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  1. Fnatic win with odds 1.5 or more. To be honest, I wanted to pick DC because I am moonmeader fan however Fnatic is just too strong right now. They took down TNC with 2-1 right after TNC came back from Burcharest sitting on 5th to 8th place. Fnatic could be considered as one of the top 10 team right now. While DC (ex-iceberg) is not doing well no matter against VG .j storm or other team from NA they also showed themselves as tier 2 team right now. Fnatic should be wining this and 1.5 odds definitely worth for us to put5% here.
  2. Final tribe win with odds 5.29 or more. While VG.J Thunder proven themselves to be one of the top 3 team in the world by placing second in Bucharest major. We should favors on them but like I said. Final tribe line-up is just so good and could upset any team right now. 1%on then for 5.29 payout odds is worth it.
  3. 14.3 Newbee vs LGD

    LGD win 2-0with odds 4.0 or more . Of course Newbee should be the favours team here of see their Bucharest Major performance but I think it is still 50 -50 for both team. That being said, I am picking LGD here based on their payout odds and also their adaption to draft Newbee is still too rely on Naga I would say, LGD might have better chance if they able to make drafr without naga. 1%on this pick would be good.
  4. 14.3 LGD vs Max

    LGD win 2-0 with odds 1.45 or more. LGD definitely is one of the top 5 team now despite their failure in Bucharest Major which was one of the first team dropped out from the group stage. But that was bo1 rule so losing all those bo1 matches is not really a big matter. I still believe they are top 3 in China now. So should not have problem winning this 2-0.
  5. Keen Gaming win with odds 1.32 against Romania. Keen Gaming win with odds 1.66 against Pain Gaming. both 1%. Keen Gaming with old chicken in their team are sitting tier 2 team in China right now, however their capabilities is unimaginable although they unable to take down tier 1 team like Newbee and LFY in China but I think they have potential to win against Romania and Pain Gaming confidently, although Pain Gaming is showing strong in Bucharest major however we should take note that this is bo1 game, and China Team always able to upset any team(weak tier 1 team and below) in bo1 game
  6. VG.J Thunder win with odds 2.22 or more. I think VG.J thunder has 55-45 favors on them this match, VP did won against Liquid however that was because Liquid 3rd match draft is so ridiculous, picking huskar without any backup support like dazzle or Oracle was sick. VG.J thunder was doing so great against Newbee, their draft is not really very strong however it was their gameplay let them win against Newbee, I will favors on their skill here.
  7. Optic Gaming win with odds 4.04 or more. VP is definitely the better team here. However this patch uncertainty is still so much, EG able to take down Liquid 27-0 while Liquid is actually a better team. Drafting in this patch is having so much impact on the outcome of the match. I still believe team with death prophet and gyro have 80% to win the game. Optic gaming with such high payout odds definitely will be my choice. 1.5% should be good enough
  8. 9.3 Newbee vs Secret

    Newbee win with odds 2.43 or more. I think both team are almost 50-50 or Secret is having 55 % to win this. Both opponents of these team are not that strong. So we still unable to see how well they are compare to esl one katowice. But fata in this tournament seems to be a bit off. So with high payout odds for Newbee to win I think go 2%on them should be all right.
  9. 9.3 Liquid vs EG

    Liquid win with odds 1.6 or more. Liquid definitely is a loser against EG in bo1 game due to flexibility of EG draft which pick Nature prophet as 4th position however we must not forget Liquid always the team that able to play most heroes and their push or team fight still manage to keep up with enemy. So EG will not able to do the same trick against liquid here. Further more this is bo3 match 3% on Liquid should be good enough
  10. TNC win with odds 3.71 or more. 1.5% TNC did lost against VG.J Thunder in bo1 math in group stage and that lead TNC to 2-0 to 2-1. However the match was close. We all definitely know that TNC able to win that if death prophet and gyro had been banned or steal from VG.J Thunder. DEATH prophet is too strong in this patch and also gyro with 10 flak cannon hits did make the game always able to comeback with rapier pick. TNC should have 50-50 against VG.j thunder if their draft could be more careful
  11. 7.3 OG vs Mineski

    Mineski win with odds 2.31 or more. Mineski is also spamming gyro like Optic Gaming After the match Liquid vs Col yesterday we can understand how strong is Gyro in this meta,medusa actually would be strong as well so I will not worry about Mineski running out of option in drafting. OG not picking are warden yesterday is fking stupid. Picking morphing in this patch is so bad to be honest. I think only miracle and rtz are able to respond before enemy disable their morphing.
  12. 7.3 Col vs Newbee

    Col win with odds 2.61 or more. COL performance yesterday was outstanding, I would not talk much about how they took down Liquid, but their Gyro pick was very solid there. You can see my analysis on Liquid vs VG as additional reference. Newbee is strong team, but COL is not doing bad as well, upsetting both Mineski and Liquid. Newbee on the other hand also performing very stable, taking down Vega and OG which are weaker than them, and lost to EG which is a team that has flexible lineup as well as Nature Prophet as great position 4 hero. Comparing the payout odds as well as COL better than consistent performance, 1.5% on them should be good
  13. 7.3 VG vs Liquid

    After Liquid lost 2 matches against col and EG respectively , I think I will go against them when their enemy have payout odds of 2.1. I honestly feel regret on betting Col when I see Liquid crashing Col with their Axe + IO in bottom lane as well as miracle Terrorbalde successfully swap hp at least 2 times before game reached 12 minutes mark. However with such overwhelming advatange they still lost that game nonetheless. VG is not definitely better than Liquid,but they still able to come on top when against LFY. 3% ok VG should be good as VG did lost to pain gaming due to draft and Kingr extraordinary performance.
  14. OG win with odds 1.54 or more. I would like to favors on Optic Gaming if ARC Warden pick have not showed up just now in game LFY against VG. I believe OG's notail will be start picking Arc Warden later. 7.10 patch which improve his lvl 20 talent is quite good , so I would encourage live bet on OG if they pic Arc Warden. You can skip this match actually, there is no gurantee who will win this match since Optic is spamming GYRO pick and they did pretty good about that hero. Although they did lost to TNC but do not underestimate Gyro's potential.
  15. 6.3 EG vs Newbee

    EG win with odds 1.87 or more. I would rate this game 60-40 favors on EG, EG draft yesterday was astonishing, picking greedy position 4 as nature prophet and able to drag the game until Nature Prophet able to rat. I will credit the EG win yesterday against Liquid to Sumail's abbadon, he understands that he had to hold the game and in order to do so, he made greedy farm, although feeding however still able to drag the game while he is feeding. Naga Siren already lost 3 games in BUCHAREST MAJOR main Event, I guess EG respecting ban Naga against Newbee does not matter anymore. EG is having quite wide draft since they always swap Sumail back to mid, I am still not encourage their strategy but they did a good job with such decision. 2% on EG should be good enough.