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  1. 18.5 OG vs Newbee

    OG win with odds 2.26 or more. 2% I will definitely go for IG here if IG is opponent of OG however Newbee able to win against IG few minutes ago with the Kunka divine rapier build. That was a close match but kunka with 2 daedulus and 1 divine rapier. Anything could happens. OG is not having more than 50% win chance here but they definitely can upset this with the synergy and 7mad draft.
  2. 16.5 VG vs Mineski

    VG win with odds 1.63 or more. 2% Mineski getting 2-0 against TNC is not like unexpected. Because they are on the same tier now. VG will be slightly stronger compare to Mineski right now. However I do not think VG is having more than 60% to win this so keep low bet size is good. Mineski is still running mushi for his gyro when will be a risk pick against VG now. VG probably will be playing weaver or naix, both heroes are their favors and also easy to catch up or win the game before gyro get his DR. But still a risky match here, 2% is good enough
  3. VG.J Storm win with odds 1.57 or more. VG.J Storm is very strong right now while OG is also having their peak form. However we must know that VG.J Storm only lost against Team Secret in group stage while OG is inconsistent as they able to take down OG but lost against IG with 0-2. 3% on VG.J STORM here will be good enough.
  4. VG.J Storm win with odds 2.96 or more. VG.J Storm is quite strong right now, Resolution really does make this team better, although they are still weak tier 1 team right now, but they still have chance to upset Fnatic here. You can see that VG.J Storm did made good draft yesterday. I guess they would not have disadvantage on draft against Fnatic, the only problem is Fnatic is having better synergy and individual skill. so 1% on this match is enough
  5. Keen Gaming win with odds 4.81 or more. 0.5% Keen Gaming yesterday not only able to get 1 game from EG yesterday but took down EG with 2-1 there. Secret is definitely a stronger team here, however with only 1.19 payout odds, I guess it is nor worth for us to pick them right now. Secret is doing so far so good in this main event however Keen Gaming able to upset EG yesterday, which means they are still have the strength to upset Secret here, however keep the bet size very low.
  6. 4.5 Liquid vs OG

    Liquid win with odds 1.31 or more. I do believe that OG able to upset Liquid in bo1 game, but this is bo3 game, I will have more confidence on Liquid winning this bo3 series, 2% on them is enough as OG is very good in group stage with their draft and also whole team doing their decision making. Liquid always being the top 3 team because of their flexibility, but they are depending on IO pick too much, also their draft in group stage is not as strong as they should be. We should take note that their draft is kind of weird when play against empire, although they did won with 2-0.
  7. 1% on Pain Gaming win with odds 2.32 odds or more. This is bo1 match, both team are also black horse of this Epicenter main event in group stage, FlyToMoon result is actually quite good, they able to take 1 game from Liquid and LGD in group stage while pain Gaming getting 1 map from VP, also getting 2-0 against Newbee and Navi. I am purely picking Pain Gaming due to their payout odds, you can skip this and pick those bo3 game instead.
  8. 2.5 Secret vs VP

    Team secret win with odds 2.63 or more. 2% As both team also did bad in this main event, VP definitely can argue that was due to their ticket to TI8 is secured but team secret still have small chance to unable get to direct invite to TI8. Secret will work harder than VP based on the statement above. However I am picking them based on their higher payout odds and both team recent performance also bad.
  9. Pain Gaming win 2-0 with odds 5.6 or more. 0.2% Pain Gaming win with odds 2.7 or more. 2% This match is decider match for pain gaming able to grab a chance for playing tiebreaker with Navi or Secret if Pain Gaming win this with 2-0. I hope that Pain Gaming able to win 2-0 and kicked Navi out of this tournament. Both team are doing better than we expected in this tournament and I think this match is actually 50-50 so 2% on pain gaming is a good choice.
  10. 2.5 OG vs Newbee

    OG win with odds 1.56 or more. Group A slots have been fixed where Liquid and LGD will be on the upper braclet while Empire and COL is out of this tournament. OG is not really having advantage against Newbee now but Newbee is getting out of this tournament once they finish this match regardless of the result. While OG has to win this to secure upper bracket slot. 1% on OG is good.
  11. 1.5 Navi vs Newbee

    Navi win with odds 1.7 or more. I do not know how to bet against Newbee anymore, They took down both Secret and VP with 2-1 score, their draft on third game against VP yesterday was a blast once the slark get picked by team Navi. VP does not find any way to counter that slark, axe on the same lane cannot restrain slark from growing and getting a shadow blade. I definitely respect Navi's draft right now, Lebron is still not doing very strong, he only played 2 heroes which is bane and VS, his VS is very good for his ulti timing
  12. 1.5 LGD vs FlytoMoon

    LGD win with odds 1.4 or more, 1.4 payout odds is indeed very attractive, Liquid also having a rough time to take down FlytoMoon yesterday so they might able to upset LGD. However I really favors on LGD here, 3% on 1.4 payout odds is a good choice. Although FTM performance is very good yesterday but LGD as a team that is playing all top tier 1 players and their flexibility on draft can be considered as top 5 in the world as well is like giving me a chilling pill.
  13. Secret win with odds 1.2 or more. 1% I do not advise betting this match as Secret payout odds is quite low, Pain Gaming with 3.5 payout odds also includes a lot of risk since they able to upset Newbee with 2-0, I do not regret placing only 0.2% on Pain yesterday because all the matches been played in first 3 days of this main event are very tie, I think we should stay low until main stage. Pain Gaming performance yesterday is definitely very good but like I said, Newbee is very depend on Naga, while Secret is having a lot of draft they can play.
  14. Mineski win with odds 1.24 or more. Empire can be considered as the weakest team in this Epicenter XL Main Event right now, they are having 0-3 score right now after up against Liquid, LGD and COL. Mineski on the other hand also under performance compare to their performance 2 weeks ago. 1.24 payout odds only worth for us to put 1.5% here.
  15. Pain Gaming win with odds 5.47 or more. 0.2% Well, Pain Gaming is definitely the weakest team in this whole main event, but they stealing 1 map from VP on the first day is still something that big. Although they lost against OG with 0-2 yesterday. But Newbee is kind of different from OG, for me, Newbee is not as consistent as OG so Pain Gaming will have very little chance to win here, it is not worht to try on Newbee 2-0 or winning the series comparing the odds, so I think trying some luck on pain Gaming with such high odds is the best choice.
  16. 30.4 VP vs Navi

    VP win 2-0 with odds 1.6 or more. I still cannot believe I lost 5% due to Navi upset Secret yesterday, well although Secret draft techies in first game and deserves a lose but that third game is definitely a joke. VP is always the most stable team out of Liquid and Secret(top3), I believe they will get 2-0 against Navi later.
  17. 30.4 Secret vs OG

    OG win with odds 2.81 or more. 3% Well, OG is utilizing Notail's Micro skill in this tournament, Naga Siren, Lone Druid and also PL. OG currently is having 2-0 against Navi and Pain Gaming. Both team also doing a good job in this tournament where Navi upset Secret yesterday and Pain Gaming getting 1 map from VP. Well, what can we see from Secret? Picking Techies in first game and lead to lose, then third game having trouble to encounter Tinker. We all know Secret is very strong but their draft yesterday is really a mess, OG is dedicated to win this because they are placed 12th in TI8 DPC slot now while Secret more than 90% to get a direct invite into TI8 with their current DPC points now.
  18. COL win with odds 4.12 or more. 2% Well, I am on minus 10.3% in this Epicenter XL Main Event right now after plus minus from day 1 until yesterday. Yesterday was a big red day, luckily 28 April is having some profit. Ok now lets talk about COL and MIneski, so far, Mineski only won 2 games out of this Main Event, both with Ice*3 picking Pangoliar. FlyToMoon yesterday lost to Mineski on game 1 with ice*3 amazing gameplay on Pangoliar. Then FTM started to ban Pangoliar in second ban phase on game 2 and game 3, and they ended up winning the series with 2-1. COL is strong, not in term of synergy or teamwork but their individual skill is quite strong. Although they did lost against FTM with 0-2 but they managed to win against EMpire with 2-0 yesterday. With Mineski weak performance in last 2 days and COL doing quite good right now, I think it is worth a try on COL here.
  19. 29.4 VP vs Newbee

    Newbee win with odds 3.47 or more. This is the match that has biggest chance of upsetting happening today, newbee impressive draft yesterday using naga and Jak first pick definitely outdrafted Secret with the last pick Lina. I do not have much comment on VP against Pain Gaming as their level is totally different. Newbee impressive draft yesterday is the main point I am putting 1% on them against VP here.
  20. 29.4 LGD vs Liquid

    Team Liquid win with odds 1.81 or more. Head to head result on 24 days ago was favouring on LGD with 2-1. Ok both team also won against their enemy yesterday but Let's opponent is tougher. Empire's Naive is a tier 1 player but his lack of experience for pro scene is very obvious. I feel like his gameplay is very following instruction from his team. Well, Liquid really having wide draft as Miracle can even pick Underlord to solo mid. I just hope they will be banning naga against LGD yo be safe. 2% on liquid is good enough live betting this match while LGD not picking naga.
  21. OG win with odds 1.29 or more. I was favouring Pain Gaming against VP due to payout odds. Today I will not pick Pain Gaming because 3.xx payout odds is not very favourable. Although they did get 1 game from VP,we need to bear in mind that was the match played by both team when they just reach there not even 24 hours. Furthermore OG performance yesterday by notail is very amazing. Well Navi is really a tier 2 team now so I will not recommend to put much bankroll on OG due to their performance yesterday. 2% on OG here is enough
  22. Mineski win with odds 1.24 or more. 5% Mineski win 2-0 with odds 1.9or more. 2% Flytomoon just do not have the skill or synergy to compete with strong tier 1 team here. Yesterday I watch love from Iceberg's perspective because he and silent are tier 1 players in that team however from his perpestive. His play style and camera view is like playing a pub game instead of a competitive match against COL. His shadow fiend always oriented on farming when his team is having team fight nearby only. I cannot believe Mineski can lose to FTM even 1 match with FTM current synergy now.
  23. IG win with odds 1.16 or more. I am not advising going IG for 2-0 here. If you think 1.16 is a low payout odd, you are right. Kindly skip this save bullets on Epicenter meanwhile I myself will put 0.5% on IG here just for fun. After see both team performance in their own region recently with IG upsetting LGD in SO I season 5, I would definitely say that IG is stronger team as Execration never able to upset TNC or Mineski in SEA but bear in mind that China match always easily upset so IG won LGD Is nothing really surprise.
  24. Newbee Young win with odds 1.69 or more. I am actually quite favouring on Newbee young here so I would recommend 3% on them. Newbee Young is the weak tier 2 team right now while DD suffering a lot and keep on Changing roster make their synergy bad. Newbee Young performance is inconsistent but when they are strong they can upset a lot of strong tier 2 team in China
  25. Team Liquid win 2-0 with odds 1.58 or more. Well, this is definitely 1 sided map, however this is unlike VP vs Pain Gaming yesterday, because Empire is not underrated like Pain Gaming yesterday, Empire only having around 5.7 payout odds for winning this series while Pain Gaming is having more than 10 payout odds yesterday for winning the series against VP. So, there is no way I am rooting for Empire, and I even think that Pain Gaming is having higher chance to win against Empire now, that'w how weak I thought Empire is right now. 5% on this pick is the best choice.