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Found 559 results

  1. EHOME.Immortal win 2-0 with odds 2.27 or more. As Ehome.Immortal unable to take down Winning Gaming with 2-0 2 days ago, I will definitely recommend low on this match, however Avalon is not a team that as strong as Winning Gaming so we still could see EHOME.I able to get 2-0 here if they are performing well, 0.5% on this pick should be good enough. Kindly take note never bet large on China tournament especially witho
  2. Game ended with 1-1 with odds 2.2 or more. Both team are actually quite similar right now, as Ehome.I able to get 1-1 against Newbee Young just now, I believe they are slightly better or even compare to team Eclipse right now, so picking game end with draw would definitely be the best choice here.
  3. Eclipse win 2-0 with odds 1.71 or more. Eclipse is doing not bad since June 2018, however they are still struggling between weak tier 2 and strong tier 3 standard right now in China, however I will still recommend go low on Eclipse here as they already won 2-0 against Winning Gaming 1 month ago in group stage of China Hope.
  4. PSD.LGD win 2-0 with odds 2.42 or more. 1% Fnatic is actually doing a great job right now in group A, getting same score as Liquid and even took down Liquid with 39 kills against 1 kill. However PSD.LGD is still better as FY is still a better support compare to DJ, supports are still the most important roles in this meta. Fnatic yesterday game 1 against Mineski are kind of throwing, and let Mineski comeback, I believe such thing still happens as EE is one of the god of throwing. Overall, we could go low on LGD 2-0 here based on both team performance lately.
  5. Optic Gaming win 2-0 with odds 2.75 or more. 1% Optic Gaming and Team Serenity are both the lowest scorer in group B along with Pain Gaming. Although I said Serenity is a potential China Team, but NA region team showed their stability like EG is having 9 wins 1 lose and VG.J Storm is having 7 wins 1 lose, I believe Optic Gaming can do better than this as China Team is really inconsistent right now.
  6. 16.8 VP vs Secret

    VP win 2-0 with odds 2.05 or more. 1% VP is definitely the stronger team right now, although they only able to get 1-1 against Team Serenity yesterday, however like I said, Team Serenity is a team that is potential underdog as they also able to get 1 game from Secret. Secret lost against VG.J Storm 0-2 is not a big disappointment because VG.J Storm did proven they are one of the top 10 team in the world around 1 month ago. Overall, I will still advise go low on VP here.
  7. VG.J Storm win 2-0 with odds 4.28 or more. 0.3% This is actually very risky pick, although VG overall is better than VG.J Storm, but their last official match was more than 45 days ago, I could not pick VG right now as China Team other than PSD.LGD is also inconsistent throughout the whole year(After TI7 until TI8) VG.J Storm is not doing very good (as you can see from their performance in DOta Summit 9), this is the reason I would go only 0.3% on them. You could skip this so you could bet on other match.
  8. Newbee win 2-0 with odds 2.5 or more. Both team are actually quite equal in their skill and performance right now, Newbee is one of the team that not really consistent while TNC is a team that realise on patch meta too much where they spammed Gyro when Gyro is one of the king in that meta with Divine Rapier. I will put more concentrate on TNC after this match to see are they playing some meta in 7.19 now. However for the first match, I would put my bet on Newbee here with 1% for them to 2-0.
  9. 15.8 OG vs PSD.LGD

    OG win 2-0 with odds 11 or more. This is seriously some kind of dumb pick because LGD is one of the top 3 team in the world right now along with Liquid and VP. However OG getting 2-0 is not a dream, their new roster is very strong also, no one can predict how much they can do with this roster against other TI8 participant. If LGD is having a better payout odds in this match, then I would definitely go for LGD however OG payout odds is just way too good here, we should try our luck because OG new roster should able to upset any participant in TI8.
  10. 15.8 Mineski vs IG

    Mineski win 2-0 with odds 2.1 or more. 1% I would suggest you guys to skip this match or go very low on Mineski, although IG did well in TI8 China Regional Qualifier and get their ticket to TI8 after taking down LFY with 2-0. I would say China Region is actually stronger than SEA Region, however Mineski is a team that secure their slot in TI8 with qualified top 8 DPC points. Although Mineski also did bad in China Dota 2 SuperMajor and left the competition after lost against PSD.LGD and VG, both team are also participant of TI8. So I will not say they are weak, however compare to IG, I would still favors on Mineski based on their draft and also flexibility of switching roles among themselves.
  11. Liquid win 2-0 with odds 1.67 or more. 2% Liquid last match was against VP in China Dota 2 Supermajor Final, result was 3-2 favoring on Liquid. Miracle used 4 different heroes in that bo5 matches. Liquid used 18 different heroes in that bo5 matches as well, their draft just too wide and strong. Fnatic also suffered a major lost against Team EG in Dota Summit 9 Final around 2 weeks ago. The result was 3-0 favoring on EG. Although Fnatic do have chance to upset 1 map from Liquid here since it is bo2 match, however look at Liquid's performance from last TI until now, no way they are not trying their best to get a good opening in TI8.
  12. VG.J Storm win 2-0 with odds 1.8 or more. VG.J Storm able to took down Optic Gaming, Fnatic and also Pain Gaming with 2-0, I could not find any reason they unable to take down Lets Do it with 2-0, although Let Do it is not very weak but VG.J Storm is the strongest and most consistent team here so I think go 2% on this should be good enough.
  13. VG.J Storm win with +1.5 handicap with odds 1.22 or more. Fnatic is actually doing better than I thought but I still vote for VG.J Storm here for 1% because VG.J Storm is the second team qualified from NA TI8 Qualifier while Fnatic being in SEA Qualifier is little bit weaker compare to NA Region right now.
  14. VG.J Storm win with +1.5 handicap with odds 1.28 or more. ALthough VG.J Storm unable to win even 1map from EG yesterday, however their performance against Pain Gaming was still formidable and let me have faith putting in 3% on them with handicap here. Optic Gaming is consistent however losing to Fnatic is still making me having lower expectation from them compare to VG.J Storm.
  15. VG.J Storm win 2-0 with odds 3.2 or more. 0.5% VG.J Storm is the first team get into TI8 through NA Regional Qualifier, as VG.J Storm is also having better momentum and result in group stage compare to EG, I would definitely go for VG.J Storm, we still need to bear in mind that EG roster only made up 1 month ago. VG.J Storm will have advantage of this, both team might also play around and try meta only since TI8 is only less than 1 month from now.
  16. Lets Do it win 2-0 with odds 7.0 or more. 0.3% LDI is not really the stronger team in this match, however their outstanding result in BTS Summer Cup taking down Alliance 2-0 and also Wind and Rain 3-2 is definitely worth a chance for us to put 0.3% on this match. Fnatic is definitely the stronger team here but Fnatic is not a consistent tier 1 team and LDI with such overwhelming performance in BTS Summer should let LDI has more than 30% to get 2-0 here.
  17. Optic Gaming win 2-0 with odds 2.75 or more. 0.5% I would skip bo2 normally, going 1% on bo2 matches are my top bet, Optic Gaming and Fnatic are both TI8 participant after qualified from Regional Qualifier. Optic Gaming is a team that performing better and consistent compare to Fnatic, however Fnatic has more than 70% chance to take at least 1 map here, so go as low as 0.5% on Optic Gaming is enough.
  18. Team Highground win 2-0 with odds 3.77 or more. I am favoring on Team HG here because they are better in synergy compare to a newly formed team TNC Tigers, even comparing individual skill, Team HG also having a slightly advantage against TNC Tigers here. 0.5% on Team HG will be good
  19. 15.5 Mineski vs IG

    Mineski win 2-0 win odds 2.03 or more. If Mineski is up against IG.V this match,I would recommend go for 1% however IG is definitely s tougher enemy compare to IG.V. So I think 0.5% is enough. Ok, the reason I am picking Mineski here is due to their flexibility of their draft. Jab switching to position 2 and play help I is definitely make their draft wider. Although they are still depending on gyro, but I think 0.5 on them would be worth.
  20. VG win 2-0 with odds 1.72 or more. VG is a team that better than Newbee right now, I would recommend place this bet if Newbee able to 2-0 against Vega Squadron and skip this if Newbee lose 1 map or 2 maps to Vega Squadron. VG able to get 2-0 against VG.J Storm definitely make me more confidence on them taking down Vega Squadron here, 1% on this pick is good enough because I am respecting Vega Squadron lineup and their upset potential more than IG.V and Infamous.
  21. VG.J Storm win 2-0 with odds 3.77 or more. 1% 3.77 payout odds is very attractive as for the first runner up of GESC Thailand Minor to take down Newbee with 2-0 here. I am seriously think Newbee is weak tier 2 team now, while VG.J Storm is also weak tier 1 team but slightly better than Newbee based on their performance since Resolution joined this team. Newbee recently game play are not that bad, still maintaining as tier 1 team, TNC yesterday still respecting Kaka's Naga which is a bad thing, but Newbee did not pick Naga at all yesterday, including another bo2 game against LGD. VG.J Storm on the other hand is doing better in drafting against Newbee, so I would recommend go for VG.J Storm here.
  22. Newbee win 2-0 with odds 2.07 or more. 0.5% Although Vega Squadron is doing their standard play as a tier 2 team yesterday by losing to VG.J Storm and LGD with 0-2 score in both bo2 series. But I think they seriously have more than 60% to win 1 game from Newbee here. So I am not advising more than 1% of bet size on Newbee to get 2-0. Newbee is currently one of the worst China Team in this MDL main event. IG.V and Newbee are on same weak tier 1 team now, so I would not recommend go high on Newbee match moreover this is bo2 match.
  23. Mineski win 2-0 with odds 1.52 or more. 2%. I am really respecting Infamous sudden upset here, so I will go along with 2% of bankroll for Mineski 2-0 here. It is no joke that Infamous is weak tier 2 team, but their upset potential still there especially on 2 bo1 matches here. Mineski is strong tier 1 team but who knows when they gonna stop depending on Pangoliar and pick techies for fun. They did told public they will pick techies when they feel it is suitable but we do not know will they pick techies when against some weaker opponent like Infamous. So keep your bet size low until bo3 games come online.
  24. 14.5 Secret vs OG

    Secret win 2-0 with odds 2.23 or more. 1% Secret is not performing very well in GESC Thailand and get kicked out by team Keen Gaming with 2-1 score in semifinal. Not only that, Team Secret is no longer having their unique play style, I am not sure how to express it, but Yapzor and Puppey recent game play in tournament are not as good as strong tier 1 support. However OG is not very strong either, they do have more than 70% chance to get 1 game from Secret here, so please keep low on Secret 2-0 here.
  25. Double Dimension win 2-0 both match with 2.55 odds or more. 1% This is a combination bet that D.D has to win 4 matches in a row, but with their lineup, they are still considered as weak tier 2 team right now. Unchained and Swiss Quality G are deifnitely tier 4 team or even weaker than that. I do not see high risk in this bet, the only problem is how dedicated are they win this prize so 1% on this pick is good enough.