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Found 51 results

  1. 3.3. ENCE - Astralis

    ENCE - Astralis (BO3 match) Pick: Astralis -1.5 handicap Odds: 1.57 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Would love for ENCE to stop Astralis dominance, but i think its impossible. 2-0 or 2-1 for astralis, went with 2-0, bets are good and i dont think ence can hurt astralis sadly GL
  2. 2.3. mibr - Astralis

    mibr - Astralis (BO3 match) Pick: mibr +1.5 Odds: 1.82 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Astralis is no doubt the best team today, but mibr is looking good in this Major playoffs. I believe they wont be 2-0'ed by Astralis. They will give Astralis hard time. I predict at least 1 map for mibr.
  3. Natus Vincere - ENCE (BO3 match) Pick: ENCE +1.5 Odds: 1.57 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) €200 on ENCE handicap +1.5 I think with their current form and gameplay they will for sure take at least 1 map from NaVi. NaVi has not impressed me. ENCE is potential underdog and i think they can even win.
  4. Astralis - Ninjas In Pyjamas (BO3 match) Pick: Astralis -1.5 Odds: 1.54 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I was wondering if i go Astralis -1.5 here or NiP +1.5, but im not sure if NiP can take at least 1 map in this matchup. They look so shaky, and not good overall, while Astralis is Astralis, i doubt they will lose 1 map, even tho it can happen. Decided to risk it and went for Astralis 2-0. Quote Edit Donate Points
  5. 01.03. mibr - Renegades

    mibr - Renegades (BO3 match) Pick: mibr Odds: 1.60 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I think mibr will take this match easily, even if Renegades play amazing this Major. mibr 2-0 Renegades. Good odds on mibr ML.
  6. 28.2. Team Liquid - ENCE

    Team Liquid - ENCE (BO3 match) Pick: ENCE +1.5 handicap Odds: 1.81 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Liquid vs ENCE, hmm Liquid is much better team, but if ENCE repeat previous games they can take at least 1 map i think.
  7. Natus Vincere - FaZe (BO3 match) Pick: FaZe Odds: 2.27 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) ll matches are BO3. Other 2 matches are played tomorrow, so ill place bets on them tomorrow. NaVi vs FaZe i think its definitely close match, i think 60-40 for NaVi, but FaZe can do it, crazy odds on them.
  8. 24.2. FaZe - Cloud9

    FaZe - Cloud9 (BO3 match) Pick: FaZe Odds: 1.62 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Cloud9 looks decent, while FaZe had some troubles and fights vs lower tier teams. But this is deciding match, FaZe need to be on top to be in the top 8, i think they deserve to be there. 2-1 for FaZe, decent odds for FaZe ML win.
  9. Vitality - Ninjas In Pyjamas (BO3 match) Pick: Vitality Odds: 1.74 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Uff this will be very close match i think. 50-50 match, but i decided to go with Vitality, they showed better games in this Major. so 1.74 on Vitality win, pretty good. 2-1 for Vitality.
  10. 24.2. ENCE - AVANGAR

    ENCE - AVANGAR (BO3 match) Pick: ENCE Odds: 1.53 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) ENCE is better team, and i think they will take this match easily. ENCE 2-0 or 2-1 for the top 8 of IEM. No surprises here.
  11. FaZe - compLexity Gaming (BO3 match) Pick: complexity +1.5 handicap Odds: 2.24 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Faze looks so shaky, i think they will take it, but coL has a chance to take at least 1 map in their current form, so i predict 2-1 for FaZe.
  12. mibr - Ninjas In Pyjamas (BO3 match) Pick: mibr Odds: 1.77 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I think mibr will take that easily. NIP is not so good, and mibr has better individuals that can take the maps. €200 on mibr.
  13. Vitality - Renegades (BO3 match) Pick: Renegades Odds: 1.77 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Renegades are looking amazing on this Major. I think this is 50-50 match, and i will go with Renegades. I think close 2-1 vs Vitality.
  14. Team Liquid - AVANGAR (BO1 match) Pick: Liquid Odds: 1.23 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Avangar is really surprising me lately, but i doubt they can win vs Liquid. Its 1st game, opening for Liquid, so Liquid will win it dominantly. Top 2 teams FTW. Big bet on Liquid, because of small odds.
  15. Ninjas In Pyjamas - NRG (BO1 match) Pick: NIP Odds: 2.49 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) NRG is in great shape lately, but i think NIP will crush them. EU > NA. NIP is better overall, its just matter of day.
  16. Ninjas In Pyjamas - NRG (BO1 match) Pick: NIP Odds: 2.49 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) NRG is in great shape lately, but i think NIP will crush them. EU > NA. NIP is better overall, its just matter of day.
  17. 20.2. FaZe - HellRaisers

    FaZe - HellRaisers (BO1 match) Pick: FaZe Odds: 1.47 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Hopefully FaZe got some time off and time for practice. They should be on the point for this tournament. Expect them to win vs HR dominantly.
  18. 20.2. Natus Vincere - G2

    Natus Vincere - G2 (BO1 match) Pick: Natus Vincere Odds: 1.47 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Close match, hopefully we won't see NaVi 1st match curse. They should win this, s1mple should carry them to 3-0 Legends stage.
  19. 17.2. Cloud9 - Winstrike

    Cloud9 - Winstrike (BO3 match) Pick: Cloud9 Odds: 1.60 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Cloud9 should win this match. If winstrike surprise us, they might take one map, but i doubt they can win this match. C9 should pull out the win, if they want to do something with their lineup!
  20. 16.2. Cloud9 - FURIA

    Cloud9 - FURIA (BO3 match) Pick: handicap Furai +1.5 Odds: 1.53 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) C9 played so bad at IEM. This is hard match for predictions, so i go with +1.5 on FURIA, hoping that they can surprise us.
  21. 16.2. Fnatic - G2

    Fnatic - G2 (BO3 match) Pick: Fnatic Odds: 1.54 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I think fnatic will win. G2 is so shaky, they are playing terrible currently, and i think fnatic is better team overall. So ML on fnatic.
  22. Ninjas In Pyjamas - Vega Squadron (BO3 match) Pick: handicap Vega +1.5 Odds: 1.63 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) ELEAGUE Major all over again. Can NiP lose again to Vega in an Major elimination match? I think Vega will give them a hard match. It's bo3, i think 1-2 or 2-1 so i go handicap +1.5 on Vega.
  23. 15.2. ENCE - Winstrike

    ENCE - Winstrike (BO3 match) Pick: handicap Winstrike +1.5 Odds: 1.88 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I think 60-40 or 70-30 for ENCE, but we saw how Winstrike can surprise. I can give them 1 map, and because of the odds, ill go with Winstrike taking at least 1 map.
  24. 15.2. TyLoo - AVANGAR

    TyLoo - AVANGAR (BO3 match) Pick: AVANGAR Odds: 2.28 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Close match i think. Tyloo is again at the great form. However, CIS team AVANGAR is playing good too, as i watched them, they really impressed them. I will risk and go with AVANGAR because of the sick odds. Worth of risk.
  25. 15.2. Vitality - ViCi

    Vitality - ViCi (BO3 match) Pick: Vitality Odds: 1.28 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Vici had great tournament by beating fnatic and C9 in BO1. However i think Vitality is stronger, and young hope ZywOo will carry them to victory. 2-0 or 2-1 for Vitality at best.