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Found 508 results

  1. VP win with odds 1.14 or more. 1% I would recommend you to skip this, because this is bo1 match, and any upset could happens although VP is having more than 95% to win this match and 1.14 odds seriously too damn low. So kindly skip this shit.
  2. 23.5 Fnatic vs EG

    Fnatic win with odds 2.06 or more. Fnatic already took down EG once around 13 days ago in bo1 game GESC Thailand group stage. Fnatic was having advantage in term of drafting that match. But overall speaking, both team are still having same odds to win this match, so I would recommend skip or go low on Fnatic with higher payout odds.
  3. 18.5 IG vs Newbee

    IG win with odds 2.23 or more. 1% I do not like to bet on China Match, to be honest, you guys can skip this and save it for lower bracket round 2 where OG is waiting for winner of this match and TNC is waiting for LGD or IG.V. Well, IG is having at least 45% to win this bo1 match so 2.23 odds is quite fair or equal to their strength. They are seriously quite equal strong now, so go for high payout odds is better choice here. I will not comment on their recent matches as I do not see any outstanding play from both team, supports are still playing normally only.
  4. 9.5 VG.J Storm vs Eg

    VG.j storm win with odds 2.35 or more. Although I said NA region is more stable,but that only applied when NA region tier 1 team against other region tier 2 team VG.J Storm with resolution joined them definitely have chance to take down EG here especially it is bo1 game. 1.5% on VG.J Storm is good enough.
  5. 9.5 Fnatic vs Secret

    Fnatic win with odds 2.34 or more. Fnatic is having 50-50 here and with higher payout odds, chose them for winning this bo1 match is definitely the wiser choice. We all seen how Team Secret under performed in epicenter, although Fnatic is not playing that tournament main event, but Fnatic is a team that stable in range of top 10 in the world, there is nothing surprise if they able to upset this bo1 game. 1% is enough.
  6. Team Secret win with odds 1.15 or more. This is bo1 game, and 1.15 payout odds is still quite a good odds, but I only recommend 1% on such one sided game. SG Esport is definitely not on the same level or even below 2 tiers than Secret. Keen Gaming win with odds 1.15 or more. Another Bo1 game here, 1.15 odds is also quite good on Keen Gaming win this bo1 match. I seriously do not know Alpha Red is what team, but based on their recent performance, they are quite strong here, put 0.5% on Keen Gaming is good enough, can skip if you have other matches to go.
  7. Team Secret win with odds 1.66 or more. Both Team also underperformed in this tournament, but Mineski is depending too much on Iceiceice's Pangoliar, I was expecting Mineski played techies but they seem like very serious in this groupstage. Team Secret is more stable compare to Mineski although both team also not doing well, 1% on Secret as this is bo1 game.
  8. 6.4 VP vs VG

    VP win with odds 1.37 or more. Although this lower bracket is bo1 game however VP win chance still higher here. I have nothing much to say VG is not on the same level as VP, liquid right now. So go 2%on VP should be good enough
  9. Optic win with odds 1.33 or more. Optic right now is same score with LGD and Liquid. If he win this match he will able to play tiebreaker for upper bracket slot ( given that liquid and LGD win as well) Optic opponent will be weakest compare to LGD and Liquid's opponent. Since Optic is having this advantage they will try their best to make use of if by winning this match
  10. 1.4 OG vs LGD

    LGD win with odds 1.41 or more. LGD Is definitely the stronger team here,other than that, LGD also need to win this in order to get into upper bracket. They are having same score as liquid and optic right now. OG on the other hand also desperate for this match because once they win this match they able to play tiebreaker with other team such as TNC, Newbee, VG ( whoever lose their match later on today.)
  11. 1.4 EG vs Mineski

    EG win with odds 1.57 or more. EG always give me their image ate their are quite consistent and RTZ also doing better right now. Although their line-up still focusing on sumail being position 1 but overall they always make sure they can have good start in laning phase. Mineski are having same score as EG right now. Whoever win this will secure the slot for upper bracket in playoffs. So I would recommend 3% on EG here. However we must respect Mineski Iceiceice's pangolia.
  12. 31.3 Optic vs LGD

    Optic win with odds 2.69 or more. I am definitely playing with odds here. I have no confident about who will win this match but you should take note that optic gaming upset VG,Newbee and TNC in last 2 days. We should definitely go for them when they have payout odds of 2.7.
  13. Mineski win with odds 1.29 or more. This is kind of 1 sided game as Mienski is very strong right now while effect is just tier 2 team some more having resolution this tier 1 player plays for them but their synergy and overall performance is Just too weak against mineski now.
  14. TNC win with odds 1.6 or more. Although Keen Gaming did a good job on upsetting OG however TNC is quite strong now and I think TNC might stand a chance against Liquid right now so I would favors on TNC here. They just need to be more caution about enemy picking micro hero like visage or arc warden. 3%on them winning with 1.6 odds should b good enough
  15. VG.J Thunder win with odds 1.3 or more. VG.j thunder is definitely the stronger team here as Pain Gaming got 0-2 score in their group is kind of expected. I believe they are getting 0-3 after face off VG.J Thunder which is doing so well lately.
  16. 30.3 optic vs OG

    OG Win with odds 2.24 or more. Although I do not think OG is strong now but visage is very strong in this patch. OG yesterday able to upset VG and also Optic won against Tnc all's because they picked visage. This will be more likely a love bet match,notail picking visage or arc warden also will favors OG a lot.
  17. 29.3 LGD vs Liquid

    Liquid win with odds 1.64 or more. I was thinking about skipping this match as I am still not sure how liquid is doing right now but their match against Ehome.keen earlier was quite good actually. I would recommend 1% on liquid in this match since LGD is also one of the top 5 team now.
  18. 28.3 VG vs OG

    VG win with odds 1.56 or more. As said, bringing 7mad into the roster of OG is not a good idea, VG is better than OG with resolution, OG without resolution now should be losing this game to VG. VG, LGD, VGJ. Thunder as well as newbee right now are so strong, they are able to upset any team but they are also invulnerable for weak tier 1 team like OG right now.
  19. TNC win with odds 1.66 or more. TNC is definitely one of the top 5 team right now however Optic Gaming also has the potential to upset TNC since it is bo1 game. 2% will be recommended here as TNC last match was 2 weeks ago lost against Fnatic with 1-2 score. While optic Gaming is doing not bad in recent NA region match. TNC with Kuku playing 4th position is doing really well now. We should have faith in them.
  20. VG.J Thunder win with odds 1.22 or more. VG.J Thunder definitely have more than 80% to win this match, however 3% would be recommended as this is bo1 game, I am not really asking you to respect Team Effect but we should not put too much on China Team especially they are overdog. Take note that Effect is having resolution as their core right now so you should be caution with your bet size.
  21. Fnatic win with odds 1.5 or more. To be honest, I wanted to pick DC because I am moonmeader fan however Fnatic is just too strong right now. They took down TNC with 2-1 right after TNC came back from Burcharest sitting on 5th to 8th place. Fnatic could be considered as one of the top 10 team right now. While DC (ex-iceberg) is not doing well no matter against VG .j storm or other team from NA they also showed themselves as tier 2 team right now. Fnatic should be wining this and 1.5 odds definitely worth for us to put5% here.
  22. Keen Gaming win with odds 1.32 against Romania. Keen Gaming win with odds 1.66 against Pain Gaming. both 1%. Keen Gaming with old chicken in their team are sitting tier 2 team in China right now, however their capabilities is unimaginable although they unable to take down tier 1 team like Newbee and LFY in China but I think they have potential to win against Romania and Pain Gaming confidently, although Pain Gaming is showing strong in Bucharest major however we should take note that this is bo1 game, and China Team always able to upset any team(weak tier 1 team and below) in bo1 game
  23. 7.3 OG vs Mineski

    Mineski win with odds 2.31 or more. Mineski is also spamming gyro like Optic Gaming After the match Liquid vs Col yesterday we can understand how strong is Gyro in this meta,medusa actually would be strong as well so I will not worry about Mineski running out of option in drafting. OG not picking are warden yesterday is fking stupid. Picking morphing in this patch is so bad to be honest. I think only miracle and rtz are able to respond before enemy disable their morphing.
  24. 7.3 Col vs Newbee

    Col win with odds 2.61 or more. COL performance yesterday was outstanding, I would not talk much about how they took down Liquid, but their Gyro pick was very solid there. You can see my analysis on Liquid vs VG as additional reference. Newbee is strong team, but COL is not doing bad as well, upsetting both Mineski and Liquid. Newbee on the other hand also performing very stable, taking down Vega and OG which are weaker than them, and lost to EG which is a team that has flexible lineup as well as Nature Prophet as great position 4 hero. Comparing the payout odds as well as COL better than consistent performance, 1.5% on them should be good
  25. 7.3 VG vs Liquid

    After Liquid lost 2 matches against col and EG respectively , I think I will go against them when their enemy have payout odds of 2.1. I honestly feel regret on betting Col when I see Liquid crashing Col with their Axe + IO in bottom lane as well as miracle Terrorbalde successfully swap hp at least 2 times before game reached 12 minutes mark. However with such overwhelming advatange they still lost that game nonetheless. VG is not definitely better than Liquid,but they still able to come on top when against LFY. 3% ok VG should be good as VG did lost to pain gaming due to draft and Kingr extraordinary performance.