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  1. Fnatic win with odds 1.5 or more. To be honest, I wanted to pick DC because I am moonmeader fan however Fnatic is just too strong right now. They took down TNC with 2-1 right after TNC came back from Burcharest sitting on 5th to 8th place. Fnatic could be considered as one of the top 10 team right now. While DC (ex-iceberg) is not doing well no matter against VG .j storm or other team from NA they also showed themselves as tier 2 team right now. Fnatic should be wining this and 1.5 odds definitely worth for us to put5% here.
  2. Keen Gaming win with odds 1.32 against Romania. Keen Gaming win with odds 1.66 against Pain Gaming. both 1%. Keen Gaming with old chicken in their team are sitting tier 2 team in China right now, however their capabilities is unimaginable although they unable to take down tier 1 team like Newbee and LFY in China but I think they have potential to win against Romania and Pain Gaming confidently, although Pain Gaming is showing strong in Bucharest major however we should take note that this is bo1 game, and China Team always able to upset any team(weak tier 1 team and below) in bo1 game
  3. 7.3 OG vs Mineski

    Mineski win with odds 2.31 or more. Mineski is also spamming gyro like Optic Gaming After the match Liquid vs Col yesterday we can understand how strong is Gyro in this meta,medusa actually would be strong as well so I will not worry about Mineski running out of option in drafting. OG not picking are warden yesterday is fking stupid. Picking morphing in this patch is so bad to be honest. I think only miracle and rtz are able to respond before enemy disable their morphing.
  4. 7.3 Col vs Newbee

    Col win with odds 2.61 or more. COL performance yesterday was outstanding, I would not talk much about how they took down Liquid, but their Gyro pick was very solid there. You can see my analysis on Liquid vs VG as additional reference. Newbee is strong team, but COL is not doing bad as well, upsetting both Mineski and Liquid. Newbee on the other hand also performing very stable, taking down Vega and OG which are weaker than them, and lost to EG which is a team that has flexible lineup as well as Nature Prophet as great position 4 hero. Comparing the payout odds as well as COL better than consistent performance, 1.5% on them should be good
  5. 7.3 VG vs Liquid

    After Liquid lost 2 matches against col and EG respectively , I think I will go against them when their enemy have payout odds of 2.1. I honestly feel regret on betting Col when I see Liquid crashing Col with their Axe + IO in bottom lane as well as miracle Terrorbalde successfully swap hp at least 2 times before game reached 12 minutes mark. However with such overwhelming advatange they still lost that game nonetheless. VG is not definitely better than Liquid,but they still able to come on top when against LFY. 3% ok VG should be good as VG did lost to pain gaming due to draft and Kingr extraordinary performance.
  6. VG.J Thunder win with odds 1.45 or more. I think I am going to titled if I lose this match as well. 2% on VG.J Thunder should be good enough, I do respect TNC however VG.j Thunder able to won against VG as well as Secret yesterday. I do not think I dare to bet against them right now.
  7. 6.3 mineski vs Vega

    Mineski win with odds 1.38 or more. Mineski did so badly in these 2days? Nope, they just are too weak to fight against other tier 1 team right now, TNC as well as COL are almost same standard as them right now, if they meet against VP/Liquid/VG or other stronger Tier 1 team, they will have 0-2 results as well. Mineski is really bad right now compare to other tier 1 team, their situation is almost same as Navi now, only able to win against Vega Squadron in this group stage, so I would put 5 % on them.
  8. 6.3 LGD.FY vs VG

    LGD.FY win with odds 2.7 or more. LGD.FY yesterday did lost to VP, however their game plan and the flow of the game also favors on them until Terrorblade get lvl20 and spamming his 1st skill, Super's Lina item is terrible choice. He went half magic half attack build which make his team unable to push earlier before terrorblade get online. Furthermore, VG draft was good since they got Naga Siren yesterday, but that whole Naga plan get crashed by KingR Sand King, they should stop depend on Naga Siren pick anymore. Picking Naga and lost to Pain Gaming which is the bottom 2 team of this competition is so bad. 3% on LGD.FY with 2.7 payout odds should be good pick here
  9. Pain Gaming with odds 4.76 or more. 0.5% Pain Gaming yesterday performance was impressive, KingrD is always a good supporter however his performance yesterday for his Sand King was way beyond his normal standard, roaming sand king curshing enemy all the lane, even harassing Naga to delay his meteor hammer. Tavo's Enigma also did a lot of job although his bkb Blackhole did get cancel by Lamn's naga net. I will go yolo on Pain Gaming today. Secret even lost to VG.J Thunder (which is okay since both of them tier 1, but I actually think Secret could win). Since Secret did make me lost 15 bucks yesterday, hopefully I can earn from their losing today.
  10. 6.3 VP vs Navi

    VP win with odds 1.23 or more. VP is not really on their peak standard now compare to the time they played in ESL One Katowice, however like I said, Navi only able to take down Pain Gaming or Vega in this group stage. Or they cannot even take down pain Gaming after seeing how Pain Gaming upset VG yesterday. 3% on VP here should be good enough.
  11. 5.3 VP vs LFY

    VP win with odds 1.28 or more. I got nothing to say with VP performance yesterday. They did have disadvantage since draft,but they played pretty well on controlling storm farming. However game goes wrong after ramsee got rampage. Getting catch 1 by 1 and let Optic Gaming comeback is a throw ? I am not sure what to say about that. I will pick VP again today but will lower the bet size and observe what are they going to draft first.
  12. 5.3 Newbee vs OG

    OG win with odds 2. 23 or more. Once again, I have remind you guys that China Team recent depend on Naga Siren a lot, banning Naga Siren against China Team at least raise their win rate about 10%. So I will definitely bet against China team for these 2 days until I see they finally stop relying on Naga. OG yesterday did won against Naga Siren picked by Navi however Navi does not play naga as good as China Team. Naga Siren from Navi yesterday did give OG a hard time before morphing had his bkb. I think OG should know better how much pressure they will face when they let Newbee pick naga later. So I will bet OG for their respect banning naga later. 3% should be good.
  13. Secret win with odds 1.73 or more. Secret performance yesterday with Yapzor Earthstraker was great. I have no idea or reason to bet against Secret right now. VG.J thunder although able to upset By yesterday but that is a common thing to see upset in China matchup. 5% on Secret is worth the risk with 1.73 payout odds.
  14. Secret win with odds 1.73 or more. Secret performance yesterday with Yapzor Earthstraker was great. I have no idea or reason to bet against Secret right now. VG.J thunder although able to upset By yesterday but that is a common thing to see upset in China matchup. 5% on Secret is worth the risk with 1.73 payout odds.
  15. 5.3 Liquid vs EG

    Liquid win with odds 1.35 or more. Liquid is kind of considered comeback against LFY. LFY's bristleback radiance was fully having the map control until Miracle shadow fiend' s silver edge in his inventory. Although this is the common Idea of what to get at that time but SF respecting Bristleback was the key to win the game. EG yesterday performance was expected since pain gaming are not tier 1 team also. 3% on liquid should be good.
  16. 5.3 mineski vs col

    Col win with odds 2.46 or more. I am not underestimating mineski here. I think they do have 55% to win this match only which is why I am picking Col here after comparing their payout odds. Mineski was also having upperhadn in eye of bookie yesterday but TNC do upset them without mercy. If this is bo3 match then I will pick Mineski for sure. Overall go 1% for Col would be enough
  17. Optic Gaming win with odds 2.13 or more. I personally did favors on TNC 55-45 however seeing the nice draft Optic Gaming had yesterday against VP. I think I should go for optic Gaming due to their draft. Furthermore, TNC yesterday performance is just average compare to what Optic Gaming did. Optic Gaming comeback after ramsee rampage was amazing. I think pick them here should not be wrong choice.
  18. 4.3 OG vs Navi

    OG win with odds 1.33 or more. 2% I will definitely go with Navi if Rodjer and Sonneiko are still with them however their stupidity of swapping Rodjer with Lil and replacing Sonneiko with LeBron did proven are wrong decision making with the result they had in ESL One Katowice. OG is not doing any better than Navi in ESL ONE Katowice however their synergy and gameplay is definitely better right now.
  19. VG.J Thunder win with odds 2.1 or more. Well, first of all, this is fking China matchup, second, this is fking bo1 game, kindly skip or go as low as 0.5% is enough. I pick VG.J thunder just because of their higher payout odds here. 50-50 for both team here, although VG does have consistent and better result recently especially their matches securing second place in ESL One Katowice, however you can see that their last match was 0-2 against Newbee, which is inconsistent gameplay and both of them(Newbee and VG) know themselves are relying too much on Naga, that is their weakness. At least VG.J Thunder gameplay from 20 days ago against LGD does not showing they are too rely on one hero and they gameplay is kind of consistent. Afterall, I would still advise skipping this match as VG.J thunder last competitive match was about 3 weeks ago.
  20. 4.3 Mineski vs TNC

    TNC win with odds 2.7 or more. TNC should be the underdog in eye of all bookie and bettor, however I think that both team are actually having 50-50 chance to win this, although their recent head to head show otherwise which 2-0 favoring on Mineski in 2 series of bo3 game. TNC having Armel and letting Kuku to 4th position is a really good decision making, TNC is one of the top 3 team in SEA now, Mineski might be the top 1 but TNC standard and gameplay definitely have the upset potential so with 2.7 payout odds, we could try 1.5% here.
  21. VP win with odds 1.26 or more. 3% I would go 10% for VP if this is bo3 match however I do not dare to go high on bo1 match. Although VP is having 90% chance to win this according tot their performance in ESL one Katowice and also Optic Gaming's performance in ESL One Katowice, also their head to head result in ESL One Katowice is also 0-1 favoring on VP on the first day. I think history might be repeating here. There is just simply not much to be said on this match 1.26 for VP winning bo1 match is still considered high payout odds, my expectation was only 1.15 payout odds for VP to win.
  22. EG win with odds 1.2 or more. I do not have much talking about this match, EG is too strong for Pain Gaming now, although w33 do officially or standin for Pain Gaming now, but Pain Gaming still no match against EG now, but this is bo1 game so go 2 or 3% would be enough
  23. 4.3 Secret vs COL

    Secret win with odds 1.22 or more. Unfortunately Secret only able to secure 5-6th in ESL One Katowice due to lost to Fnatic 1-2 with Fnatic outstanding underlord gameplay stealing their throne with dark rift. Then up against Liquid and lost to Liquid with 1-2 as well. However they should be considered as lucky this time able to meet COL in group stage here. COL performance is so bad in ESL One Katowice, getting kicked out of it after lost to Mineski 0-1 and Optic Gaming 0-2
  24. 4.3 Liquid vs LGD.FY

    Liquid win with odds 1.24 or more. Liquid will be our choice here due to they are top 3 team in the world right now. Although patch 7.1 do have a lot of changes but that should not affecting Liquid too much. Furthermore, Liquid is strong due to their flexibility throughout their draft for push or ganking. You can see they always use lone druid, terrorblade, broodmother as well as Beastmaster + IO. Their heroes pool knowledge just too wide right now, LGD.FY on the other hand is still tier 2 team, Ohaiyo is doing not bad but still not the best yet. Although Yao joining LGD.FY but it seem like they still lack of synergy and good draft to conquer tier 1 team.
  25. 6.2 Eclipse vs IG.V

    Eclipse win with odds 1.45 or more. 3% I would go 3% here although it is bo1 match becasue Eclipse yesterday performance is not that bad considering they are only strong tier 2 team right now.They took down LGD.FY yesterday and also kind of comeback against EHOME.Immortal, inconsistent Eclipse might be, but IG.V currently should not have any chance to win against Eclipse if they play like yesterday. Eclipse did have good performance in last month and they also won against Newbee Miracle easily which proves they might not be as inconsistent as yesterday.