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Found 82 results

  1. 26.8 LGD vs OG

    PSD.LGD win with odds 1.31 or more. Go low on this match as 1.31 payout odds is not worth much of it, just enjoy this final and wait for the curse where China Team will be the champion this year. Like I said, PSD.LGD yesterday lost to OG in game 3 is because of their decision making, they will not do the same mistake again.
  2. 26.8 LGD vs OG

    PSD.LGD win with odds 1.31 or more. Go low on this match as 1.31 payout odds is not worth much of it, just enjoy this final and wait for the curse where China Team will be the champion this year. Like I said, PSD.LGD yesterday lost to OG in game 3 is because of their decision making, they will not do the same mistake again.
  3. OG win with odds 1.5 or more. 3% I seriously hope BLinkpool able to advance to TI8, however OG performance just way too strong, groupstage getting 7-0 which never lose to a single team of other Europe Participant. Their only lost in this regional qualifier is against Wind and Rain, letting WR get 1 game from them in bo3 matches. Topson and Ana are doing so well as cores while Notail been a support player 1 year ago, so there is no problem for this team to adapt now.
  4. 10.6 VP vs LIquid

    Liquid win with odds 1.84 or more. I hope Liquid able to win this Major before TI8 so their dream can comes true which is bringing home a trophy of Major event of TI8. This game should be 60-40 favors on Liquid and I recommend 2% is enough
  5. Optic gaming win with odds 4.72 or more. 1% Pick on underdog with such high payout odds and enjoy the match. Optic Gaming is having at least 35% to win this match which is worth for us to pick them with 4.72 payout odds. However it is bo5 match after all, we should not go greedy on this. Skip is always the choice but a little bet would make the final more interesting so pick underdog here.
  6. LGD win with odds 1.42 or more. Although 2.92 odds for VG.J Storm to win is really attractive but this is bo5 but not bo3 matches. I think LGD will have higher chance to win this match. 2% for this pick is good enough. However IO is definitely one of the live bet winner decider for this patch so you can go low on whichever team pick IO later.
  7. 7.4 LGD vs Mineski

    LGD win with odds 1.9 or more. 5% recommend for u all. LGD heads to head did lost against team Mineski with 1-2 and drop to lower bracket however from the match VP against LGD just now. We can see that LGD Is really strong right now and chalice Underlord dark rift into roshan pit make their comeback. Their momentum just too good now. I cannot believe they lose this to mineski. 11% on this match as all my profit from this main event is 11% now.
  8. Team Secret win with odds 1.3 or more. I would not believe that Fnatic able to win this as this is bo5 match, however their upset against Newbee yesterday was respectable. Yapzor's terroblade supporting in this tournament is way too good for me to pick Fnatic against them right now. 3% on Secret should be good. I will also recommend go for Secret -.1.5 maps for odds of 1.74. 2% for this pick.
  9. LGD win with odds 1.64 or more. I was struggling on this pick for some time, but seeing the impressive result of LGD recently with 5 win streaks series and 10 win streaks in 10 maps, I would definitely go with their momentum here, however bet size would based on their result against IG before this match started. IF LGD still able to maintain their consistency and get 2-0 against IG in starladder, then I will advise 3 % on them in this match, if result is not LGD 2-0, go 2% on LGD in this match would be enough.
  10. VG.J Thunder win with odds 2.22 or more. I think VG.J thunder has 55-45 favors on them this match, VP did won against Liquid however that was because Liquid 3rd match draft is so ridiculous, picking huskar without any backup support like dazzle or Oracle was sick. VG.J thunder was doing so great against Newbee, their draft is not really very strong however it was their gameplay let them win against Newbee, I will favors on their skill here.
  11. 25.2 VP vs VG

    VP win with odds 2.19 or more. 2%, I will go for higher payout odds here, VP did upset EG with 2.2 payout odds as well. Although VG won against Liquid, however that only happens when Liquid not banning Naga Siren. I believe VP will not do the same mistake here, furthermore, we should live bet on VP when they ban naga siren.
  12. 17.2 EG vs Col

    EG. win with odds 1.2 or more. EG is just too strong for any NA team to win against them now. This is bk5 match it is even hard for col to upset here. EG been taking down Col with 2-0 in bo3. 5% for this would be good enough.
  13. 4.2 liquid vs lgd

    Liquid win with odds 1.31 or more. 5% My earning is about 10 to 11% for this starladder. Just now live bet on Mineski on second game against liquid was ahugh mistake. I can never underestimate how strong liquid is no matter what situation they are in. Hopefully I can live bet on them with the 5 to 6% profit I am still holding later. LGD is strong now, I also put 1% on them against newbee this morning. As usual china match is easy to upset. Liquid that comeback against mineski second game just now should be respected and 5% on them is fair enough.
  14. Geek Fam win with odds 2.9 or more. Geek Fam not really the upper hand for this match however then 2.9 payout odds is definitely worth a try here for 1.5% bet size. Execration did lost to fnatic as expected because that tier 3 midlaner. As I said,I am not favors on Geek Fam gameplay yesterday although they win the match. They only win because Karl from Execration is trash. Fnatic is still not having good synergy but eternal Envy really performing very good in recent game. So do not go high bet on this match , skip is also an option for this bo5 game
  15. 7.1 VG vs Secret

    Secret with odds 2.03 or more Well, I wish to admit I lost a lot by betting against VG. But I cannot chose VG over Secret here although VG really strong now by taking down not only col with 2-0 but also won against OG 2-0 as well. Secret yapzor just way too strong now. That earthstraker forcestaff making underlord failed multi to bring along his teammate are real. I am too coward to bet against team secret now to be honest.
  16. 22.12 Navi vs Empire

    Navi win with odds 1.4 or more.3% I am trying to recover a little what I lost yesterday on match Navi vs Team Spirit. I really overestimated Team Spirit especially Illidan, I knew Navi is one of the top 10 team in the world, might even be one of the top 5. However I am still favors on Team Spirit yesterday. that was really stupid of me. Navi is so strong now, I am not going to bet against Navi here. Empire right now should only able have 40% chance to win against Team Spirit, but Navi yesterday won against Team Spirit with their draft and that chen play. Betting any handicap on Navi here is a risk play so I am only picking Money Line.
  17. Liquid win with odds 1.5 or more. 2% After see how liquid own EG just now, their liquidity for their roster like switch abbadon to midlane and matubaman with venomancer to top lane based on situation. This is one of the big advantage liquid is having, they are having unlimited heroes for postion 1,2 and 3. Secret also can do the same thing however liquid will have more advantage on doing switching role. Secret yesterday took down liquid with 2-1, 3rd game was impressive draft from team secret but I believe liquid can counter their draft today and respecting secret`s lone druid or even stealing lone druid to use might be happening. Liquid also understand tiny IO do not work peefectly against secret. Overall, this game is only 55-45 favors on liquid. So 2% is actually good enough.
  18. 26.11 Liquid vs NAVI

    Liquid vs Navi BO5 [Midas Mode] Odds : 1.7 -2handicap , 0.5 -1handi My predict is Liquid because #1 team + NAVI dont have much moonbucks left , they will have badpicks and bad bans. Liquid is overall better then them even if navi are starting to come back to the scene. Predict : 3-1 for Liquid
  19. 26.11 Newbee vs VG

    VG win with odds 1.7 or more. Yes, Newbee already won against VG in bo3 game in winner bracket, however seeing VG actually having chance to win that bo3 game. I still think both team is 50-50. Newbee do won the 3rd game with their draft, Razor with static link making Bear does not have power to stand in front and hit high ground. I believe VG still have upperhand if they both team draft is almost same(no team is having big advantage in drafting). I believe they could draft better in this tournament. I thought COL might even become champion in this tournament. their game against LGD.FY is amazing, also Tidehunter is a main factor for us to put live bet here. Whoever get tidehunter will have slight advantage in this patch
  20. 22.11 Navi vs VP

    VP win with -1.5 map with odds 1.73 or more. This prize pool is actually quite high although this had nothing to do with DPC, but VP should not be trying meta or anything here. However Navi took down VP with 2-0 in dreamleague qualifier, since this is bo3 game, I would go 2% for my pick. VP overall should better than Navi, but both team draft skill should be same level, the only thing is how Noone and Solo going to performance in this match. If they perform on their peak form, 3-0 is not a trouble for them. Noone this guy is seriously another Miracle, his gameplay is most stable as a big core(position 1 or 2). Navi Dendi, should be losing lane everytime up against Noone, only roaming could save Navi from that. 2% on this pick is good enough after comparing both team individual skill. VP players still having better standard. However go as low bet as you can, since this does not involve any DPC.
  21. 6.11 VG.P - FTD

    Tournement : DPL Odds : VG.P %59 - FTD %41 Game Type: Best of 5, Final VG.P looked really strong entire tournement and in ShiKi plays really well with fight controlling heros like lina, DP, DK, qop and Another is solid hardcarry player + they secure early game with ShiKi heros and if things are shaky there is always Another's hero (AM, Potm, Tb..) to rely on.. Odds are pretty tempting to bet on VG.P for a BO5 series. My Bet Limits: Low : 0 - 7.5$ Middle : 7.5 - 25$ High: 25 - 50$ My Pick: VG.P Bet Amount : High
  22. 5.11 liquid vs vg

    Liquid win with odds 1.3 or more. 3% Well vg did a great job against newbee with old evelen god RP as well paparazi chorono. But i am still favors liquid here, they already took down vg once with 2-0, and this is bo5, so betting on liquid is wise choice, however with low payout odds, 3% is more than enough
  23. Kinguin win with odds 1.5 or more. 5% Well, this is tier 2 game, but it is still worth to bet 5% on this. Kinguin as a team, they are really strong right now, they even took down SFT Esport 2 weeks ago (which is their second nearest match), last match was 0-2 against Empire. Although Penta did get 1 game from Empire 2 days ago, however Empire is kind of famous for inconsistent, although they are doing better than ever recently, but I still think they are not that consistent now. In this bo5 game, Kinguin should have 70% or more to win this bo5 game.
  24. 22.10 LGD vs Mineski

    Mineski win with odds 2.0 or more. 2% on this bet. Well, both team also getting 2-1 against Immortal and 2-0 against other team in this tournament, I still support Mineski on this match because like I said, their draft is too wide and individual skill also same as LGD now. Although FY also a player that can play as well as iceiceice, however I am still believe that Mushi or team Mineski can get better draft. When it comes to strong tier team/game, live betting after draft been made is the best choice. However this analysis would still make me advise go 2% on Mineski. We all know all strong Maybe/Ame from LGD are, and Jabz and ice*3 as well as Nana also strong players. The only thing matters is how Mushi perform in this match and how the draft going to be.
  25. SFT win -2.5 map with 2.25 odds or more. 2% on this, to be fucking honest, SFT was having 1.95 odds to take down Rocket Scientist 2 days ago in bo3 match, although that match only ended in 2-1 favors on SFT, however I still think SFT able to get 3-0 against Rocket Scientist today. There are nothing much happens for both team from that bo3 ended between both team. So from 1.95 payout odds in bo3 to 1.1 payout odds for SFT win in bo5 map now, that payout odds drop too much. This is the reason I will only go 2% and not more than that. It is not worth for us putting much bet size when payout odds is low. You can see back my analysis for both team here since there are nothings happens afterwards, only SFT take down LeftOverTV with 2-0 result is added yesterday, however I have no idea about LeftOverTV so my analysis will not different from before.