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  1. 8/5 Tyloo vs NRG

    LAN / Online : LAN Line-up NRG: Fugly , Brehze , daps , Cerq , Nahte Line-up Tyloo : Somebody , Bntet , xccurate , Mo , DD Odds : 2.93 - 1.40 My personal odds : 50%-50% Analysis : Tyloo is so far looking great infront of the home crowd , which is proving to be of some advantage to them. NRG on the other hand is looking unstoppable so far but I am certain that the pressure of grand-final will degrade their performance compared to their previous matches. So the odds are quite skewed in favor of NRG and I don't agree with those odds. Expected Winner : Tyloo Suggested Bet : Medium on Tyloo Veto prediction : Inferno Cache Mirage / Train
  2. 8/5/2018 NRG vs Gambit

    LAN / Online : LAN Line-up NRG: Fugly , Brehze , daps , Cerq , Nahte Line-up Gambit : AdreN , Mou , mir , Dosia , Hobbit Odds : 1.46 - 2.55 My personal odds : 49% - 51% Analysis : NRG plays better online compared to LAN where they usually struggle when under pressure but at the same time it is quite opposite for Dosia and friends. Gambit plays far better on LAN and are favourites to win this match in my opinion. Expected Winner : Gambit Suggested Bet : Low on Gambit Veto prediction : Inferno Train Mirage
  3. LAN / Online : LAN Line-up 5POWER : Xiaosage , shudapai , qka , dobu , kabal Line-up Virtus.Pro : PashaBiceps , Neo , Michu , morelz , Byali Odds : 2.95 - 1.35 My personal odds : 35% - 65% Analysis : Both teams play somewhat unpredictably so it will definitely be a close game despite the odds favoring virtus.pro which I disagree with. Virtus.Pro in the past have shown signs of struggle against Asian teams including Tyloo and MVP.PK. So keeping that in mind I am definitely inclining the odds to 35% chance for 5POWER which is reasonable. Expected Winner : 5POWER Suggested Bet : Low on 5POWER Veto prediction : Cache Inferno Train / Mirage
  4. 8/1/2018 Boot-d[S] vs Tyloo

    LAN / Online : LAN Line-up Boot-D : Benkai , Splashke , Tommy , Impression , Bobosaur Line-up Tyloo : Somebody , xccurate , Mo , DD , BnTeT Odds : 3.56 - 1.26 My personal odds : 20% - 80% Analysis : As I stated in my earlier predictions that Tyloo plays very well against Asian teams and boot has slight to no chance when it comes to beating Tyloo in a BO3 game. Tyloo has vastly improved performance in LAN matches and they are coming to this match after ease victory against GrayHound. Expected Winner : Tyloo Suggested Bet : Medium on Tyloo Veto prediction : Inferno Mirage or Dust 2 Cache
  5. 8/1/2018 NRG vs Hellraisers

    LAN / Online : LAN Line-up NRG : Cerq , brehze , Nahte , fugly , daps Line-up Hellraisers : ISSAA , bondik , fejtz , deadfox , ange1 Odds : 1.55 - 2.31 My personal odds : 50% - 50% Analysis : Hellraisers is being underestimated here although they possess somewhat decent firepower and Ange1 always has hidden tactics up the sleeve which NRG doesn't possess as they lack the tactical sort of play and are more focused into winning head on head battles. The odds are wrong here and I am more keened into taking advantage of these odds as this match is BO3 and I am certain that this will go towards third map which favors none of these teams. Expected Winner : Hellraisers Suggested Bet : Low on Hellraisers Veto prediction : Inferno Overpass Cache
  6. 8/1/2018 GrayHound vs Tyloo

    LAN / Online : LAN Line-up Tyloo : Somebody , Mo , DD , BnTeT , xccurate Line-up GrayHound : Dexter , dickstacy , malta , Erkast , Gratisfaction Odds : 2.60 - 1.45 My personal odds : 30% - 70% Analysis : Both teams are playing outstandingly well but Tyloo has upper hand in this match up considering how well they play against asian teams. They kinda feel no pressure when playing against Australian or any other asian based teams. Expected Winner : Tyloo Suggested Bet : Medium on Tyloo
  7. ORDER vs Tainted Minds Pick: ML win on ORDER Odds: 1.45 (BetOnBit; my betslip) ORDER has been beating Tained Minds lately easily, so i expect them to do it today too (2-0 or 2-1).
  8. 27.2 SK vs Astralis

    Odds: 2.44 for Astralis Pick: Medium (2 unit) 2.44 odds is quite good for a medium bet on Astralis. Astralis should not be underestimate to the point where the current odds are standing, in my opinion the bookies are rating SK too highly after seeing how SK has declined recently, from being the world number 1 team to becoming a team that is inconsistent and at times look like they have some communication issues. Astralis is still a solid team with this lineup, let's hope for the best.
  9. Odds: 1.44 for Renegades Pick: High (3 unit) Renegades is clearly the better team here, at this point they can be considered a veteran team in CSGO, they have been playing for a very long time and although they have been stuck at their current level (unable to beat tier 1.5 teams), they have been getting better and better. AVANGAR on the other hand is not a very well known team, I consider 1.44 odds for Renegades to be good and expect this match to be won by the Renegades side without much issues.
  10. 18.11 FaZe vs Cloud9

    Odds: 2.4 for Cloud9 at least 1 map Pick: low (1 unit) To be honest, it is highly unlikely that Cloud9 would win 1 map. Their map pool compared to FaZe is much worse; Their best maps Cobblestone and Train is FaZe's permanent bans. This means they will be playing at a disadvantage on maps that they are weak. However the odds are quite juicy, so we can try a handicap low bet.
  11. 18.11 SK vs NiP

    Odds: 1.5 for SK Pick: medium (2 unit) While NiP has done well and exceeded expectations to get into the semi finals, I still prefer SK to take this. SK has demonstrated that they are still the world's best team (or one of them) during the last EPICENTER tournament. Boltz is a fine addition and his passive playstyle is solid which allows players like coldzera and fer to play aggressive. So far, its working well. SK always perform well during important matches. NiP on the other hand has yet to prove themselves on the big stage with this specific lineup.
  12. Odds: 2.0 for Renegades Pick: medium (2 unit) Renegades has impressed me for quite some time and they almost won the Grand Finals of the iBuyPower Masters tournament a few days ago. They have a high chance of winning against Gambit here, which is arguably one of the weakest teams in this tournament besides TheMongolz. Renegades had a 13-16 score against FaZe, the favourites of the tournament yesterday and this is why we should try a bet here. This is a medium risk, medium reward match.
  13. 15.11 FaZe vs Gambit

    Odds: 1.3 for FaZe Pick: High (3 unit) Pretty much the ''safe game" of the day. FaZe is on a roll this tournament and it looks like they will be the favourites moving forward. Gambit is just mediocre tier 2 team right now with the loss of Zeus to NaVi, so I'm not very confident in their abilities to win against FaZe. This is a low risk, low reward match so skip it if you don't feel like using a lot of money for little potential return.
  14. Odds: 2.0 for Space Soldiers Pick: Low + (1.5 unit) Space Soldiers are one of the most underrated teams as they are from Turkey, a country that is not as well known as other powerhouse CSGO countries such as Denmark and Sweden. Nonetheless, they have always proven critics wrong by winning against many tier 2 teams. They seldom get the chance to be invited to LAN events which is why they have to fight in these qualifiers. I would say that they have a good chance of winning against LDLC here. LDLC has been stagnant for quite some time and although they are rated as the favourites, I do not think the payout odds is worth a bet on them.
  15. 3/1 Nip vs Fnatic

    Odds: 1.50 for Fnatic (Fanobet) pick: Low (1 units) Fnatic has very good line-up and NIP is playing very badly so I'll go with Fnatic to win this one. As this is BO1 and odds are profitable for Fnatic but if they drop below 1.30 then NIP is the way to go.
  16. 2.2 Flipside vs extatus

    Odds: 1.3 for Flipsid3 (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) It should be obvious that Flipside will be taking this. They are a team that made into the Majors, after all. Exatatus is tier 4 team that is not comparable with Flipsid3...