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  1. Wings Gaming vs Liquid Pick: Liquid win the series with fanobet odds 1.37, bet size: 7,Max bet, 40% Liquid -1.5 handicap with fanobet odds 1.64, bet size: 5, Max bet 30% Liquid final score 3:0 with fanobet odds 3.13 , bet size 3, 10%, high 10% Compare to fnatic the team just lost against Wings Gaming, 1-2 score favoring on Wings Gaming. Liquid seems to be more stable and can handle enemy spectre pick. Fnatic shows they have no idea how to deal with Wings Gaming's spectre. Liquid just won against Empire's spectre in game 2, show us what they are capable of, they are better than Fnatic in this. Well, Wings Gaming definitely tier 1 team now after beat down Fnatic. But I still think Liquid will win in this final. No matter in form of draft, synergy, liquid showed us they are slightly better than Wings Gaming. Moreover, liquid is a more stable team compare to Wings Gaming. Last time MVP.P also showed us a decent skill in Shanghai Major but they lost against Team Secret with 0-2 in top 8 position. Team Secret was with w33 and Misery that time, Secret obviously is more stable team than MVP.P that time. I do not underestimate Wings Gaming here, but i think bet on Liquid is safety bet.
  2. Fnatic vs Wings Gaming Pick: Fnatic win the series with pinnacle 1.44 odds, bet size: 8, Max bet, 50% Pick: Fnatic final score 2-0 with fanobet odds 2.27, bet size: 5,max bet, 20% I not sure why all those betting sites are giving so high odds for fnatic, seriously I will go with this pick, if you see the momentum that fnatic is taking right now? this team most likely to become the champion of esl manila, I think all of you agree with me, don't you? Allow me to say this again, since 343 standing in for Mushi this team momentum never been cut off by any team, maybe they lost 1 series within their winning streak, but you know what? their game against Wings Gaming most likely will not be the one to make them, they are currently on their 11 win streaks since 6 April until now, about 3 weeks time, only lost 3 games out of 28 games. I am talking game not series. Upset most likely will not happens, but it will happens sometime, do not follow my bet blindly. You can do some research yourself before follow my pick Disclaimer: bet on your own risk.
  3. Secret vs Empire Pick: Secret win the series with fanobet odds 1.25, bet size:2 , Medium, 5% Secret final score 2-0 with fanobet odds 1.8, bet size:1, Low ,3% Well, yesterday I did a analysis about the same match up, but my pick go to empire win at least 1 game, end up my choice was correct since that time It's Team Secret first game after their current team formed up. Well, today my pick will be totally different which will bet on Team Secret win the series and also 2-0 final score. I got this thought because just now Team Secret take down EHOME easily just like Godnatic take down them yesterday, opps, I mean Fnatic. Back to fnatic, their draft seems to be quiet good compare to yesterday against Team Empire. Hope, you all can follow my bet on this match and grab so easy money.
  4. COL vs Wings Gaming Pick: COL win the series with fanobet odds 1.90, bet size: 2,medium,5% COL win at least 1 game with odds 1.28, bet size: 3, high, 10% Even COL lost to Wings Gaming yesterday, but COL just now made some amazing ban pick draft against Mineski, i still think COL gonna take down WIngs Gaming. Their first game last pick axe, i thought it was a bad pick, but turn out they won because of that hero and sladar. THeir dagger and skill timing is impressive. Overall, i think COL is having better teamfight compare to Wings Gaming.
  5. 23.4 EHOME vs Secret

    EHOME vs Secret Pick: Ehome at least win 1 game with fanobet odds 1.38,bet size:2,Medium,5% Ehome win the series with fanobet odds 2.29, bet size:1, Low, 3% Ehome final score 2-0 with fanobet odds 3.5, bet size:0.2,ICB,1% I guess all of you will skip or having a hard time to decide this game who to bet, well, My pick will be on EHOME since odds are favoring on Secret, but in my odds that should be 65-35 favoring on EHOME, the biggest problem for Team Secret is that, RTZ and EnternalENvy BOth are farmer, when I said farmer, means both of them are desperate to get highest net worth in the game. Yesterday, when they against Team Empire, Their first game was OD mid, and EE using Naga for carry, Naga keep on farm enemy jungle, midlane, hardlane with all of his illusion, the OD secure safelane farm and own jungle farming, this lead to a imbalance of resource into their team, their nyx, and 2 support got no farm at all. Those 3 heroes let Empire kill in just a second because no item. That as well as making the game 5v2, because team empire spec with radiance, can easily kill off those 3 heroes. Well, that ban pick draft and their game play yesterday? They didt show me any synergy at all. SO my call would be EHOME.
  6. 23.4 COL vs Mineski

    COL vs Mineski Pick: COL win the series with fanobet odds 1.27 , bet size:3.5, High, 15% Pick: COL final score with fanobet odds 1.85, bet size:3.5, High,10% Pick: COL win at least 1 game with fanobet odds 1.09, bet size:3.5,Max bet, 20% Note: Will add in COL win at least 1 game bet once fanobet offer that bet. COL Well, what should I say about this team after those big talk from Melonzzz saying they would take down Team Secret in ESL Manila. Seriously? They cannot even take down Wings Gaming today. Wow, I really disappointed by their gameplay today. Even they did showed us a well play when they own Wings Gaming in game 1, but game 2 and game 3 were disaster. Mineski As Expected, they cannot win even one game from Liquid. Because Liquid is tier 1 team, but Mineski? Tier 3 team maybe. How can they take down Liquid. This is expected so do not blame Mineski for losing to Team Liquid. Final Thought After both team game play today, I still go for COL win the game series and also COL win at least 1 game when fanobet offers this kind of bet.
  7. Team Empire vs Team Secret Team Secret Actually this new formed up team with Envy,RTZ,Universe,piliedie and puppey. They not really started their very first game with current roster. Well, many people is considering this is monster team. However, I only do analysis based on team's recent performance. Of course, this team individual is all so good with best offlaner Universe, aggressive farmer Envy, best captain puppey. So, i am looking forward to see how well this team can do in this ESL Manila. Team Empire This team just lost against team spirit with 1-2 score, well of course this team is no match to Team Secret if you see those individual skill of each player in both team. Final Thought I will think Empire able win 1 of the game due to I not yet see how good is Team Secret Synergy having. D2L odds: 80-20 favoring on Team Secret Fanobet odds: 1.12:5.29 favoring on Team Secret Pinnacle odds: 1.12:6.54 favoring on Team Secret My bet will be Low(3%) or bet size scale: 1 on Empire win at least 1 game with fanobet odds 2.08.