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  1. Pick: Low North North and HR are pretty evenly matched imo. I think both are inconsistent but can be decent. That's why my picks in this series are essentially coming down to the map selection, and I think that North have slight edge on train. Both of these teams are fighting over a playoff spot, so there should be some high level CS going on between them. Due to that, both of these games carry a good amount of risk, but that's why I'm only suggesting a low bet. The odds on North for train are also pretty good imo.
  2. 26.4 Astralis vs NiP

    Pick: Low NiP I think Astralis are actually the favorite in this matchup. However, I don't think the odds reflect NiP's upset potential in this one, so I'm going to go low nip at 2.6 or better odds. NiP have been a little shaky lately, but Astralis definitely aren't unbeatable. This was shown when they lost a game to Envy yesterday. Astralis and NiP are both comfortably in the EPL playoffs, so I wouldn't be too surprised if Astralis or NiP didn't really show up to this match. I think the odds on this one are too good to pass on.
  3. Pick: Low HR HR are pretty good on Cobble. They are much better than North there. The odds seem ok as well, but nothing insanely valuable. Both teams should be trying to play at a pretty high level because they going 2-0 would get them into the playoffs. Part of me wants to go med on this bet, but as an online bo1, I really can't. North are also a team of similar skill to HR, so there's definite upset potential in this matchup. However, Cobble gives HR enough of an edge to take this one imo.
  4. Pick: Low Mouz Mouz may have lost 2-0 to NiP yesterday, but they still played well. This is a stark contrast to Envy who, despite the win against Astralis, have looked horrible recently. Mouz may be safe to qualify atm, but they should still be giving their all to take the top spot from Navi. The odds on this one, predictably, aren't super appealing. I like them at 1.4+ for Mouz, but I don't think I'll be taking anything below that personally.
  5. Pick: Low Astralis NiP aren't afraid to play on Mirage, but it's also not really their preference. Astralis have been pretty good on Mirage lately, and this makes me think that they should be able to beat NiP who have been a tad shaky recently. However, the odds aren't going to be great, and I don't think that I'd commit to anything less than 1.35. These odds feel warranted because Astralis have been playing like the top 1 team in the world recently. These teams did have a close game on Mirage about a month ago, but we're looking at a different, much stronger Astralis team now.
  6. Pick: Low SS This match carries higher risk than a bet like this normally would because both teams are safe in EPL. This means that one or both might not really come to play. Despite this risk, I think SS have too good of odds to pass on this. FaZe are still a solid team, but are much less threatening with Xizt still on the roster. SS went out poorly at Dreamhack, so they could be looking for a good game to bounce back from that. At the very least, this should end up being a close match as FaZe have been playing EPL games that they need to win closely, let alone ones that they can afford to lose.
  7. Pick: Low G2 If I've said it once, I'll say it again, G2 have been really good on Mirage the past couple days. They've been in really good form on that map despite being 1-2 on it over the past 3 maps. Those were two close losses against the top tier teams (FaZe, Astralis), and a win against Fnatic. G2 also needs to go 2-0 today to qualify, so much like I expected from Fnatic yesterday, they should be doing all they can. Navi have also been decent on Mirage lately, but I like the combination of odds and recent Mirage play better from G2.
  8. 25.4 Navi vs Fnatic

    Pick: Low Fnatic I like Fnatic to beat Navi because Fnatic are really going to have to pull out all the stops to make it into the playoffs of esl. This is stark contrast to Navi who are sitting pretty comfortably atm. Fnatic can't really afford to drop a map, so I think they'll be much more serious in this serious than Navi will be. I wouldn't be surprised to see Navi trying out new stuff to see what works in a live setting. Fnatic also went toe-to-toe with Navi in their bo3 at dreamhack very narrowly losing on Overpass and winning on Cobble. Fnatic are more than capable of winning this game and have underdog odds to boot.
  9. Odds: 2.6 for EnvyUs (EGB) Pick: Low (1 unit) EnvyUs has been playing awful lately, never would we have thought that this veteran team has declined till the point where they are rated as such underdogs against Space Soldiers, a team that has historically known as "Low tier trashes" by some pundits such as Thorin. Nonetheless, it should be known that in their last head-to-head matches, EnvyUs has won twice against Space Soldiers. It is a good sign, but we should still bet low on them since there is a chance of EnvyUs just falling flat againsnt Space Soldiers. Depending on the results for their first map, if EnvyUs looks to be in a good form, it might be worth it to up our bet size to a Low+ bet.
  10. 7.3 Natus Vincere vs AGO

    Odds: 1.8 for AGO less than 12 rounds Pick: Medium I do not see any issues for NaVi to dominate AGO, to be honest they are in a different league altogether, AGO has not been good as an organisation with their rosters since years ago, they were once quite a good tier 3 team, but has since been at tier 3.5/tier 4 for some time. NaVi is a tier 1 team through and through, they will tear through AGO.
  11. 8.1 Rogue vs Ghost

    Odds: 1.5 for Rogue Pick: Medium+ (2.5 unit) Rogue is the better team here and this match is insanely important for them as a professional team. The winner of this match gets a ticket straight to the next ESL Pro League season and believe me they will be playing serious and if they want the spot into ESL Pro League, they will win this. Ghost is not a bad team per se, but Rogue's motivations should propel them to victory.
  12. 8.1 Rise Nation vs GX

    Odds; 1.35 for Rise Nation Pick: Low (1 unit) Rise Nation is just a better team than GX recently. If we look at the statistics, we would find that Rise Nation has been winning in almost all of their previous head-to-head encounters between Rise Nation and GX. While GX has a decent roster with some well known tier 3 players, their synergy has been lacking imo.
  13. Odds: 2.6 for Luminosity Pick: Low (1 unit) Luminosity definitely deserves a low bet here. They have been very impressive lately, going toe-to-toe against top tier teams with respectable scorelines and sometimes even winning maps against top tier teams. Fnatic has not been consistent with this roster and it wouldn't surprise me that Luminosity would grab this BO1.
  14. 9.12 Misfits vs SK

    Odds: 2.1 for Misfits at least 1 map Pick: Low (1 unit) I mean, what is there to say about this match? SK is pretty much the better team here by far, but how sure can we say that? No one expected Misfits to be able to reach the semi-finals at all, they have been grinding out wins against some of the best teams in the world and we cannot deny that fact. SK has pretty much had the "easy" bracket so far, and we do not see them struggle enough to be able to just bet a large amount for that measly 1.14 odds. Going for a handicap bet makes sense, or just SKIP this match entirely.
  15. Odds: 2.1 for Liquid Pick: Low (1 unit) The thing about Liquid is that they always have surprised us during LAN tournaments with their unexpected good performance. I feel like Liquid is a team with good offline chemistry and its evident from their offline results when compared with their online results. Hellraisers on the other hand are quite inconsistent and I'm not sure why they lost to Luminosity. In any case, this match is a 50-50 so we should play with the odds here.
  16. 11.11 SK vs Optic

    Odds: 2.2 for Optic Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) There is a very important for people to know here. Optic is attending the iBuyPower Invitationals, which means they will be playing together on LAN setting against SK. This will mean much better communication and most importantly SK is playing without their full roster, since ESL does not allow boltz to play. SK relies on their full roster, and I believe there is a chance for Optic to take at least 1 map here.
  17. Odds: 2.2 for Renegades Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Renegades and Liquid are quite close in terms of skill and teamwork, and Renegades are really a mature team with their new roster in my opinion. If we look at statistics, Renegades often have very close match against Liquid on Cobblestone map. 2.2 odds are a great chance for us to try for profit here.
  18. 10.11 BIG vs NaVi

    Odds: 1.6 for NaVi (map 1) Pick: Medium (2 unit) I am confident to say that BIG will be struggling against NaVi especially on Map 1 - Train. The last time these two teams met on Train, NaVi demolished BIG. BIG is also in a huge slump right now, they have been losing so much recently that I'm not confident to recommend anyone to risk their money after how much they disappointed me against EnvyUs a few days ago.
  19. 7.11 BIG vs EnvyUs

    Odds: 2.3 for BIG Pick: low (1 unit) A low bet for BIG is definitely worth it. EnvyUs has been in a slump recently, and don't forget that BIG has already beaten EnvyUs numerous times in their career. The most recent match played between BIG and EnvyUs was a convincing 2-0 victory for BIG. While EnvyUs has the better lineup, I'm not sure if we would want to risk our money to bet on EnvyUs at these odds (around 1.3~1.5) on a BO1.
  20. Odds: 1.3 for Astralis Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) This is also a fairly safe bet imo. Astralis, while they admit they are in a slump are still no slouch in terms of pure skill and their teamwork. They may not be the top 1 team in the world right now, but they are definitely in the Top 5. They have been getting quite consistent results against tier 1 opponents. Hellraisers definitely is a weak online team and it can be seen from their poor results even against tier 2 and tier 3 opponents. They barely won against Space Soldiers the other day, and lost to teams like Binary Dragons and AGO which should never happen as Hellraisers can be very good.
  21. 19.10 SK vs Rogue

    Odds: 1.35 for SK 2-0 Pick: Medium (2 unit) I think this would be a safe bet. SK has been performing quite well recently, beating almost of all the tier 2 NA teams such as Ghost, Optic, Liquid, etc. Rogue on the other hand has lost to CLG, NRG, and even FRENCH CANADIANS which should not be happening for a pro team.
  22. 19.10 NaVi vs GODSENT

    Odds: 1.85 for NaVi Pick: Low (1 unit) These odds are too good to pass imo. Although NaVi is not as dominating as fans would like, they are still a very dangerous team led by one of the best IGL Zeus, as well as having s1mple in their roster. Yes, they are not having their 5th member, but we saw how much better they were in terms of teamwork against North yesterday. They essentially played 4v5 and still managed to get a map against North, its a very good sign that things are improving. GODSENT is a tier 2.5 team right now. They are quite inconsistent, and I would rate NaVi higher. Around 60-40 in terms of personal odds, but we'll see. The risk is quite high for this one so skip if you don't want to bet a risky game.
  23. 5.10 FaZe vs Hellraisers

    Odds: 2.1 for Hellraisers at least 1 map Pick; Low+ (1.5 unit) As I mentioned yesterday Hellraisers seem to be doing quite well recently, they just beat Heroic 2-0 even when the bookies thought they were the underdogs of that match. They also got 1 map against NiP just like I predicted and it really shows that they are a team that should not be underestimated. FaZe on the other hand has a beastly roster, with superstars such as GuardiaN, NiKo, etc. However it seems like they are struggling to find their groove and IGL karrigan has not managed to unite his team and improve thier chemistry well enough to dominate the scene. In my opinion, 1 map for Hellraisers is quite a good bet.
  24. Odds: 1.8 for North pick: Low (1 unit) While North has not been performing well recently having poor results, they still have the better roster between these 2 teams. North has the potential to be a tier 1 elite team and they definitely joined the tier 1 club late last year but they did fall off a little from mid 2017 till now. There is still no doubt that they are better than Mousesports, if we compare them pound-to-pound. Mousesports roster is a far cry from what they used to have with NiKo and ChrisJ. STYKO from Hellraisers was touted as a good pick for Mousesports but we do not see his contribution that is significant enough to raise their level of play. Besides, their recent performance is also not very good. I would say that North is the better team to bet on here.
  25. 26.9 EnvyUs vs LDLC

    Odds: 1.8 for EnvyUS Pick: low+ (1.5 unit) EnvyUs should be the better team here. They have been consistently getting good results even if critics expected them to perform worse than G2, and that is very surprising, to say the least. The reason is that EnvyUs was supposed to be the lesser team that got shafted when the French shuffle happened last year, with star players getting transfered to G2. However, EnvyUs shows no sign of stopping their dominance over G2. LDLC on the other hand, at this point they are considered as underdogs when they were once the superteam. IGL Ex6tenz was once known as the world's best IGL, but it seems like he couldn't adapt fast enough against teams nowadays. Coupled with that fact is that the players on LDLC is just not good enough to carry out Ex6tenz's strategies and tactics. I don't think they can win against EnvyUs.