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  1. Ninjas In Pyjamas - Natus Vincere (BO3 match) Pick: Ninjas In Pyjamas +1.5 handicap Odds: 1.66 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) This will be hard match for NiP. If you want safe bet go on NaVI win, odds are pretty low but you should get back some money. NiP +1.5 is risky bet but with little bit of NiP magic i think they can take 1 map off from NaVI pretty easily. Risk is higher, but 1.66 odds for NiP to take 1 map are very good. I predict 2-1 for NaVi in the end. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  2. 5.7. NRG - Vitality

    NRG - Vitality (BO3 match) Pick: Vitality (win) Odds: 1.73 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Very good odds on Vitality. Vitality looking good vs Heroic, Fnatic, Ence, beating them both. NRG is playing good too, but i dont think they can match Vitality. Pretty sick odds on Vitality's win, which is safe bet i think. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  3. Team Secret - Gambit Esports (BO5) Pick: handicap +2.5 Gambit Odds: 1.71 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Betting Secret ML is not worth it, odds are so low like 1.071 or something. Handicaps in this case are pretty good. 1.71 on Gambit +2.5 handicap is crazy. This match is BO5, and it means that Gambit needs to take at least 1 map for us to win a bet. Possible, even if they lost 2-0 vs secret in upper bracket.
  4. Gambit Esports - OG (BO3) Pick: Gambit Odds: 1.92 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Gambit is looking extremely good in this ESL One, even tho i like OG more, i think Gambit will surprise us and take the match 2-1. Odds are pretty good too, worth risking.
  5. 23.2. OG - Fnatic

    OG - Fnatic (BO3) Pick: OG Odds: 1.90 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) OG is looking crazily good. I predict they will fight for the title with Secret. Fnatic has nothing to do vs OG. OG 2-0 or 2-1 win vs fnatic easily. Sooo good odds on OG, worth betting.
  6. 23.2. Fnatic - Mineski

    Fnatic - Mineski (BO3) Pick: Mineski +1.5 handicap Odds: 1.75 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I think Mineski can take at least 1 map, if not the whole match. Fnatic is not looking so good. This is 60-40 match for fnatic, if you ask me.
  7. Mineski - Chaos Esports Club (BO3) Pick: Mineski Odds: 1.77 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I think this will be a close match. Mineski 4-6 in group stage, Chaos 6-4. I think Mineski is better team overall, and this will be 2-1 close win for Mineski. €200 on Mineski.
  8. Fnatic - Gambit Esports (BO3) Pick: Fnatic Odds: 1.45 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Gambit is playing good, but i think Fnatic is better team overall. This is BO3 match and i predict 2-0 or 2-1 for fnatic. If gambit shows good games like before, they can take 1 game i think.
  9. Virtus Pro vs OpTic Pick: OpTic Odds: 2.93 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) BO1 match. Optic has definitely shown that they can beat the best teams, so im aiming for surprise here. 2.93 odds are simply crazy!
  10. OpTic vs OG Pick: OG Odds: 2.23 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) This match is BO1, even tho winner is unpredictable, both teams played good yesterday, i decided to go with higher odds, even tho i think Optic has a slightly better chances to win.
  11. Mineski - LGD.FY Pick: Handicap LGD.FY +1.5 (it means LGD will take at least 1 map) Odds: 1.61 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Maybe Mineski is little better team overall lately, but yesterday LGD.FY impressed me with their play, and i think they can take at least 1 map from Mineski.
  12. 23.5 Fnatic vs EG

    Fnatic win with odds 2.06 or more. Fnatic already took down EG once around 13 days ago in bo1 game GESC Thailand group stage. Fnatic was having advantage in term of drafting that match. But overall speaking, both team are still having same odds to win this match, so I would recommend skip or go low on Fnatic with higher payout odds.
  13. 14.4 complexity vs Rogue

    Odds; 2.2 for Rogue Pick: low (1 unit) To be honest these low tier matches are really unpredictable these days. As I mentioned yesterday veteran players aren't performing well, but we should still consider their experience and composure. Rogue is a team with Hiko which is quite good lately as well as other well known European names in it. Their recent performance has nothing to shout about, and indeed complexity seems to have the upper hand (winning 1 map against SK) but I don't think they deserve rated as such favourites.
  14. 22.1 TNC vs Mineski

    Mineski win with odds 1.6 or more. I think this might be 50-50 match but I will still favors on Mineski here due to Mineski is still the strongest team in SEA region from my perspective, although their recent performance shows otherwise, but they let Lucifer standin for iceiceice in GESC qualifier might showing them does not care about that slot for the Main Event( although this tournament does involve DPC points).So I could not say are they being serious when they playing in their recent matches. TNC is definitely one of the top 5 team in SEA Region now, but their performance is too depend on Raven farming, which will make this team in a disadvantage now, Kuku recently seems to be not on his peak form. Well this is bo1 game, no1 knows who might win this. Lets save bullet for bo3 game in esl one winner bracket and loser bracket .
  15. 22.1 Navi vs EG

    Navi win with odds 2.1 or more. I actually think Navi is having higher chance to win this match because EG still does not have a solid form or position right now, I really disagree on Sumail play style now, as 3rd position he does not able to create space for Fear and RTZ but himself is having a lot of farm. Always force position 2 hero become 3rd position hero, this is affecting their whole teamfight potential. Until they can fix their roster or position, I will not bet on them against other tier 1 team now. Navi is very clear of their vision for the match, Sonneiko will be playing for Navi this time, so they are one of the top 5 team in the world now. In term of Heroes pool, I also think Naiv will have upperhand, overall Navi is a better team however do not go higher bet than 2% because this is bo1 game.
  16. VG.J Thunder win with odds 3 or more. VG.J Thunder should have potential to win this match since it is bo1. Although their head to head in recent matches are 2-0 favors on VG in 2 bo3 series. Both matches just happened within 1 month ago. VG.J thunder not only dominate China team, but also prove themselves to world by taking down EG 3-0 yesterday. EG is definitely not on their peak form now and Misery is still adjusting with the team, Sumail is so called position 3 player however keep on playing like position 1 which make the team still do not fix on their roster. So I would not give high credit on VG.J thunder taking down EG in such situation. VG definitely one of the top 10 team right now, nothing much to be say, Their recent performance quite solid, when up against team from other region except China Team. They did lost to LGD with 0-2 recently however LGD is one of the top 10 team as well. So I would not say much. VG.J thunder definitely have chance to upset bo1 game, even bo3 game right now, they should also have the potential to upset.
  17. 22.1 COL vs Fnatic

    Fnatic win with odds 2.35 or more. Well, I actually think that this match should be 50-50 so my pick is only based on higher payout odds here. To be honest the only advantage that Col is having now is Fnatic is having Universe replaced Ohaiyo only for 10 days, in term of teamwork or synergy COL might have an upperhand here, however Fnatic seems to be able to cope based on their recent performance which took down Geek Fam with 3-0, Execration with 2-0. I would not commend on Their win against Mineski because Lucifer (until now also no one claiming who been playing that id on that time) is standin for iceiceice which make Mineski a tier 3 team that time. COL on other hand also performing well recently, however their lost against Animal Planet is still deducting their mark. If only they won against Animal Planet( which is a new team), I will pick them on this match. They cannot quite perform consistent against some new team (although Animal Planet has strong individual player), I do not believe they have high chance to win against Fnatic now, Fnatic is having better synergy and also better individual skills player compare to Animal Planet.
  18. 15.8 GoodJob vs Kinguin

    Odds: 1.3 for Kinguin (EGB) Pick: medium+ (2.5 unit) Kinguin is always a great tier 3 team that is considered as semi-professional (they are sponsored by one of the largest CD-key websites around) and they generally perform fine against these lesser known teams. Kinguin is also on a positive momentum right now with their dominant performance (winning against roughtimes, Gatekeepers, undefined, Epsilon, North Academy) with convincing score lines. Kinguin should be taking this one with dominant performance as well.
  19. Pick: Newbee win 2-0 with odds 1.7 or more. Newbee yesterday lost to LGD is really unexpected, well, CDEC gaming won against LGD.FY with 2-1 score also impressive, but as I said China Dota is now too inconsistent and the prize pool is is even lower than Dota 2 Ace, so maybe they are not focusing on this competition maybe. However I will still put 0.5 % bankroll on Newbee 2-0 here. Although CDEC is doing good lately but Newbee as first tier team right now will take down CDEC, even if Newbee rematch against LGD now, I will still favor on Newbee unless I really think they do not want to participate ESL One Genting for some reasons. Lastly, in term of skill Newbee>CDEC, but in term of serious, I think CDEC is taking this more serious than Newbee.