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  1. 20.8 PSD.LGD vs VP

    PSD.LGD win with odds 2.13 or more. PSD.LGD is actually not doing as good as I expected in group stage, they unable to get 2-0 against VG.J Thunder is a mess there. VP's performance on the other hand in group B does not let me feel disappointing, Group B average skill is actually more balance compare to Group A. But I still pick LGD because FY and Xnova both support players are better than Solo and Rodger right now. Considering the draft, I would say VP would able to get advantage from the draft when up against LGD. This match is still close to 50-50, you can go low on LGD or skip this, I personally would go a little high bet size for LGD here.
  2. Team Liquid win with odds 1.22 or more. Although Optic Gaming is only a moderate tier 1 team compare to other teams in TI8 right now, however Liquid in group stage also getting 1-1 against Fnatic and IG are making me feel insecure to pick Liquid 2-0 here. You can go 5% on Liquid win this match but not 2-0 as Optic Gaming do actually have more than 50% to get 1 game from Liquid here.
  3. Empire win with odds 1.22 or more. 2% Empire is still going with Chappie and Velheor as standin in X bet Rampage series 2, their performance with same roster in Rivalry competition was quite good, they lost to Alliance with 1-2 was undeniable, losing to EPG with 1-2 also was disappointing however this does not affect the fact that Empire is still tier 2 team right now while Brestomans should be belong to weak tier 3 from their recent result.
  4. Team Spirit win with odds 1.58 or more. Team Spirit and Double Dimension should be having 50-50 if we see their recent result, which get 1-2 against Alliance and 2-1 against Burden United, however if we see from how their draft and gameplay, I would believe that Team Spirit is having more than 65% to win this, so 1% on Team Spirit is good enough.
  5. Optic Gaming win with odds 1.64 or more. As I said before, Optic Gaming is always a better choice when comes to against Fnatic, because both team are almost same strong now, however Fnatic is not consistent which will let us feel safer to bet on Optic Gaming, however we must also respect Fnatic is trying to push DJ as a core right now. Although he is still position 4, however you can see that dual offlane will also let DJ getting more farm than Universe when the situation forced it. 33 in Optic Gaming is still doing very good as a position 3 player, he knows what to do to secure his farm also trying his best to harass enemy safelaner. Overall, I would give Optic 65% winning this match
  6. TNC Tigers win with odds 3.22 or more. TNC Tigers as one of the black horse in SEA qualifier, I would definitely go for them with 3.22 payout odds. Because they have at least 45% to win this bo3 matches, Fnatic is a formidable team and always joined TI8 major and minor in this year however this new TNC Tiger is doing so well, not only they took down Fnatic once in group stage, they also have very great result before open qualifier started. 1.5% on TNC tiger here is good
  7. 24.6 OG vs Kinguin

    OG win 2-0 with odds 1.79 or more. OG is definitely comeback strong with their new lineup, which is exceed what I expect from them. Synergy is most important thing in tier 1 team, I only can assume that all Europe qualifier team are now tier 2 so OG able to win 7-0 in group stage. Also, there are almost all teams are only formed up within 1 month before the open qualifier started. Kinguin is not one of the new formed team, so their synergy might the the reason allowed them get into this europe main qualifier playoffs. However, 2% on OG 2-0 should be fine here as they dominated the group stage so well.
  8. Pain Gaming win 2-0 with odds 1.79 or more. Pain Gaming is having only 1 lost in group stage which is against SG Esport. SG Esport is SG Esport, there is nothing wrong losing to that team since they are one of the best team in SA Region. Thunder Predator and any other 3 teams which include Torus, Infamous and midas club are on tier 2 team now. Pain Gaming definitely one of the tier 1 team from what we can see from them so losing even 1 game here should not be happening.
  9. Team Spirit win with odds 1.4 or more. Team Spirit and Fly To Moon is definitely the big favors of getting the CIS slot to TI8, I personally would favors on FlyToMoon, well back to team Espada, team that having ILTW and Misha, their performance in group stage is good, only lost against FTM and Team Spirit. However Team Spirit only got 1 lose and I expect they will win against 20 mins less even that match goes on. Team Spirit is having much more synergy compare to Espada here, so 3% on them should be good enough.
  10. 9.7 Secret vs VG

    Secret win with odds 1.96 or more. I personally favors on Secret here not because their win chance higher but just Yapzor is a very good support, I hope they able to win against VG, this match should be 50-50 favors on no team here. 1% on Secret and just enjoy the match.
  11. VP win with odds 1.22 or more. 3%. I think VP is having more than 80% to win this, Liquid, VP and LGD are on another tier where there is no teams can reach them now. Optic Gaming is doing very good as a strong tier 1 team, however upsetting VP, Liquid or LGD sounds very hopeless for them right now. 3% should be good enough, 1.22 odds is not worth putting more than that.
  12. 7.6 Newbee vs VG

    Newbee win with odds 1.94 or more. 1% on this. NOthing much to be said, as I think both team also able to win but Newbee recent result will make me feel more comfortable picking them to win. VG unable to get 2-0 against Navi which currently should be a tier 2 team with new roster is definitely a bad thing. So Newbee should the favors here since Newbee able to get 2-0 against Navi.
  13. OPtic Gaming win with odds 1.74 or more. This is one of the 50-50 game, but I am rooting for Optic Gaming with lower payout odds, because I think their recent performance are overall better than TNC. Both team are strong tier 1 team here, where TNC get 1 game from VP in groupstage, while Optic Gaming able to remain their consistency by taking down VG.J Thunder 2-0 in group stage.
  14. TFT win with odds 3.4 or more. 1.5% In term of DPC points, VG.J Thunder should be the team playing more serious since the last spot for TI8 Qualifier is open for them, Optic Gaming and TNC now. However, seeing the payout odds, I would recommend taking some risk here as TFT definitely able to upset VG.J Thunder here.
  15. 5.6 VG vs Navi

    VG win with odds 1.22 or more. There is no doubt about VG able to win this series, Navi is just unable to win against Tier 1 team like VG now, they might have chance to win against EG, Team Spirit or TFT only. VG is out of their league right now as a team that only took in 4th position 2 weeks ago.
  16. 5.6 LGD vs Mineski

    LGD win with odds 1.32 or more. 2% I really cannot go against LGD right now when Mineski is doing not very strong right now, Ice*3 spammed tidehunter for 3 games out of 5 games in group stage, which is not a good thing for Mineski because LGD could come up with idea counter tidehunter and keep on banning Pangoliar only.
  17. 4.6 Liquid vs TNC

    Skip or go very low on TNC win with odds 3.6 odds like 0.5%. I would definitely skip this match, although Liquid cannot 2-0 against Team Spirit hurt me alot, but I still think they are one of the top 5 team right now. TNC definitely having more than 35% chance to upset this match which is attractive to bet on them with 3.6 payout odds. However I am really afraid of betting against Liquid right now so skip is the best option.
  18. 3.6 TFT vs Mineski

    TFT win with odds 3.32 or more. TFT able to get 1 game from Secret only was kind of expected but also disappointing in the meantime, since I was hoping they able to upset that bo3 series. However, Bookie seems like still under favors TFT alot, giving more than 3 payout odds for TFT here is definitely a bad decision. TFT already proven they are weak tier 1 team while Mineski also having tough time to win against strong tier 1 team recently make them on the same tier/level now. With 3.32 payout odds for TFT, I would recommend 2% on TFT here.
  19. TNC Tigers win with odds 2.54 or more. TNC Tigers been having a very great start which took down High Ground with 2-0 on their debut match however, they are still inconsistent based on their recent result. There is one thing we should take note of them are they got 1-1 against CG 5 days ago in bo2 matches. So I would say this match would favors on none of these team, so we can go 1.5% on the higher payout odds team which is TNC Tigers.
  20. VG.J Storm win with odds 1.86 or more. 5% I would not say I overestimate VG.J Storm here. But VG.j Storm did surprise us a lot lately after Resolution joined this team. Mineski although still tier 1 team at the moment, but their synergy and draft seems like unable to cope with the patch update per 2 weeks or so. So I would high favors on VG.J Storm here with 70% winning this match.
  21. Optic Gaming win with odds 1.44 or more. Optic Gaming is very strong recently, due to their synergy and nice draft, VG.J Thunder was very strong about 1 and a half month ago, right now I am not sure about them, so I would go for 2% on Optic Gaming.
  22. 2.6 EG vs TNC

    TNC win with odds 1.66 or more. TNC currently able to steal 1 game from VP in bo3 series is quite a proof as they are strong tier 1 team right now, on the other hand EG getting 0-2 against VG was kind of expected since they got 2 new mates who is Fly and S4 just joined 3 days ago. So we can go 2% on TNC here.
  23. Team Spirit win with odds 1.67 or more. Team Spirit is definitely the stronger and having better synergy right now compare to Navi, although I did bet on navi agaisnt newbee just now, but Tem Spirit on the other hand is better, their first game last pick Jakiro make Liquid had to switch TA to safelane and make Liquid suffer a lot since slark get his item up quickly due to Jak able to take a lot of tower in early game.
  24. 2.6 Navi vs Newbee

    Navi win with odds 2.84 or more. 1% Well, Navi is disqualified from the TI8 direct invite. However, I believe they are having good plays since they kicked their weakest player who is Lebron, and Velheor might not be tier 1 player right now, but his potential is still there, another thing is his skill is definitely better than Lebron who only able to play VS or Bane. Newbee is having 60% win chance on this match but 2.84 payout odds is very attractive so we should abandon Newbee for now.
  25. Liquid win with odds 1.12 or more. 2% I would not skip this match as Liquid is definitely having at least win chance here and even getting 2-0, but I will chose to play safe and only pick them win this series instead of having -1.5 map disadvantage. Team Spirit is a respectable strong tier 2 team since their 2-0 against EG in ESL one Birmingham. So do not go too high bet size here.