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  1. 5.6 FaZe vs Astralis

    Pick: Low/ICB FaZe or Astralis Handicap These are pretty contradictory picks. However, FaZe have looked decent throughout this tourney, which makes me think that they have a chance of beating Astralis, especially since Mouz managed to take a map. This is probably the best the FaZe have looked with Xizt on the team. The odds on FaZe also lend to a nice underdog bet, as they're kind of insane. Everywhere on HLTV has FaZe at greater than 3.0 odds and that's insane to me. However, it's not completely unjustified as Astralis have been absolutely insane lately. They're playing as the most dominant top 1 team since FaZe in September of last year. A 3-1 outcome wouldn't be that surprising to me at all. Personally, I think I'm going to be going low on FaZe and trying to take advantage of the odds here. However, the one thing I don't like are Astralis' straight up odds at 1.3.
  2. 5.3 C9 vs FaZe

    Pick: Low C9 C9 and FaZe have both been really shaky since losing Stew and Olof respectively. Due to this, I think this matchup is actually pretty close to 50/50 making the odds being so in favor of FaZe kind of ridiculous to me. Both teams have a pretty rough loss at this tourney already, C9's admittedly being worse. However, C9 actually beat FaZe at Dreamhack, and, while I'm not expecting another 2-0, I think it's fair to say that getting 2.4 odds on C9 is a bit ridiculous.
  3. 5.3 G2 vs NRG

    Pick: Low G2 NRG played really well taking Astralis to OT, which is very impressive as Astralis has looked unstoppable lately. However, I still can't really agree with the odds being so 50/50 on this one, as G2 are still a very good team, and are overall better than NRG. I don't want to do more than low because NRG has been on an upswing and G2 has been on a downswing. In fact, if NRG were underdogs, I'd probably be taking them here, but I feel like that value has been traded in a bit since G2 are the underdog on some sites.
  4. 5.2 FaZe vs Grayhound

    Pick: Low FaZe 2-0 Grayhound may have been able to upset SK yesterday, but I don't think that they'll have the same result against FaZe. I'm expecting a result closer to FaZe vs ORDER than I am to vs Renegades. I think FaZe has too much individual fire power for Grayhound to keep up. However, I do think the odds for FaZe to win outright lack a lot of value. That's something I value very highly in these matches, and it's why I don't do a lot of preds for heavy favorites. I think the 2-0 line offers enough, but it comes with a tad more risk than winning outright. I'm not a big fan of going higher than a low bet on 2-0s or any handicap really.
  5. 5.2 G2 vs Fnatic

    Pick: Low Fnatic G2 are playing really inconsistently as of late. One day, they'll play like a top 5 team and another they just get bodied for free. They even beat Fnatic 2-0 recently online in ECS. However, Fnatic have been a better team offline than online, and I think that G2 will have a harder time beating out Fnatic in a bo3 as opposed to a pair of bo1s. We haven't seen this G2 roster play well offline yet either. Sure, they beat MVP the other day, but they should be beating a team like MVP every time anyway. I don't trust G2 on Lan enough yet as they haven't really shown anything. However, I can't recommend more than a low bet because G2 could be close to breaking out offline and catching a team off guard.
  6. 5.2 Astralis vs Mouz

    Pick: Low Mouz I think Astralis actually have a slight edge in this matchup. This is most obviously shown at the recent Dreamhack event where they seemed to win without even breaking a sweat. However, that game vs NRG yesterday was unusually close and may indicate that Astralis aren't quite in the same form/mental state as they were in Dreamhack. Mouz have been playing decently since Dreamhack and beat BOOT the way that you'd expect them to. Even though I give Astralis the slight edge, I think the odds on Mouz are really good at 2.7+, so I'm going to play the odds on Mouz.
  7. 6.5 SK vs FaZe

    Odds: 2.1 for FaZe (EGB) Pick: Low (1 unit) For a BO5 final, FaZe is getting really good odds here. Remember that they have just won the last LAN tournament that they attended which clearly showed that they have grown as a team. FaZe is one of the best teams in the world, so when we are getting above 2.0 odds, its just a value bet to be honest. Talking about SK they seem to return to form lately, which is a good sign. FalleN and co are beasts when they are at their peak, the Brazilians are not 2 time Major champions for nothing. Well, betting on them isn't a good choice looking at the odds we are getting.