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  1. Pick: Low NiP Depending on how map 1 goes, this can be changed to a skip call. If NiP look horrible, I'll probably skip this game. However, as long as they play decently well, I'm confident in their ability to beat FaZe online. FaZe also just won IEM Sydney, so they may have a bit of a post tournament hangover. This isn't incredibly likely, but it's something to consider. As I said earlier, I think NiP and FaZe are in the same tier online atm, so the odds are good enough for a low bet.
  2. Pick: Low NiP I have FaZe and NiP in the same tier online atm. FaZe had a really strong showing at IEM Sydney, taking the tournament. Despite this, I wouldn't be surprised to see NiP win one or both maps today. I don't think the odds on NiP are anything special to jump at, but I think they're serviceable. If they win this game, my prediction on the second game will likely just change to a skip call depending on how close this map is.
  3. Pick: Med Fnatic A lot of the same reasoning goes into this bet as it went into my pick for Fnatic to win Mirage. Normally I wouldn't be super comfortable doing a double medium bet on a heavy favorite, but even if they split maps, there won't be a whole lot of loss. Again, the odds for Fnatic in this game are crazy good right now imo.
  4. Pick: Med Fnatic Medium is a bit to go in on for an online bo1, but Fnatic needs the games in ecs. I also think that Godsent are being overrated in this matchup. I don't think that they're in the same tier as Fnatic here. The 1.6 odds on Fnatic are a little ridiculous imo. A low bet is also reasonable because of how close these teams play historically and the fact that it's an online bo1. However, I think the odds on Fnatic are really good.
  5. Pick: Low VP Godsent normally autoban Nuke. This is the first red flag that I see for them in this game. VP are also becoming good on Nuke again after going through the end of the Golden 5 era and the new roster change. This makes me happy as a VP fan; however, some sites offer way more value than others while I'm writing this. Some are as low as 1.34 and as high as 1.7. I don't think many will actually see the 1.7 odds by the time the match starts, but I like this match at 1.5+ odds. Anything below that loses a lot of value for me because of how inconsistent VP are.
  6. Pick: Low NiP I'll probably skip this game if the first one is particularly close and NiP win. However, this is more due to my preference to not risking a whole lot on online bo1s. I do think NiP will be able to win this map against Mouz, much like they did recently at Dreamhack. It may be a bit closer, than before, but I think NiP are in better form than Mouz. Mouz, of course, are still a very good team, so they offer up upset potential, which is one of the reasons I'm not going to recommend anything higher than a low bet. This map favors NiP pretty heavily though, in my opinion. They've beaten SK and Mouz on it recently. I wouldn't take odds significantly less than 1.8 on this matchup. I only bring this up because one of the bookies on HLTV have it at 1.64 at the time of writing this, and I think those odds are really bad for NiP.
  7. 24.4 G2 vs FaZe

    Pick: Low G2 G2 just looked really good on Mirage against Astralis. FaZe, much like G2, didn't impress much at dreamhack only being able to beat Envy. FaZe are clearly not even close to being the same team that they are with Olof while they have Xizt. I also think FaZe are clearly weaker tactically, and, at the very least, individually close to Astralis. G2 should be able to deal with the individual play of FaZe since Kenny and bodyy looked on point. I wouldn't risk anything more than a low bet as G2 have proven inconsistent, and they're up against FaZe. The odds on this match also aren't really special for an underdog, but they're solid at 2.0+.
  8. Pick: Low Astralis G2 looked pretty disappointing at Dreamhack, going out 2-0. This couldn't be more different from Astralis who looked dominant the entire tournament and moved to the top 1 of HLTV's rankings. I don't want to say that G2 have no chance, since they still clearly have individual skill. It's hard to say which G2 will show up, and whether or not Astralis will have a tournament hangover from the big win. I do think Astralis will likely win in dominant fashion, but G2's ability to upset and the fact that it's an online bo1 scares me off of anything higher than a low bet. This is especially true since Astralis sits very comfortably at the top of the ECS rankings at 13-0-1, so it's not necessarily as important a game for them as it could be for G2 who have only played 6 maps in Ecs.
  9. 16.12 Liquid vs Cloud9

    Odds: 1.7 for Cloud9 Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Cloud9 is the team with a higher skill ceiling limit. Their players can be explosive enough to carry the whole team such as Stewie2k, and they have a lot of synergy thanks to them playing together for a long time. Liquid on the other hand has changed their roster numerous times and their synergy is what brings them down. I would prefer Cloud9 over Liquid since both are NA teams, we are going for the more reliable team
  10. Odds: 2.1 for Optic Pick: low (1 unit) As usual, this is a BO1 opening match and anything can happen in these often random matches. It doesn't really make sense for bookies to rate Optic at 2.0 odds, both of these teams are really similar in terms of performance and in my opinion its a 50-50 game. Especially in a Bo1. Mousesports hasn't been really good in relative to Optic's skill level, so an underdog bet can work here.
  11. 8.11 GODSENT vs NiP

    Odds: 2.8 for GODSENT Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) This is a juicy game here. While GODSENT is rated as massive underdogs here, I actually disagree with this assessment. Always remember that GODSENT and NiP are both SWEDISH teams, and a domestic match-up is always going to be close and interesting to watch. Years ago we had the Dignitas vs TSM Danish match-up which cause loads of less informed bettors to lose their money simply because they felt that TSM would win every time being a tier 1 team. The GODSENT boys certainly are well known Swedish players. I would take the risk here and hope for at least a map won by them.
  12. 20.10 Astralis vs EnvyUs

    Odds: 2.4 for EnvyUs Pick: Low (1 unit) Great odds we have here for a EnvyUs pick. Not sure why they are rated as poorly as the bookies indicate, EnvyUs has been one of the better teams this season in terms of teamwork and consistency. Astralis is arguably the "better team" in terms of their skill and roster, but they have publicly admitted that they are in a slump right now, and we can see that from their 1-1 game against Hellraisers yesterday which should not have happened. Overall I think EnvyUs has a chance here, we should take advantage of the good odds right now.
  13. 16.10 G2 vs VP

    Odds: 1.34 for G2 Pick: Low+ (1.5 units) As a VP fan, it hurts to see them playing at such an embarassing level. They literally lose to tier 3.5 teams and they are just not playing as a team. I suspect that they have internal issues that the VP organisation is not disclosing. Its not possible seeing these veterans getting beat up by 14 year old kids on random teams. G2 might not be as good as teams like EnvyUs (arguably), but they are still a tier 1.5 level team. Right now, comparing their form, I do not see how VP can even win against an elite team. Do not bet on VP because the risk is just too high.
  14. Odds: 1.5 for North Pick: Low+(1.5 unit) Space Soldiers are one of the most underrated teams as they are from Turkey, a country that is not as well known as other powerhouse CSGO countries such as Denmark and Sweden. Nonetheless, they have always proven critics wrong by winning against many tier 2 teams. They seldom get the chance to be invited to LAN events which is why they have to fight in these qualifiers. With that said, I do not think that they are on North's level. North is currently the 2nd best team in Denmark and they have a ton of international experience, both online and offline and certainly they are better than Space Soldiers. They are expected to win this match.
  15. 13.9 Heroic vs Fragsters

    Odds: 1.7 for Heroic pick: Medium (2 unit) Heroic is definitely the better team compared to Fragsters. They are a team that is hanging out with the tier 2 teams such as BIG, Mousesports and Gambit and frequently have impressive scores against them. They might be inconsistent and choke occasionally, but they should still be much better than Fragsters.
  16. Odds: 2.35 for Space Soldiers Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) This will be a competitive match and the odds should be more towards 50-50 rather than the current 65-35 for Heroic. Heroic is a good team, don't get me wrong, but I do not think that they are consistent enough now that they are not in peak form. Heroic used to be at the top of the Danish scene where they were showing signs of overtaking Astralis and Dignitas at some point in the last 2 years, but they largely fell off and now they are hovering in the tier 2.5 scene. Space Soldiers is an exciting team that is very underrated for years. They have always been dominating the tier 3 scene and they are now rightfully competing in the tier 2.5 scene. Many people are still sceptical about their performance what with comments such as they are lacking a IGL and AWPer, but their results speak for themselves. At the current odds its profitable to bet on Space Soldiers.
  17. 25.6 SK vs Astralis

    Odds: 1.6 for SK (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) SK seems to be back on form, defeating Faze and cruising through the playoffs and their groups easily with dominating scores. They are looking like their old selves which were absolutely scary to watch. Astralis on the other hand isn't looking too good in this event. Losing maps against NA teams like Cloud9 and Liquid does not convince their fans nor us bettors and our money is better spent on SK Gaming.
  18. 24.6 Faze vs G2

    Odds: 2.0 for Faze (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) This should be self-explanatory, FaZe is one of the best teams in the world right now with their lineup, NiKo and karrigan makes the best fragger+IGL lineup and the other guys such as kioshima provides stability and consistency. They have been improving to be the best team in the world and this match would be very important for them as its the Group A decider match. While G2 is very good as well with star players Shox and KennyS, they lack a true IGL and I am confident that karrigan will pull through with his superior tactics and strategy.
  19. 27.5 CLG vs Immortals

    Odds: 1.9 for Immortals (EGB) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) The thing to note about CLG is that they are on an upwards momentum recently. They have been winning many of their recent matches and their last official match they managed to bring SK to a tight series and even scored an overtime game against SK. This is a very large accomplishment for a NA team. However, Immortals on the other hand is also decent recently, having good momentum in terms of their performance. The most important thing is that in their head-to-head score, Immortals have been winning 93% of their match-ups (10-1) against CLG. It certainly means that they match up well against CLG and I would think they will take this series as well.
  20. 27.5 SK vs Luminosity

    Odds: 1.3 for SK (EGB) Pick: Medium (2 unit) This will be an easy match for SK. SK is the big brother in terms of skill and experience in the NA/SA scene. They have been world champions for 2 straight majors and their skill is nothing to laugh at, capable of demolishing tier 1 teams when they are on point. Luminosity is one of the top Brazilian teams around but that's not saying much. Aside from Immortals and SK, all other Brazilian teams are just not good enough to compete at high level NA CS. SK would demolish Luminosity if all things goes well.
  21. Odds: 2.5 for Cloud9 (egb) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) Second map is Cobblestone. We have to remember that Cloud9 has already beaten SK Gaming with a relatively good scoreline on this map the last time they met. It seems that Cloud9 is back in business during this Summer with their impressive performance recently... SK Gaming was once the best team in the world, but they have been struggling with a team that is not performing at the top like what they used to. All in all Cloud9 has the chance to upset SK here.
  22. Odds: 2.3 for Cloud9 (egb) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) First map is Cache. SK is definitely not known for the prowess on Cache and they have been disappointing on this map when we look at their historical performance. In fact, SK has already lost to teams like Cloud9 on this very map. Cloud9 has been performing quite well recently and they are known for being good during Summer as well as during online matches. Since bookies are giving us a positive payout odds for Cloud9, we should take advantage of it.
  23. 26.5 G2 vs EnvyUs

    Odds: 1.4 for G2 (egb) Pick: Low+ (1.5 unit) These two teams have a long history with their members being swapped and shuffled over to one another ever since the infamous French shuffle happened early this year. As of now it seems that G2 is rightfully the better team with their roster being more experienced as well as having the advantage in terms of firepower with players like shox and KennyS on the same team. EnvyUs has been losing matches recently and they even struggle against tier 3 teams like Red Reserve and such. I would say G2 is the definite favourites here.
  24. 26.5 Faze vs Dignitas

    Odds: 4.1 for Dignitas (Betway) Pick: Low (1 unit) Now of course FaZe would be the favourites in this match-up due to them being a tier 1 team and Dignitas being a tier 2 team. FaZe has been a very strong team ever since they brought in karrigan who is a phenomenal IGL as well as bringing in NiKo which upgraded their firepower to a whole new level. However, this is still an online BO1 match, and currently the bookies are giving Dignitas odds like 3.8+ which absolutely does not make sense. FaZe might be the favourites, but we're looking at a literal 90%+ win chance according to bookies...?
  25. 24.5 Renegades vs Optic

    Odds: 2.4 for Renegades Pick: Low (1 unit) The Renegades team has a great potential to be a good team. Their lineup has a decent mix of talented, young Aussie players and their recent matches have shown that they are improving and worth taking note of. Optic on the other hand has been going downhill ever since stanislaw left and they had to secure a new lineup. In terms of personal odds, I would say these NA matches are quite 50-50, which is why we usually manage to make profit by betting on the underdogs as the NA scene is just too inconsistent.