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  1. Astralis vs NaVi Ago vs EnvyUs Pick: handicap +0.5 on NaVi + EnvyUs Odds: 1.94 (BetOnBit; my betslip) NaVi vs Astralis in last 3 maps, 2-1 for NaVI, so for sure they can win at least 1 game vs Astralis, as Astralis is not in good form currently yet. They feel shaky, together with EnvyUs, but i believe AGO and EnvyUs will share points too. AGO is in good form, but EnvyUS can take 1 map on their big experience in EPL. GL!
  2. FaZe vs Fnatic G2 vs HellRaisers Pick: handicap +0.5 on Fnatic & HellRaisers Odds: 1.82 (BetOnBit; my betslip) ESL Pro League, bo2 matches, to my experience it's really hard to predict winners here, and 70% matches ends up in 1-1. On this 2 matches i think both Fnatic and HellRaisers can take up at least 1 game from G2 and Faze. Faze is still not on their top shape, and G2 is well, inconsistent big time.
  3. EnVyUs v LDLC Prediction: EnVyUs -0.50 Asian Handicap Odds: 1.869 Pinnacle First, let’s start with the recent roster changes. After an unsuccessful year and an early exit from the Boston Major Qualifier(kicked out by QBF), EnVyUs made two roster changes. xms stepped down from their active roster and was replaced by kioShiMa, while SIXER has been demoted down to the Envyus Academy team and replaced by hAdji. On the other side, LDLC replaced their in-game leader Ex6TenZ with LOGAN from ARES. LDLC’s most recent tournament was the online qualifier for the IEM Katowice 2018 Closed Qualifier. They finished dead last in their group, with two lost matches against Quantum Bellator Fire(2-1) and Epsilon(2-0). As for their ESL Pro League performance, they managed only one win(16-11 against Space Soldiers on Cobblestone), while suffering five losses against Space Soldiers (16-1), AGO (16-2 and 16-11) and Astralis (2x 16-5). As for the Team EnVyUs’ most recent tournament, they were invited to the IEM Katowice 2018 Closed Qualifier, but they finished at the 9-12th spot, with two defeats against Singularity(2-0) and Natus Vincere(2-0). It is worth mentioning that they were still playing with SIXER, while VKLL was playing as a stand-in for xms. In the ESL Pro League, they will be playing their first game tonight against LDLC. Looking at the odds, EnVyUs are rightful favourites to win both maps, priced around 1.40 on both maps. Alltrought they are relatively untested with their new lineup, the quality difference between these two teams should be notable on the server. With the addition of Kioshima and hAdji, Envyus are looking good, at least on paper, and should be more competitive than their previous roster. On the other side, LDLC replaced a veteran IGL with a young player, and so far I am not convinced with his performance. I recommend betting on EnVyUs winning both maps.
  4. Natus Vincere v Space Soldiers Prediction: Space Soldiers +4.50 rounds on Map 2 (Mirage) Odds: 1.757 Pinnacle A quick look at the odds and we can see that NaVi are favourites to win both maps, priced about 1.30 to 1.40 on both maps. If take a look at both rosters, the odds are pretty fair, especially after the amazing performance that we have seen from s1mple during the StarSeries i-League Season 4. During that tournament, NaVi managed to reach the finals, while beating the likes of FaZe, Astralis and Gambit, but in the finals, they lost to the Mousesports 2-1. S1mple was awarded the MVP award for the whole tournament. As for ESL Pro league, they played six maps, winning three maps in regular time and one in overtime, while losing two maps in regular time. According to the HLTV stats, s1mple is currently the best performing player in the league. Space Soldiers' most recent tournament was the Play2Live Cryptomaster, where they beat Windigo and Godsent to qualify for the finals against the polish team AGO. The lost the first map on Cobblestone 16-10. but they managed a comeback on Train 16-9. The final map was Inferno, which they lost 16-13. As far as their ESL Pro League performance goes, they played six maps, winning three maps in regular time, while losing two in regular time and one in overtime. They are performing very well in the league, currently at the top of the HLTV rankings with a rating of 1.21(Mousesports on the second place with 1.16 rating). These two teams met several times, their most recent encounter was a BO3 match during the last season's ESL Pro League Relegation stage, which NaVi won 2-1. Space Soldiers won on Mirage, but it was a close match, whit the final score being 16-14. In H2H stats, Navi leads with five wins out of seven maps played. Teams will play on two maps, first match on Inferno and second match on Mirage. The first map should go to the NaVi, as it is currently their best map(70% win rate during the last three months). As for the second map, I believe Space Soldiers should have decent chances to at least keep it close(66% win rate on this map in 2017). The obvious danger for this prediction is s1mple repeating his I-League performance.
  5. 18.1 Rogue vs Heroic

    Odds: 1.6 for Rogue +1.5 maps (Fanobet) Pick: Low+ (1.5 units) We have to look at the importance of the match-up. This will be a relegation match, the winner qualifies to the ESL Pro League while loser goes to ESEA Premier. Heroic has been a good team with this lineup, but you can't deny that they are shaky. In their last match against Outlaws, Heroic has looked poor during anti-ecos as well as throwing away several man-advantage scenarios; therefore dropping a map against them. That was very disappointing. No doubt Heroic are the favourites of the match-up, but do they deserve the odds? Currently bookies rate them as >75%... I would say 60% is the correct odds here. Team Rogue has to give their all if they want to rise up a level. Unlike Heroic, Rogue is in the tier 3 category which means making it to the Pro League will likely be the highlights of their career. They have been steadily looking better and better even though they still need to fix their inconsistencies. Their lineup has potential to rise to tier 2, with a mix of good tier 3 players as well as IGL. Rogue has a chance of making it here. Underdog bet will make sense in this scenario.
  6. So besides the fact that Liquid should win this I have to note that SPLYCE will be playing from the UK with ~180 ping I'm guessing. So I feel like this should be a really easy game for Liquid and with 1.33 odds I feel like we can almost go high on liquid. My bet(ting tip): Med-high on Liquid to win(1.33+ odds on bet365) Sorry for yet another small analysis, I have to go to school tomorrow and it's already 01:38.
  7. So I feel like these odds currently are good for a CLG med bet I don't have too much time to explain so I'll summarize my reasoning: WFX has always been meh imo. They sometimes decide to showup but I would not know why they would now since they have to play CLG one of their if not their best map. They cant relegade and cant go to the LAN so they'll be playing for money solely. CLG has to win this to get out of the relegade zone. They'll be busting their asses of and praying that Splyce lose both matches. Overpass is such a good map for Tarik & jdm, they like to beast on this map. So I'll be going med on CLG at 1.40+ odds (at bet365 i.e.) I'm gonna update soon about the 2nd game.
  8. So I normally dont do this but I dont have a lot of time. I'm gonna go on G2 first game and if they lose first map also on the 2nd one, checkout my post for that one. Fnatic vs Astralis: Gonna go on Fnatic on train if they lose the first one, because they'll feel like they really need it and honestly they're really good on Train and Astralis is decent on it. (Fnatic 3% if they lose first one) VP vs Fsid3: Gonna go on VP if they stay under 66%/1.52+ odds with 8%(med) Envyus vs FaZe: Gonna go 4% on FaZe if they remain under 53% , if they lose first map I'll go 5% on Train on FaZe. I'm sorry for no analysis, just trust me if you want to. Bookie: CSGL
  9. So first off I'll describe the situation of almost every team that's playing today and I'll be including this in every ESL match analysis: Situation 1: G2 & Na'Vi qualify and fnatic doesnt. This will be happening if Na'Vi and G2 win 2-0 and fnatic loses 0-2. Situation 2: Navi & fnatic qualify is if Navi wins 2-0 & G2 ties/loses both games. Situation 3: G2 & fnatic qualify (most likely) will be if fnatic/g2 either tie or both win 2-0. Situation 4: VP vs Flipsid3, If flipsid3 wins nothing changes and if VP wins Fs3 will go to the 12th place. I will take these situations in consideration with my bets today. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now lets start with the G2 vs NiP analysis. G2: G2 have showed us two sides of their performances. They can either show up and beat a team like NaVi on Overpass with 16-3 or they can really play bad and lose 16-2 to CLG. First off I want to point out that G2 really wants to win this because they of course want to go to this LAN while NIP is already secured of their first place. Now if NIP were to play seriously threat would have a hard time analysing G2's T-side since shox has only taken over recently and he likes rush tactics, just watch this game, shox knows that they have great aim and they wont rely on tactics as heavily as they did with Ex6tenZ. Now if they want to win ScreaM really needs to show up and SmithZz shouldnt go into bot mode since he needs to out awp guys like pyth etc. Shoxie will also need to play great but honestly, I feel like the motivation of the LAN will give them a big boost. NiP: I feel like I'm save to say that THREAT has been the coach with the most impact in maybe CS history. This guy has improved this team so much, they now actually use tactics instead of relying to aim and then having friberg entry frag when his aim is off. But as I said this match doesn't matter, they dont get more money, they dont get a better place and that goes the other way aswell. I feel like THREAT won't be as hard on them as he would be normally and that he would let them play a looser style of play. Something to note is that GeT_RiGhT hasn't been playing that amazingly well like he normally does, Xizt has now stepped up massively but I dont know how long he can keep that up. Conclusion: These odds seem well for a G2 bet on the first map since they are pretty capable on Cobble and they'll have a lot of motivation to win. I'd only go on G2 the second map if they lose the first one, due to odds rising up and other reasons. My bet(ting tip): I am trusting G2 (maybe a bit too much) and going 5% on them if they stay under 35% on CSGL / 2.78+ odds on any bookie.