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  1. PSG.LGD vs Team Empire Pick: PSG.LGD to win 2-0 Odds: 1.49 Bet Size: Medium PSG.LGD looks pretty strong even before the DAC tournament. Taking on top tier 1 teams and was able to face Mineski in the finals but fell short and lose against Mineski 3-2 in that series. Looking at Team Empire right now, they won't be able to make it in the playoffs. PSG will be one of the top 2 teams to be able to qualify to the upper bracket of this tournament as they really needed to secure the DPC points in order not to fall down in the top 8 teams for the direct invite. We'll be looking for a dominant performance from Ame and Maybe later.
  2. OG vs Secret

    OG vs Secret Pick: Secret to win 2-0 Odds: 2.25 Bet Size: Small Secret to win 2-0 against OG is very tempting. We all know the Secret is on par with Virtus Pro when it comes to group stage matches. They're very capable of playing up against any top tier teams and they always make it to the top seeded team in their group. Individually, Secret is very skilled and the only thing that OG can be on par with against Secret is Fly's drafting skills which is very top notch and I would consider it on par with Puppey and the rest of the top drafters we have in Dota2. Secret and OG's supports were almost but I'll be giving the edge to Secret's strong laning phase and in this meta, early laning phase has a huge impact.
  3. Mineski vs CoL

    Mineski vs coL Pick: Mineski Odds: 1.3 Bet Size: Big Mineski could've won the game against FlyToMoon by finishing the game 2 but they couldn't. They were ahead against FTM during the mid game, they were up with 11K networth difference against FTM. If only Mineski were very patient enough in sieging the highground of FTM, they wouldn't have made that mistake and they could still have maintained the lead. The thing there is they were scared of the late game potential of FTM's LD. The reason that I'll be picking Mineski here is that they're still a very good team and is capable of making it to the playoffs. They really need to win this game against coL because if they wouldn't be able to, then their road to making it into the playoffs of Epicenter will be finished. They need to win against coL here and Empire tomorrow to be able to make it into the 3rd or 4th place in their group. Their last game would be up against Team Liquid which is very hard considering how Liquid is playing at the moment.
  4. Secret vs Na'Vi

    Secret vs Na'Vi Pick: Secret to win 2-0 Odds: 1.61 Bet Size: Small/Medium Secret could've 2-0ed Newbee if Puppey haven't experimented in game 2 with Aba + BB and putting BB as the carry role. This game is a sure win 2-0 game if Puppey won't do that kind of drafting again. Na'Vi barely even winning against tier 3-2 teams nowadays and Secret's on a whole new level. I'll be expecting a dominating win by Secret here in this series.
  5. OG vs Pain

    OG vs Pain Pick: Pain to win 1 map Odds: 1.85 Bet Size: Small OG still doesn't have any replacement after resolution left the team so their coach 7mad is still playing for them in this tournament as their position 2 player. I picked pain to win 1 map against OG because of w33, I am pretty sure w33 will definitely dominate 7mad in the midlane, and in order for that to be avoided, 7mad will need the help of his supports' rotation just to avoid feeding and giving w33 the huge lead in the laning phase, which is pretty good for Pain so that they can harass the other lanes. Pain could even take this series, you make even throw small amount in Pain gaming to win this series.
  6. Liquid vs PSG.LGD

    Liquid vs PSG.LGD Pick: Liquid Odds: 1.78 Bet Size: Small Their game against Mineski was pretty good. But I'd still go Liquid here. Why am I picking Liquid? Because of how they play and the hero pool and laning of Liquid is pretty strong. In today's meta, laning is very important, whoever wins most of lanes will have a very good position in the mid game. Liquid's hero pool is very vast and by abusing this meta, they'll be very strong in this tournament. Liquid hasn't really shown how good they are during the DAC tournament and even losing to TNC, and they've also faced LGD there in the upper bracket at DAC but they got defeated. Liquid really needs to win this tournament to maintain or to raise their rankings in the DPC.
  7. Mineski vs FlyToMoon Pick: Mineski to win 2-0 Odds: 1.72 Bet Size: Small Mineski's game yesterday against LGD wasn't really sloppy it's just that LGD's really been outplaying them like how LGD played Game 1 and 3. I'll be looking forward for iceiceice's dominating offlane game.
  8. Liquid vs Empire coL vs FTM Pick: Liquid + FlyToMoon Odds: 2.08 (BetOnBit; my betslip) I believe Liquid is 100% win, but i went risky with FTM vs coL, as i belive their aggressive style will bring them victory. coL is not in a good shape.
  9. OG vs NaVi Pick: handicap +1.5 on NaVi (it means NaVi will take at least 1 map from 3) Odds: 1.51 (BetOnBit; my betslip) OG is playing with their coach again, NaVi has few good matches lately, and i dont see the reason why not to bet on NaVi. If you want to go big risk, bet ML on NaVi, if you want to go safer as i did, go handicap +1.5 on NaVi, good odds.
  10. Mineski vs PSG.LGD

    Pick: LGD Odds: 1.92 Bet Size: Small/Medium Both just faced the recent tournament, DAC and Mineski won both in the upper bracket and in the Championship round. Mineski's been playing pretty good during DAC but also LGD too. LGD played against EG, LGD and VP during the Main Event and those teams are the favorite teams to be playing the championship round. I'll be rooting for LGD to win against Mineski now that they have their new major sponsor, they'll be playing well to show to their sponsor that they're worth it.
  11. Virtus Pro - paiN Gaming FlyToMoon vs complexity Pick: ML on VirtusPro + FlyToMoon Odds: 2.18 (BetOnBit; my betslip) I think paiN can't do nothing vs VirtusPro, VP will just outclass them, or at least paiN can get 1 map, but that's not very likely (maybe due to 1st match of the tournament, oppening day, people are tired etc...), but otherwise, very low odds on VP and easy win. FTM vs coL, very interesting match, i just think FTM are very aggressive CIS team, and they will crush coL which is not in their best shape lately. However this is not safe bet, if you want safe bet go +1.5 handicap on FTM (means they will take at least 1 map) GL all!
  12. LGD win with odds 1.64 or more. I was struggling on this pick for some time, but seeing the impressive result of LGD recently with 5 win streaks series and 10 win streaks in 10 maps, I would definitely go with their momentum here, however bet size would based on their result against IG before this match started. IF LGD still able to maintain their consistency and get 2-0 against IG in starladder, then I will advise 3 % on them in this match, if result is not LGD 2-0, go 2% on LGD in this match would be enough.
  13. 29.10 VP vs SK

    Odds: 2.6 for VP Pick: Medium (2 Unit) This is a hard pick to decide but ultimately we have to side with VP for this one. I have said yesterday that VP are on fire right now and it was true, everyone did not expect them to win against G2 in a BO3 but I had a different opinion than that. For now, their teamwork is awesome and individual skills are great as well, with Pasha being amazing with the AWP and all other players are stepping up. Since this is a BO5, it would test SK's limits since they are playing with a stand-in. They have been lucky till now, which is why I would not risk on them in a BO5.
  14. 28.10 G2 vs VP

    Odds: 3.1 for VP Pick: Medium (2 unit) No brainer pick for VP here. They have shown us that they are once again able to compete against top tier opponents after months and months of poor performance by beating FaZe 2-1 that surprised everyone. VP is the type of team who would rebound HARD after a slump and we saw it time and time again in the history of CSGO. 3.1 odds for VP? This is insane odds even for an underperforming team. VP is fired up, I will take my chances here since we have already profited alot from VP's shortcomings the past few months.
  15. 5.10 Optic vs Luminosity

    Odds : 2.1 for Luminosity at least 1 map Pick: Low (1 unit) Its odd how the bookies seem to overestimate Luminosity. Sure, they were really bad a few months ago, but Optic vs Luminosity happened just yesterday and they traded one-sided maps against each other. So how can bookies still give Optic odds like 80-20? I feel that its a little skewed towards Optic. However, I do not think that Luminosity can win in this BO3. Optic is just more solid and consistent compared to Luminosity but this bet is hard to pass up.
  16. 4.10 NiP vs Hellraisers

    Odds: 2.1 for Hellraisers at least 1 map OR SKIP Pick: Low (1 unit) NiP has been performing really well recently with their new roster, they have beaten numerous top teams and are looking good in terms of consistency and teamwork. However, while they are performing good, it can be argued that their opponents are underperforming as well, with Fnatic having a slump and them beating Space Soldiers is also nothing much to shout about. Hellraisers on the other hand is underrated and bookies are undervaluing them. They are currently having 3.0+ payout odds and it is a little ridiculous in my opinion. The best choice for this match is to bet on Hellraisers getting at least 1 map, or skip the bet.
  17. 4.10 NaVi vs AVANGAR

    Odds: 1.4 for Navi Pick: High (3 unit) This match has ridiculous odds that are really underrating Natus Vincere. Yes, they are currently ranked rock bottom on ESL Pro League Season 5, but do remember that they are playing with a slightly new roster, having Zeus coming back to team after more than 1 year as the new IGL. This means that they will need some time to get their chemistry together again, and even so, they are still an elite team with elite players. To say that AVANGAR, an online tier 3 team that is not consistent getting 30-70 odds against NaVi is quite puzzling. I would say that NaVi would win this 85% of the time, which means we should bet on them.
  18. Odds 1.58 for NiP Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Although Space Soldiers are good, I don't think they are at the level of tier 1.5/tier 2 teams such as NiP right now. At most, they can steadily compete against teams such as Dignitas, Hellraisers and Flipsid3, but NiP is growing once again and should be able to win against Space Soldiers. NiP with its revamped roster is looking more energized than before, and this match is quite important as its a EPICENTER qualifier match. I would say NiP is the preferred choice here.
  19. 25.9 Cloud9 vs NRG

    Odds: 1.5 for Cloud9 2-0 Pick: Medium (2 unit) It should be fairly obvious that Cloud9 will be taking this. Cloud9 has been performing amazing recently, beating top teams such as NiP and EnvyUs, feats that they would not have shown a few months ago. Cloud9 is on positive momentum and this match will be easy for them. NRG on the other hand is just a typical NA tier 2 roster, they are having a string of wins against weaker tier 3 NA scene opponents that are nowhere near Cloud9's level. I do not think that they can have a chance against Cloud9 here.
  20. 20.9 Cloud9 vs Optic

    Odds: 2.5 for Optic Pick: Low (1 unit) The odds right now are not worth for a Cloud9 bet even if they are looking like the better team here. They have a string of good performance even against tier 1.5 teams and that is commendable. However, as I said they are rated highly as favourites and we have to risk a lot just to gain a little profit which is really not worth it. Optic Gaming on the other hand has an amazing roster with many veterans and its only a matter of time before they rise to tier 1.5 as well. Also, we have to remember that anything can happen, which is why its worth for us to risk a little bit on Optic and hope for the best, since the payout odds are very attractive with 2.5x returns or higher right now.
  21. 10 .05 EG vs VP

    EG vs VP Pick: EG win with fanobet 1.4 odds, bet size:3 Yup, EG is not performing well in WeplayTv but on the other hand VP perform even worse in Manila major qualifier. I really think Eg will got this game since weplaytv is their current roster debut tournament so i think they knew their mistake in weplaytv now will be better.