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  1. Noreg vs Chaos/Vitalis: Pick: Noreg Low/Medium Noreg just 2-0ed Havu yesterday. dont know much about either team, but i think Noreg is the better team. It could be, that they really try to win this, as the winner "advances to WESG EU & CIS Regional LAN"" SpaceS vs Invictus Aquilas Pick: Medium SpaceS Map is cache, so i think it will be easy for them, even if they would play bad. i dont know about the other team.
  2. 18.10 Gambit vs BIG

    Bet: Low/Medium Gambit * Semi-final. Winner advances to WCA 2017 Finals This can end up close. I dont know how Gambit will perform, but they arent bad and still one of my favorite cs teams atm. if somehow big does good against g2, still low/Medium Gambit.
  3. 18.10 Mouz vs LDLC

    Bet: Low/Medium Mouz Ldlc not really good lately and on 4 losestreak. I think Mouz will take this. Map is Cache, Mouz 16-3ed Ldlc on Cache last time they met. Not more really much to say ... and as the match is beginning soon.. and there are few more
  4. 18.10 G2 vs BIG

    Bet: Medium/High G2 (first map) Low BIG or SKIP (second Map) G2 not that good right now, but BIG even less good right now. not much to say about this one too. and as the match is beginning soon.. and there are few more First Map is Cobblestone. should go for G2, but 2nd map could go either way, as idk how g2 will do on overpass.
  5. 18.10 North vs Navi

    Bet: Medium/High North Navi not really good lately and seized isnt playing. in the other hand, North just 2-0ed fnatic yesterday. I dont really think navi is gonna win this, as North is just in better form than them. Map is Overpass Not more really much to say ... and as the match is beginning soon.. and there are few more
  6. 17.10 HAVU vs NOREG

  7. Odds: 1.35 - 2.4 Bet: Low/Medium/High Space Soldiers Space Soldiers are one of my favourite cs teams . Normally eXtatus have no chance winning this match. But it is a Best of 1 and I dont know how SpaceS will perform. Otherwhise SpaceS should win this easy.
  8. 17.10 AGO vs eXtatus

    Odds: 1.56 - 2.05 Bet: Low/Medium AGO Ago just have beaten Kinguin, HR and Godsent. seems like they arent bad lately.
  9. 17.10 HAVU vs NOREG

    Odds: 1.27 - 3.11 Bet: Low/Medium Havu Noreg has some good players, but it shouldnt be enough to beat a team like Havu.
  10. 17.10 fnatic vs North

    Odds: 2.3 - 1.5 Bet: first map low fnatic, 2nd map low fnatic This match is maybe like 55/45 and 2 best of 1s. both teams doing "ok" lately. both not really performing like they should. But even as the match might be close, it could be fnatic 2-0ng North atm.
  11. 17.10 Faze vs Godsent

    Odds: 1.2 vs 4 Bet: Low/Medium/High Faze Faze is just maybe the best cs team lately. Normally it should be really hard for Godsent to upset them. Not much to say on this one. they shouldnt be able to upset, but it is a best of one. we dunno, but still I dont think faze is gonna loose, but odds highly favoring faze. this would be also possible: low/medium on Handicap or Match score (Under)
  12. 17.10 | NIP vs BIG

    Odds: 1.4 - 2.75 Bet: Low/Medium Nip (both maps) Last time they met (11.10.17) Nip just destroyed them. 16-0 and 16-5. But still last days they lost some Games against Teams like Pride and even "Team5". Keep in mind this is a best of 1, so more risk. But still i think its like 65/35, 60/40 if not 70/30. Because Nip is just the better team. They just have to perform. And as they are out of the Major, they might try to qualify and win as many tournaments as possible.
  13. Odds (at the Time i wrote this). 2.4 - 1.4 Pick: Faze Low/Medium. If odds are getting too high (e.g. 1.2) skip or low/icb astralis Their last 2 Matches last week ended up close and 1-1 (2x Bo1), but still, i think faze is gonna get this, as their new lineup is just another level than before. If Astralis wants to win this, they firstly need to play their absolute A game. Secondly: Faze cant get anything to work and Astralis crushes them. If Astralis wins, i think it will have gone to the 3rd map, as i dont think they will 2-0 faze. Maps could (and NOT 100% !) be Mirage/Inferno/Overpass.
  14. 13/7/17 CLG vs NRG

    Odds: 1.4 - 2.58 (fanobet) Bet: Low Clg (risk medium) or Skip Bet2: Clg Hdc -4,5 RNG (medium) or Skip Map/s: TBA Clg won last 4 Matches against Nrg. But they also lost to "ownage", but Nrg also lost to "Miami Flamingos". Now you can decide going with the train or against. in a combo bet i just had picked clg, but it doesnt mean they will win, because this matchup might be like 55/45. There might not be a big prediction here, because its a best of 1 only and both teams last match was against 2 Teams i dont really follow. just skip, if odds are getting too low.
  15. Odds: 1.1 - 4.88 (fanobet) Pick: Low to Medium Envyus Pick2: Low on Handicap -6,5 Envyus (more risk) Map: TBA DreamHack Open Valencia 2017. Envyus arent that great at the moment. But they still have Scream, Happy or even RpK to pull something out. i dont really know about Kpi, but they shouldnt be winning against a team like Envyus. Idk if Kpi could upset Envyus. Except Envyus are doing stupid stuff. Remember its a best of 1 only.