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      Two 13.37€ risk free bets!   02/18/2018

      A new eSports betting site is offering 2x 13.37€(or 133.7 SEK, 133.7 NOK, 13.37 CAD) risk free bets for all new customers! Deposit 30€ and you are eligible for them!

      eSportsbetting.com is a very high quality betting site with a very trustworthy background and it is licensed in Malta.
      - Create an account from HERE
      - Deposit 30€ or more
      - You are now awarded with 2x risk free bets, each worth 13.37€
      - Risk free bet is used by check marking the box from the bet slip (can be used only in eSports bets). You must have enough money in your account to cover the stake.
      - If the bet loses, you get the stake back on your account with no roll-over requirements.
      - If the bet wins, the net winnings must be rolled over only once, with the odds of 1.70 or higher. You have 7 days to fulfill this requirment. (f.ex. You place your risk free bet with the odds of 2.00 and the bet wins. You now have 13.37€ bonus money in your account. Next you need to make bets until you have played for atleast 13.37€. After the roll-over you can withdraw the winnings when ever you want!)
      Grab your free bets now -->

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Found 2 results

  1. 24.3 BIG vs Red Reserve

    Odds: 1.4 for BIG Pick: Medium (2 unit) BIG is pretty much the dominant team here, Red Reserve's roster has been underperforming lately, losing to tier 3.5 teams and tier 4 teams. Even with PlesseN, the young talent that used to play as Fnatic's fifth member when olofmeister was injured, didn't contribute much to the outcomes that they achieved. BIG on the other hand is quite solid and they will definitely take the win over Red Reserve here.
  2. Odds: 2.6 for Flipsid3 (Pinnacle) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Another match with lopsided odds that does not make sense to me. While it is true that Flipsid3 has not been performing well recently, losing against many tier 3 opponents, they are a force to be reckoned with if they are serious, their roster is stacked with veterans like blad3, Markeloff, etc. that can easily just destroy EnvyUs Academy. They have been losing too much and it wouldn't surprise me that they will get a win here and stop their throwing streak against tier 3 opponents.