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  1. Cavalry win at least 1 map with odds 1.5 or more. Cavalry is being underestimated too much here, their last performance was about 2 months ago, although they did have some minor competition in China but they are still considered not stable at the moment, Newbee young is confirm the better team here but China Match always have upsetting happening. Futhermore, Newbee Young does not shows they are belong to tier 2 team when they lost to Clutch Gamers and Execration in playing against SEA Team, So I will try 0.5% on Cavalry here.
  2. 14.3 Newbee vs LGD

    LGD win 2-0with odds 4.0 or more . Of course Newbee should be the favours team here of see their Bucharest Major performance but I think it is still 50 -50 for both team. That being said, I am picking LGD here based on their payout odds and also their adaption to draft Newbee is still too rely on Naga I would say, LGD might have better chance if they able to make drafr without naga. 1%on this pick would be good.
  3. 14.3 LGD vs Max

    LGD win 2-0 with odds 1.45 or more. LGD definitely is one of the top 5 team now despite their failure in Bucharest Major which was one of the first team dropped out from the group stage. But that was bo1 rule so losing all those bo1 matches is not really a big matter. I still believe they are top 3 in China now. So should not have problem winning this 2-0.
  4. Match end with 1-1 with odds 2.55 or more. Both team is doing inconsistent or I should say worse than their normal standard recently, Fire Dragoon although having change of roster but their standard should better than this but not lost to Team Flash. RRQ although doing well against those tier 3 team but they are still inconsistent against Alter Ego recently. So I would advise go for 1-1 here, no point picking any of these team getting 2-0. You can also chose to skip this match
  5. Eclipse win 2-0 with odds 1.59 or more. 2% Eslipse does not disappointed us by taking down PPX yesterday with 2-0 there. Although PPX is a worse team compare to LYG Gaming here. I say they are worse because I seriously never heard of PPX before and they are new team without any strong individual player. LYG Gaming would be better team although their performance belong to tier 4 team or even lower than that. However Eclipse as tier 2 team right now should not have any problem winning this 2-0. Take note this is China Match, kindly put low bet.
  6. Ecslipe win 2-0 with odds 1.47 or more. 2% Normally I will skip this kind of unknown team like Pipixia, however I am having faith in Eclipse here, I believe there is no such new formed up team able to win against Eclipse right now since they are considered as strong tier 2 team in China right now. Even Sun Gaming with strong individual skill but without good synergy also lost to them. So we can try 2% here
  7. Newbee Miracle win 2-0 with odds 1.92 or more. Newbee Miracle performance lately still considered as strong tier 2 team, although they lost to Keen Gaming with 0-2 score and also VG.J Thunder with 1-2 score. However they able to get 1-2 against VG.J Thunder still impressive, before the match they lost to Keen Gaming 0-2, they also took down Keen Gaming with 2-1 in another bo3 series. They are still considered quite strong right now. Rock Gaming is also tier 2 team, but will be considered as weak tier 2 team, their only best performance is getting 2-0 against Eclipse with 2-0 on 2 weeks ago. So comparing their very recent performance, Newbee miracle will be the better choice here.
  8. Sun Gaming win 2-0 with odds 2.5 or more. 1% This is China game and bo2 game. Go low bet is enough. Sun Gaming is not doing very good as they lost to Keen Gaming and Rock Gaming, however they took down CDEC Gaming and all other tier 3 team or below very consistent. Newbee young right now can be considered as weak tier 3 team. Sun Gaming should have more than 70% chance to get 2-0 in this bo2 based on both team recently performance.
  9. Newbee win 2-0 with odds 2.0 or more. 2% Well, Secret definitely is my pick if Midone is playing this match, however due to personal matter, CTY will be replacing him. Their performance with CTY standin still not bad, getting 1-1 against LGD and Mineski, however having 0-2 against Kinguin by having good draft. That is really bad, although Kinguin is always frustrating between weak tier 1 and strong tier 2. But Secret losing 0-2 to them is forcing me to pick Newbee 2-0 here as well. Newbee so far doing better than Secret in this tournament, getting 1-1 against LGD(same as Secret) but 2-0 against Mineski as well as 1-1 against Kinguin is better than Secret with CTY standin. 2% for Newbee 2-0 should be good.
  10. 16.11 Navi vs OG

    OG win 2-0 with odds 3.0 or more.(Only make this pick if OG get 2-0 against Midorfeed) 2% I would defnitely pick Navi if this is a normal bo3 game, however with Navi already getting into main event, I will let OG get 2-0 for this match if I were Navi. Just to let OG have chance to win against VP in tiebreaker so Dream League main event will have 1 weak tier 1 team(OG) instead of strong tier 1 team (VP). OG definitely having lower than 30% to get 2-0 here if only based on both team performance lately, however with the score right now, 2% on them with 3.0 payout odds should not be bad idea.
  11. OG win 2-0 with odds 1.44 or more. 2% That is unexpected game play from Navi yesterday take down VP with 2-0 there, now making OG have to win last 4 matches and get chance to have tiebreaker against VP. We all know how MidorFeed doing lately, to be honest like some weak tier 2 team now, they just cannot do anything when up against tier 1 team, OG is one of the weak tier 1 team right now but getting 2-0 should not be a big problem for them. As OG desperately need this 2-0 to secure a tiebreaker against VP and MidorFeed is already have no chance getting into main event, picking OG 2-0 here is the wise choice
  12. 15.11 VP vs Navi

    VP win second map with odds 1.33 or more.(only do this pick if VP get 1-1 against Liquid, and they lost first map against Navi.) 3% VP win 2-0 with odds 1.77. (only make this pick if VP lost 0-2 to Liquid). 2% VP is definitely stronger team now, but with the score system now, I am not too sure how important this match to them, so going low bet here is better. Compare to Navi, I think VP might let Navi advance into main event by purposely playing new meta and lose to them. If Navi get another 2 score here, then they confirm advance into main event. So now it will depends on how many score VP able to grab from Liquid , and what VP will do if they get 2-0 against Liquid.
  13. 15.11 Liquid vs VP

    Draw with odds 2.0 or more. 1% Well I personally would skip this match and not even live bet here because Liquid already advance into Main Event after took down Midorfeed with 2-0, VP although not getting into Main Event now, however they just need another 2 score to secure a ticket into main event, and to do so, their best and easiest choice would be getting 2-0 against Navi. Liquid is stronger than VP for the moment, even without current score system, I also will skip any bo2 game from them and only live bet. But since Liquid already advance and VP getting 1 score here is a good thing for them so I think this match is skip-able.
  14. Draw with odds 242 or more. 1% Navi is definitely the stronger team here, if this is bo3 match, Navi will be my pick here, but with bo2 game and the score is still frustrating for Navi, Midorfeed and OG, I could not go high for any of this team now. Navi yesterday already took down Empire like I wished, Midorfeed losing to Penta, OG, Hellraiser and even Mouseports recently, really make me feel like Navi could even 2-0 here. But Draw payout odds is higher, so we can go low as 1% bankroll on 1-1 to be safe
  15. Liquid win 2-0 with odds 1.4 or more. 2% if liquid is getting 2-0 against Secret. 5% if liquid not getting even 1 score against Secret. Liquid will getting 2-0 against MidorFeed here will secure their slot getting into main event, so if they lost to Secret or not even getting 1 score from Secret. Then taking down Midorfeed will be easiest thing they need to do for get into Main Event. Well, nothing much to be said in term of skill as Liquid is way too strong compare to Midorfeed, Midorfeed only got strong player but do not have strong synergy like Liquid is having. Midorfeed only can be considered as strong tier 2 team after all.
  16. Liquid win 2-0 with odds 2.2 or more. Secret is already secured 1 slot get into main event with their score now, to be honest, they can even throw or forfeit this match, however as a professional team, they must complete this match but there are chance they might be trying meta. Liquid confirm have higher win chance against Secret if Secret is trying meta in this bo2 game, so picking Liquid 2-0 is the wise choice no matter in term of skill/draft or psychology thinking. Liquid still need another 3 scores to secure a slot getting into main event (assuming OG is getting 8 score in this main event), there might be easier for Liquid to advance to main event if OG does not get full score in their next 2 matches. All in all, Liquid will try harder than Secret to secure this match, and Liquid with 2.2 payout odds worth a 3% here.
  17. 10.11 Secret vs Navi

    Secret win 2-0 with odds 1.8. 2% Liquid already get 1-1 against Navi, I believe Navi is able to the same against Secret in this match. Like I said, Liquid is top 1 right now and Secret is also one of the top 5 team. However this does not means they can win every game and this is bo2 game. If Secret getting 2-0 here against Navi, they confirm one of the top 4 which able to get into main event. Secret still got another match against Liquid after this match. Navi still have 4 matches(including this match) to go, they main target would be getting 2-0 against OG. So based on Secret is stronger now and also Secret is having more desperation to get 2 score. I would pick them get 2-0 this match.
  18. 9.11 VP vs Secret

    Secret win 2-0 with odds 4.6. 1% Well, yesterday VP getting 1-1 against Midorfeed really makes me think Secret able to get 2-0 here. Secret did lost to VP with 0-2 in ESL Hamburg about 10 days ago. But this is new patch and I think Secret adapting patch is even better than VP here. I only can say Secret and VP is 50-50 in bo3 game, but with 4.6 payouts for Secret 2-0, this is really worth a try. I would like to believe Yapzor can dominate VP in this match. I actually think he is better than SOLO. So just put 1% on Secret and enjoy this match
  19. Draw/ Match end with 1-1 with odds 2.7 or more. 1% I actually do scare Secret can 2-0 here but that is really rare and not worth me to put even 0.5%, Liquid understands that Secret is a strong team, so if they secure 2-0 towards this team, they might able to try meta when up against MidorFeed. Vega and Empire confirm cannot get into main event now. Only weakest team among other 6 teams are Midorfeed, so Liquid do have bargain to try meta against Midorfeed. SO I think with desperation of both team try get score here. 1-1 would be the result. But 1% would be enough
  20. Draw/ Match end with 1-1 with odds 2.7 or more. 1% I actually do scare Secret can 2-0 here but that is really rare and not worth me to put even 0.5%, Liquid understands that Secret is a strong team, so if they secure 2-0 towards this team, they might able to try meta when up against MidorFeed. Vega and Empire confirm cannot get into main event now. Only weakest team among other 6 teams are Midorfeed, so Liquid do have bargain to try meta against Midorfeed. SO I think with desperation of both team try get score here. 1-1 would be the result. But 1% would be enough
  21. 9.11 Liquid vs Navi

    Draw/Match end with 1-1 with odds 2.65 or more. 2% Liquid earned me 7.x % yesterday by taking down Empire and OG with 2-0 both, but I am not going to go for Liquid 2-0 here again since they only having below 1.6 payout odds for 2-0. Furthermore, Navi is actually quite strong right now. Getting 2-0 against Empire is a good and also they are having 4 score now by taking down Vega and Empire both 2-0 in this qualifier. They know they need to manage to get at least 1 game from all strong team like Liquid and VP as well as trying to get 2-0 against Secret so they able to secure one of the slot get into main event of this dreaml league season 8 and get some DPC point.
  22. Skip or go low on draw.1% I personally will fking skip this match. Although that 10 payout odds for midorfeed 2-0 is attractive, but the chance for Secret not even getting any 1 map here is really low. But they getting 1-1 against Vega Squadron is the main reason I am skipping this match. I am not saying they must get 2-0 against Vega but not getting 2-0 against Vega is bullshit as strong tier 1 team. They just took down Liquid with 2-1 about 10 days in ESL ONE HAmburg. And they are not taking down Vega yesterday, kindly skip this match and go for other bet-able worth match
  23. Liquid win 2-0 with odds 1.7 or more. 3.7% Well, Navi that day won against Empire really amazing and even give me 3.7% profit. Navi is not that weak now and Liquid is even better than Navi now, I do not see any reason why I am not putting my 3.7% on Liquid for 2-0 here. Too much analysis did on Liquid, so I will not talk about Liquid in this prediction, Liquid is top1 that all you need to know. Empire already lost to OG,VP, Secret and Navi with 0-2. They are now tie score with Vega Squadron, it is almost for sure they are in lower bracket now(it is still depend on how other team doing) Lets assume Liquid confirm secure one of the slot get into main event, there are only 3 slots left and Empire or Vega Squadron confirm not one of them. In term of morale, Empire have no reason to try hard against Liquid here (According to score right now)
  24. 8.11 Liquid vs OG

    Liquid 2-0 with odds 1.95. 2% Liquid is the fking top 1 in world now, well this top 1 is representing overall performance, I am not saying they will not lose at all, but comparing to the momentum of both team, I am not going go pick draw here. Although Liquid never meet against OG in AMD Sapphire Dotapit, but their amazing performance in 3 last game against VG are worth us to put 2% for them 2-0 here. However I am only putting 2% because OG is bad luck in that main event, meeting VG(second place in DotaPit) in first match then up against Newbee in lower bracket after taking down Fnatic, he met the third place and second place and just got kicked out. So I think OG might have chance to make it 1-1 which makes me lower my bet size.
  25. 6.11 Navi vs Empire

    Navi win 2-0 with odds 4.7 or more. 1% Well, Navi as a team is not really doing well lately, however their outstanding performance in starladder by taking down Secret with 2-1 is definitely worth for us to put our money in their hand. But then they lost to Secret with 0-2 in PGL, Empire is doing quite good lately and even having 13 win in a row including 2 series win against Vega. This is some result we should respect them for, but Navi is inconsistent now, we still can hope on Navi on their best form today in this match and get 2-0 in this match. 4.7 payout odds is worth for 1% try.