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  1. 4.3 FaZe vs Fnatic

    Odds: 2.0 for Fnatic +1.5 maps Pick: Low+ (1.5 units) Grand Finals of the IEM Katowice tournament and its a huge one. I predicted that Fnatic would make it against Liquid yesterday and to never count them out, and sure enough, they blazed through the semi-finals against Liquid in dominating fashion just like how they are used to. FaZe winning against Astralis was unfortunate since I picked Astralis, but that match was really a 50-50, so we shouldn't blame ourselves for it. Right now, its going to be a game of attrition, its a BO5, high pressure high stakes match between these two teams. The thing about BO5 is that it tests the limits of both teams; the chance of a team getting fluke wins 3 in a row is very unlikely, thus any form of map advantage is worth it. For Fnatic, we know that they are experienced in these type of situations, yet we get a juicy 2.0 odds if we bet for a +1.5 handicap. It's very worth the risk, and I can see them taking 2 maps if they show up.
  2. FaZe v Fnatic Prediction: Fnatic +1.50 maps Odds: 1.806 Pinnacle If take a look at the odds, we can see that Faze are priced as 1.44 favourites, which seems about right. Their roster is definitely more talented than their opponents and if one of their star players goes berserk, not a lot of teams can stop them. These two teams already played against each other in this tournament, with Fnatic winning the BO3 match on Cache with the score of 16-8 and on Inferno with the score of 16-11. Fnatic are in a pretty good form this tournament, they won all of their matches with only one map(Cache) lost in a BO3 encounter against G2, but then again, we could easily say that Cache is currently G2s best map. FaZe started their Katowice campaign with trashing Order 16-3 and then beating North 2-0 in a BO3 match. The next match they lost to Fnatic, 2-0 in a BO3, so they had to play Cloud9 in a losers bracket. The match was quite close, but eventually, FaZe prevailed on the third map after a double overtime. Then they played against Astralis, and won quite comfortably with the scoreline of 16-10 on both maps. As far as maps go, I would say Fnatic has the advantage on maps like Inferno, Cobblestone and maybe even Nuke(but I highly doubt this map won't be banned, as both teams don't really play on it). With Mirage I would have to go with Faze, as in the last three months they managed a respectable 87% win rate on this map(LAN matches only). If Train or Cache comes up, I would say both teams have equal chances to win these two maps, although FaZe might have a slight advantage on Cache. On Overpass, I see Faze as clear favourites. The last two times Fnatic made the playoffs at Katowice, they won the tournament, but it is worth noting that they are playing with a different roster, although the core of the team is still the same(Krimz, flusha, JW). For the prediction, I have to go with the Fnatic to keep it close and force to play all five maps. If Krimz can keep up with his amazing performance, they actually have a decent chance to win.
  3. 3.3 Liquid vs Fnatic

    Odds: 2.1 for Fnatic Pick: Low (1 unit) Liquid has been looking unstoppable recently with this roster. The addition of steel to this traditionally NA team has worked wonders, with him being a good team player to a lineup of mostly individual skill stars. Fnatic on the other hand is inconsistent. They have been looking shaky and might have been losing to many teams recently, but the fact remains that Fnatic has the potential to be one of the best teams around with their vast amount of experience. 2.1 odds for Fnatic is quite good, I would say its worth a low bet.
  4. 3.3 Astralis vs FaZe

    Odds: 2.0 for Astralis Pick: Low (1 unit) This match will be 50-50, maybe 52-48 for Astralis at the moment. I say this because Astralis seems to be in a better form, but just slightly better than FaZe. In terms of skills, both teams are arguably equal, with FaZe having an advantage in terms of individual skill. The problem with FaZe is their teamwork and chemistry. While they have an all-star roster, their teamwork doesn't seem to be as good as the Astralis side. With the odds being so close, I would not bet anything higher than a low bet.
  5. Here are all my picks for this evening there are some more value plays via my [AI MODEL](https://sportsflare.io) if you wanna check it out! GL! **BETS.NET CHALLENGER SERIES** Fluffy Gangsters (51.7%) vs Espada (48.3%) BETS: - 1% Stake Fluffy Gangsters **BETS.NET CHALLENGER SERIES** Goodjob (68.86%) vs Spacejam (31.14%) BETS: - 3.67% Goodjob **IEM KATOWICE** FAZE (58.25%) vs Astralis (41.75%) BETS: - 3% FAZE map 1 - 2% FAZE map 2 - 1% FAZE map 3 **IEM KATOWICE** Fnatic (61.07%) vs Liquid (38.93%) BETS: - 7% Fnatic Map 1 - 3.5% Fnatic Map 2 - 1.75% Fnatic Map 3
  6. 5.3 Astralis vs FaZe

    Odds: 2.3 for FaZe (EGB) Pick: Medium (2 unit) Grand finals of IEM, both teams have done well to progress this far in the tournament. First of all, Astralis deserves praise to be able to overcome their semi final curse thanks to device stepping up and the sports psychologist putting work into helping them. Astralis has been impressive so far, but their game against Heroic yesterday is worrying. As the clear favourites, they struggled against Heroic more than they should have. It shows that their dominance can be challenged. As for FaZe, NiKo has been performing amazingly well, dropping 50 frags yesterday in a spectacular performance. Not to mention that Karrigan is the former IGL of Astralis. If we break down Astralis' current performance, we can still see Karrigan's influence and strats. If all goes well, Karrigan may even shut them down. As FaZe is rated as underdogs right now, it is worth it to place a bet on them.
  7. 4.3 Faze vs Immortals

    Odds:1.4 for Faze (EGB) Pick: Medium (2 unit) Faze is the favourites here. NiKo is fitting well within the team and it is obvious that he is happier here than his time in Mousesports where he had to carry the team, putting tons of pressure on his shoulders. With NaVi gone, the tournament seems destined for a Astralis vs Faze finals. Although Immortals unexpectedly beat North yesterday, it is still not convincing enough to see them getting through FaZe which is a much better team than North, consistency wise. It would be a surprise if they once again win against Faze here.
  8. 3.3 Astralis vs NaVi

    Odds: 1.9 for NaVi (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Both teams are favourites in this tournament, and from their performance yesterday, I would say NaVi is better right now. Astralis did well by advancing to the quarter finals, but they had a string of weak performances against Immortals and Fnatic which they should have defeated easily. On the other hand, NaVi faced much better opponents than Astralis and did well. They started the day with a strong comeback against VP and maintain high level of performance, only losing to North and Heroic which played amazing and on point. NaVi is very experienced and I see them bouncing back after those losses.
  9. 3.3 North vs Immortals

    Odds: 1.4 for North (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) With Immortals playing the tie-breaker yesterday, they will be facing North here. Immortals did better than expected by winning against NiP and Fnatic, but those teams were underperforming rather than Immortals playing well. They are still a solid team, but I don't think they can win against North that won against NaVi and VP yesterday. North has been consistent this tournament, and that is something we want to see. ex-Dignitas being consistent is very scary; they can beat almost every team in the world. With the big names gone such as VP and SK, North is one of the favourites right now. They can repeat their EPICENTER victory if they maintain their form.
  10. 2.3 SK vs VP

    Odds: 1.9 for SK (EGB) Pick: Low (1 unit) Both of these teams are equal in terms of skill and teamwork. We have seen SK performing during the Dreamhack Las Vegas tournament as well as VP. The suggested pick will be the team with higher payout odds. It will be a very close match.
  11. 2.3 North vs VP

    Odds: 1.9 for VP (Pinnacle) Pick: Medium (2 unit) As mentioned, North is decent as a tier 2 team, but their performance is very inconsistent. They hit their peak during EPICENTER last year and we have not seen them repeating their accomplishments since then. They can beat many other tier 2 teams, but I am not convinced of their performance against a team like VP. VP is one of the best team in the world, their experience and chemistry/synergy is absolutely among the best as they have been playing with this roster for more than 2 years. It is unlikely that they will lose to North here.
  12. 2.3 NaVi vs SK

    Odds: 2.2 for NaVi (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Both are strong tier 1 teams, and this game being a BO1, anything could happen. NaVi has explosive players that can defeat any opponent as long as they show up, and the bookies are giving this match as SK being the clear favourites. Although SK are strong as well, it is a mistake to rate this game as SK being clear favourites. It will be a close match and we should take advantage of the odds.
  13. 2.3 North vs SK

    Odds: 1.7 for SK -2.5 score (Fanobet) Pick: Medium (2 unit) North is decent as a tier 2 team, but their performance is very inconsistent. They hit their peak during EPICENTER last year and we have not seen them repeating their accomplishments since then. They can beat many other tier 2 teams, but I am not convinced of their performance against a team like SK. SK showed the world that they are a world class team even with felps being in the team for less than a month. Their brazillian teamwork and strategy is outstanding; FalleN continues to deliver as a superb IGL and AWP'er. With more time together, it is almost certain that Felps will improve by now.
  14. 1.3 Faze vs Fnatic

    Odds: 1.8 for Faze (EGB) Pick: Medium (2 unit) Faze is heading into IEM Katowice with a monster lineup- NIko is now playing for Faze. Expectations are high for Faze to hit new heights, and karrigan is the perfect IGL for the job. Karrigan is the reason why Faze is getting stronger and stronger, and I am sure Niko will advance in his career now that he is in Faze. In this match-up, I would favour Faze over Fnatic. Although Fnatic is a good team with a legendary lineup, they rely a lot on their individual skills and that was true when they were dominating the scene as well as their current style of play. Fnatic do not have good strats, rather they have good teamwork and skill. Their players have been disappointing so far, and Faze has a good mix of firepower and strats thanks to IGL Karrigan.
  15. 1.3 Faze vs Immortals

    Odds: 1.5 for Faze (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Faze is heading into IEM Katowice with a monster lineup- NIko is now playing for Faze. Expectations are high for Faze to hit new heights, and karrigan is the perfect IGL for the job. Karrigan is the reason why Faze is getting stronger and stronger, and I am sure Niko will advance in his career now that he is in Faze. Immortals have not been upsetting top tier teams for quite some time. They lost a map to Optic yesterday, which does not look good regarding their prospects against EU teams like Faze. I would favour Faze in this match-up.
  16. 1.3 NiP vs Fnatic

    Odds: 1.9 for Fnatic (Pinnacle) Pick: Medium (2 unit) I have not confirmed the odds myself, but odds aggregator site says that Pinnacle is offering 1.9 odds for Fnatic while majority bookies are giving 1.5 odds for Fnatic. A must bet if the odds are true. NiP has been a legendary team no doubt, but I have no idea what happened to them ever since they lost to Vega Squadron in the Major qualifiers. They are looking weak and tired, their teamwork is very bad, their individual skill lacks flair and they just look lost at the moment. Fnatic on the other hand has decent results ever since they reunited with their old roster. Although they did not make it high in the rankings in the last LAN tournament, I still prefer them over NiP simply because they don't look out of touch with the game like NiP are right now.
  17. 1.3 Astralis vs Optic

    Odds: 1.4 for Astralis -2.5 handicap (Fanobet) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Astralis has been improving and no longer suffer from their curse with the help of their sports psychologist. Currently, they are one of the best teams in the world, if not THE best team in the world. The tier 1 scene right now is stacked with talent, with VP, SK and Astralis leading the pack. Optic Gaming underwent huge changes by letting go of Stanislaw, the IGL that contributed to the rise of Optic Gaming. With Hiko on board, once again they are lacking a good IGL. I don't think Optic can win here.
  18. Odds: 2.1 for ATT (EGB) Pick: Low (1 unit) Looking at the rosters for both teams, they are fairly equal in terms of skill and both teams have not played much with their current roster. WIth that, the odds should be 50/50 in normal circumstances, but some bookies are rating MK as the better team. The only thing I can say is MK in the past is different than the MK today, while they are good in the past, I am not too sure about this roster. I will suggest playing the odds here and place a low bet on the underdog based on your bookie. Skip is also a good choice here.
  19. 17.1 Tricked vs GODSENT

    Odds: 1.55 for Tricked +6.5 (Fanobet) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Well, like many others, trusting GODSENT to do well in these qualifiers will really be hard especially seeing their poor performance recently. In fact, there is news about them having internal issues and it is likely leading to a Swedish shuffle with Fnatic after the Major. Some of the GODSENT players even mentioned on Twitter that they have trouble winning games and it is having huge impact on their relationship with each other in the team. What does that mean? Tricked is a decent tier 3 team, in fact they have actually beaten GODSENT before. +6.5 handicap is very reasonable here.
  20. 17.1 Vexed vs Heroic

    Odds: 1.6 for Vexed +8.5 Pick: Medium ( 2 unit) To be honest, going for a Vexed win underdog bet can actually work here since the payout is at least 3.5x among various bookies. First of all, Vexed is not weak enough to warrant such odds, I watched their game against PRIDE (good tier 3 team that beat GODSENT) and they surprised me by winning easily 16-4 that game. This means that upset is possible, especially if Heroic is not performing as usual. However, going for handicap bet is best in this scenario. Scoring at least 7 rounds is very realistic here and way safer than betting on Heroic as favourites, especially having such low odds for them. Heroic is inconsistent, they struggled a little in the Dreamhack qualifiers and this is still online qualifier for IEM katowice. As we all know online matches are more random than LAN matches, which is why I don't think they will win against Vexed a huge margin, which makes this pick realistic in my opinion.