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Found 5 results

  1. So I've gotten really into betting esports lately, especially CSGO. I'm doing pretty well but could definitely use some insight, the way you can get for DFS. Anyone have any suggestions? I am willing to pay for access to a good product.
  2. 16.2 G2 vs UoL

    Full Event Away (ML) @ 2.12 2% PINNACLE G2 E-sport and UoL are both dominant leading teams in EU LCS. It would be not strange whether one of the teams gets a victory under observation of their recent games. G2 is the all-rounded team and have shown their solid performances for a long time. UoL with their rookie jungler Xerxe and his favorite champ Ivern, dominated their league in this season. G2's supporter Mithy showed unstable performance during their last few matchups. UoL's jungler Xerxe over performances whole season, and I expect to show his strength this match against G2's jungler Trick.
  3. Full Event Home -1.50 (Pts HC) @ 2 1.5/10 Bet365 Cloud9 are the best team in NA, no one can compete against them. Team Liquid is an embarassing team, they make lots of mistakes and they will pay hard for each them. Trust: 1.5/10
  4. 10.2 Splyce vs Misfits

    Full Event Away (ML) @ 1.83 1/10 Bet365 Misfits are playing really good, they recently defeated Fnatic for 2-0. They also got 1 map against G2. Splyce only won against weak teams like Origen and Vitality, i don't see them winning 2 games. Trust: 1/10
  5. Full Event Away (ML) @ 1.57 1.5/10 Bet365 Fnatic are better than Vitality. Vitality support, Hachani, has been benched, and the rest of the team doesn't want to play with his substitute. So, they are looking for a new support. In a very short time, it is impossible to find the right player and it is really hard to find a balance and a feeling with the ad carry. Trust: 1.5/10 Fnatic will be playing with Broxah instead of Amazing in the jungle. Broxah is the jungler of Fnatic Academy and have from the looks of it been playing way better compared to Amazing, even though it is in EU CS. This match could easily be a 2-0 for Fnatic, if you are looking for some higher odds.