 3.0 for Tyloo (egb) Pick: Low (1 unit) So yesterday I observed the performance of these teams in Star ladder which was why I did not offer any prediction yesterday. With that said, Gambit is certainly favoured over Tyloo and we do know how good they can be with Zeus on the helm. However I do want to talk about Tyloo more. They are playing with a stand in and not with BnTeT since their roster was locked prior to acquiring him. Tyloo actually managed 12 rounds against SK yesterday, which is quite impressive. As such I recommend a low bet on Tyloo.
  15. Odds: 1.8 for HR (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) First of all Hellraisers did the honour of upsetting G2 yesterday with a 2-0 convincing win. No one expected them to show up that strongly against a stacked French team. Hopefully they will carry over their momentum from yesterday's win in this match-up. EnvyUs is undeniably the team behind G2 in terms of player skill and talent. ScreaM is not enough to carry the team, and judging from yesterday's match-up between HR and G2, I fear that EnvyUs would fall as well. Odds currently are fairly balanced, so betting HR is a good choice to ride on their momentum.
  16. Odds: 1.7 for G2 2-0 (Pinnacle) Pick: Medium (2 unit) It doesn't need to be said but G2 and SpaceSoldiers are in different leagues in terms of skill and gameplay. While G2 has not been exactly performing as expected given that they are the French superteam with Shox and KennyS, its just a matter of time before they manage to live up to expectations. SpaceSoldiers are always an interesting team to watch in the tier 3 circuit as they always manage to perform superb against teams that should be better than them. The most notable achievement so far was them taking 1 map against EnvyUs in the WESG World Finals and since then they have made changes to their lineup as well. Looking at this BO3 format it should be fairly obvious that G2 will be getting this game in the bag.
  17. 12.3 GODSENT vs Heroic

    Odds: 1.5 for Heroic (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) We have to know that GODSENT is back with their mediocre roster after the fiasco in which the ex-Fnatic players went back to Fnatic after their initial honeymoon phase. Right now GODSENT is having a roster that frequently loses to random tier 3 teams like they used to. They are not bad per se, just average. Heroic on the other hand has been super impressive. They upsetted many top teams in IEM Katowice, and they are back to their peak form like the period they had last year where they upset almost every tier 2 team in the CSGO scene. Heroic should be winning this.
  18. 11.3 EnvyUs vs BIG

    Odds: 2.0 for BIG +1.5 handicap (EGB) Pick: Low (1 unit) FIrst of all, looking at the head-to-head indicates that EnvyUs does not hold that big of an advantage against BIG. The 3 times that they met previously were all close games, it shouldn't be impossible for BIG to grab at least 1 map now. BIG has been improving a lot anyways, it is worth betting on them.
  19. 28.2 LDLC vs Spirit

    Odds: 1.5 for LDLC (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) LDLC has been performing superb recently, taking arguably the world's best team Astralis into Overtime on Inferno map. They also won against Quantum Bellator Fire yesterday in this qualifier, and LDLC is desperate to get invited into more tournaments. They would be playing their best efforts in this match. Team Spirit on the other hand has lost almost all of their recent matches. In this match-up, I would favour LDLC over Spirit.
  20. Odds: 1.4 for Heroic (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 units) Heroic is one of the best tier 3 teams around. Although they lost against Vega Squadron 0-2 yesterday, we still should not have any doubts that it was one of their weaker days losing to them. Heroic as a whole is much better than Alternate Attax. Alternate Attax made a name for themselves when they managed to get into ELEAGUE season 2. However, they did not upset anyone there and largely fell off the radar soon after they crashed hard in the Group Stages. In this match-up, Heroic should be favoured.
  21. Odds: 1.4 for Vega (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Vega Squadron is currently on a upwards trajectory and momentum. They brought down Heroic 2-0 which is very impressive in their last official match. Heroic is among the best tier 3 teams around and it is commendable. Vega Squadron is also the team that beat NiP in a LAN match, which proves that they are good. Fnatic Academy is not growing well recently. Their recent performance is inconsistent, which is why I would favour Vega Squadron in this match-up.
  22. 21.2 PRIDE vs Epsilon

    Odds: 1.82 for Epsilon (EGB) Pick: Medium (2 unit) Both of these teams are great in terms of form recently. Both teams won against good tier 3 teams and are fairly equal in terms of skill. Pride is a team that is good but inconsistent, as they do not boast a superior experience level in terms of exposure. Their biggest weakness will be their synergy. They often lose because of their poor synergy, and that might be due to insufficient communication. Epsilon on the other hand has much experienced players relative to the PRIDE side. Their players are very talented in the Swedish scene and Epsilon is known for grooming the top players in Swedish to be absorbed by bigger orgs like Fnatic and NiP. I would say Epsilon has the better chance of grabbing this match.
  23. 20.2 Epsilon vs Tricked

    Odds: 2.3 for Tricked (EGB) Pick: Low (1 unit) Both teams are fairly equal in terms of skill in my opinion. However, Epsilon lost 1-2 against Vega yesterday which shows that they are not on form recently. Tricked on the other hand have been quite good and improved a lot recently, winning most of their games. Their future is looking good in the tier 4 scene. They have consistency issues and still need to work hard to improve their synergy, however. I would advise a small bet on Tricked as it is an underdog bet. Skip might be a better choice as both teams are very inconsistent.
  24. 20.2 BIG vs Team123

    Odds: 1.4 for BIG (EGB) Pick: Medium+ (2.5 unit) BIG did lost unexpectedly against Playing Ducks the other day, but in any case that was a BO1. This game is a BO3, BIG should be widely favoured in this match-up. Their players are very good in terms of skill and experience. Team123 has been performing good in the tier 3 and tier 4 scene, but I don't think they can beat BIG in a BO3. In a BO1, maybe. BIG should be the clear favourites here.
  25. 12.2 Tricked vs PRIDE

    Odds: 1.4 for Tricked (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) The most important factor here is that Tricked are on a positive momentum right now, they have been winning 5 out of 5 of their most recent matches quite convincingly. They are currently on the rise in the Danish scene and HUNDEN has been performing more consistently which is great to see. PRIDE has lost to Tricked in all of their meetings in the past, according to the head-to-head statistics. With that said, it should be clear that Tricked will take this BO3 series as well.