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Found 4 results

  1. 10th Feb - CS:GO Bets

    Rough couple of games last night, few upsets 1-2 decent wins but we’ll keep on going. All bets are via the AI model that I’ve built you can see all the predictions here: https://sportsflare.io **CS_Summit** Cloud 9 (34.76%) vs SK (65.24%) Bet: SK map one Stake: 3% **Farmskins Championship** AGO (73.74%) vs Epsilon (26.26%) Bet: AGO map one Stake: 3.5% **Hellcase Cup 7** PRO100 (51.29%) vs EPG (48.71%) Bet: PRO100 ML Stake: 1% As always if you have ANY questions about Machine learning / A.I. and how it ties into sports betting or how my model works, feel free to comment or PM for a chat!
  2. Why Astralis is still a safe bet

    Original Article Device Device has been the star in the Astralis dominance till today. After joining the original roster, Device has been able to maintain a consistency that is unheard of in any other player. Device has been consistent with his performance throughout the years. Device has been consistent in his performance on LAN as well as online. His earliest years show a clear and significant dip in his Major performance. He was known to become extremely anxious on the big stage. He was one of the biggest reasons for his teams choking in the later stages of big tournaments. We have actually seen his Major performances being better than his non-Major performances in the last few years. Device has been one of the best players in the world not only cause of his skill but also his flexibility. The star player for Astralis is as good with the rifle as he is with the AWP. Although he has now been designated as the primary AWPer for the team, his rifle work can be as good as any other player on the team. We have other professional AWPers in CS GO, who are very good with the AWP. But there are only a handful who can actually be as potent on the rifle as with the AWP. Device with a wide variety of weapons On November 17th, 2017 the news about Device’s unavailability due to his sickness. This came as a big shock for the Danish roster which also had to deal with Dupreeh being taken ill. Now despite this setback Astralis did do a fine job of placing in several tournaments. They placed 7-8th in their last tournament with Device, IEM Oakland 2017. They did not really do as well at ESL Pro League 2017, as they placed 9-10th in this tournament. Astralis Recent results Blast Pro Series 2017 : 2nd ESL Pro League Season 6 : 9th-10th ECS Finals S4 : 3rd-4th While Blast Pro Series had Dennis as a stand-in for the team, Rubino was a stand-in for the team in the next two events. Finishing 2nd and at the 3rd place in two of these events is very good for the team despite not having Device playing for them. This brings us to the question if Device’s absence would really hurt Astralis too much. While we have reports of their players relating the absence of Device to their inability to win Blast Pro Series, their performance was not great before that particular event either. With Astralis not yet sure if Device will play for them at the Major, that leaves a very limited number of players who can possibly play for the team. How Astralis fare with these probable stand-ins is definitely a question to ponder. The Stand-ins Astralis have used several stand-ins over the course of the past few weeks. With Device being unavailable, the team has had to look elsewhere to get a good stand-in, someone they believed would be able to replace Device temporarily. We will take a look at how they fared using these stand-ins in their matches and tournament. Pimp – ECS Week 7 The Danish player is familiar with all of Astralis players Pimp was the stand-in for Astralis during the last week of ECS. The announcement was made on November 22nd along with the name of Dennis for their LAN matches at Blast Pro Series. Matches : Astralis vs NIP : 14-16 Loss Godsent vs Astralis : 16-13 Win Astralis vs Godsent : 16-7 Win They played just three matches in the final week with Astralis winning two of them against Godsent and losing against NIP 14-16. In the majority of these matches, Pimp was underperforming in the team and was at the bottom of the scoreboard. His performance might be due to not being familiar with the Astralis playstyle and being relegated a role that he is not comfortable with. However the rest of the team put together a very strong performance to be able to execute their strategies and performance despite having an obvious disadvantage. Dennis – Blast Pro Series Dennis was the perfect stand-in, but further rules prevented him from playing for Astralis The Blast Pro Series was the first tournament where Astralis had to play a LAN without Device. The team was scrutinized heavily by the fans who wanted to see their performance without Device. Still considered to be one of the tournament favorites despite being handicapped, the Danish side delivered to their expectations. Astralis reached the grand finals of the tournament after going through a gruelling league stage. The Group stage saw them having dominating wins against most of the teams they faced. They did have a draw against North gaming and an extremely close win against Faze during the last week, but they won all their matches. The grand finals was one of the better finals in Counter Strike that we have seen ( until it was probably eclipsed a few weeks later ). Astralis faced off against SK in the finals, in what was a definitely nailbiter. The last map went to Overtime and while SK Gaming eventually won the tournament, Dennis from Astralisstood out with his performance Rubino – ESL Pro League & ECS S4 Rubino has been with Astralis in the last two tournaments Having announced Dennis to be their stand-in, Astralis would have loved to continue with the same player in future tournaments. The tournament rules forbid Astralis from using Dennis in the LAN Finals. So they brought in Rubino into their roster for the two LAN finals of December. With Rubino, Astralis did not have good results in their last month of the year. Astralis were eliminated in the group stage at Odense, but they did reach the quarterfinals during ECS. The eventual stand-in did have an effect as to how the team adapted to this change. The vastly different results are evidence to that. It’s not only the player who needs to adapt to the team. The team that needs to adjust it’s playstyle according to their fifth player. Their coordination and playstyle with Rubino just did not feel at the same level as it did with Dennis.
  3. Betting Spreadsheet

    I started a new betting spreadsheet yesterday. Got 5 wins and 1 loss, where 2 of the wins where underdog. The 1 loss i got was the bet on Gatekeepers vs Pride who lost in overtime. New bets are up for today. Follow the spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/133hkL3uHqiTcf9uSyaChB7EN3esQXr9bSjP7Fh40SJg/edit?usp=sharing
  4. ALTERNATE aTTaX -5.5 (Rounds Handicap) @ 1.8 (Bet365) betsize 4% 5.5 is a lot but Crowns is really bad. They were good last season but they lost their two big fraggers and are left with the leftovers while ATN picked up oskarish and ecfN to make up for keev & kzy, these two have done pretty good and when ATN has 16-1'd envision, had a close match w/ BIG and beat fnc academy then I think this should hit.