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  1. VP win with odds 1.14 or more. 1% I would recommend you to skip this, because this is bo1 match, and any upset could happens although VP is having more than 95% to win this match and 1.14 odds seriously too damn low. So kindly skip this shit.
  2. 23.5 Fnatic vs EG

    Fnatic win with odds 2.06 or more. Fnatic already took down EG once around 13 days ago in bo1 game GESC Thailand group stage. Fnatic was having advantage in term of drafting that match. But overall speaking, both team are still having same odds to win this match, so I would recommend skip or go low on Fnatic with higher payout odds.
  3. LGD win with odds 1.42 or more. Although 2.92 odds for VG.J Storm to win is really attractive but this is bo5 but not bo3 matches. I think LGD will have higher chance to win this match. 2% for this pick is good enough. However IO is definitely one of the live bet winner decider for this patch so you can go low on whichever team pick IO later.
  4. 20.5 VG vs LGD

    LGD win with odds 1.5 or more Although LGD secure the third ticket get into TI8 main event but I do not think their journey in MDL stop here, they might able to play without pressure but does not mean they are going to throw. 2% on LGD is enough. As this is still China match after all.
  5. 18.5 OG vs Newbee

    OG win with odds 2.26 or more. 2% I will definitely go for IG here if IG is opponent of OG however Newbee able to win against IG few minutes ago with the Kunka divine rapier build. That was a close match but kunka with 2 daedulus and 1 divine rapier. Anything could happens. OG is not having more than 50% win chance here but they definitely can upset this with the synergy and 7mad draft.
  6. 18.5 IG vs Newbee

    IG win with odds 2.23 or more. 1% I do not like to bet on China Match, to be honest, you guys can skip this and save it for lower bracket round 2 where OG is waiting for winner of this match and TNC is waiting for LGD or IG.V. Well, IG is having at least 45% to win this bo1 match so 2.23 odds is quite fair or equal to their strength. They are seriously quite equal strong now, so go for high payout odds is better choice here. I will not comment on their recent matches as I do not see any outstanding play from both team, supports are still playing normally only.
  7. 16.5 VG vs Mineski

    VG win with odds 1.63 or more. 2% Mineski getting 2-0 against TNC is not like unexpected. Because they are on the same tier now. VG will be slightly stronger compare to Mineski right now. However I do not think VG is having more than 60% to win this so keep low bet size is good. Mineski is still running mushi for his gyro when will be a risk pick against VG now. VG probably will be playing weaver or naix, both heroes are their favors and also easy to catch up or win the game before gyro get his DR. But still a risky match here, 2% is good enough
  8. 16.5 Mineski vs TNC

    TNC win with odds 2.19 or more. Both team are top 3 of SEA and their skill are always on same tier. Their head to head also favors on both team, even up until now I still not sure who will win this match based on their recent performance. I would advise go for higher payout odds team for 1% this match.
  9. VG.J Storm win with odds 1.57 or more. VG.J Storm is very strong right now while OG is also having their peak form. However we must know that VG.J Storm only lost against Team Secret in group stage while OG is inconsistent as they able to take down OG but lost against IG with 0-2. 3% on VG.J STORM here will be good enough.
  10. 15.5 Mineski vs IG

    Mineski win 2-0 win odds 2.03 or more. If Mineski is up against IG.V this match,I would recommend go for 1% however IG is definitely s tougher enemy compare to IG.V. So I think 0.5% is enough. Ok, the reason I am picking Mineski here is due to their flexibility of their draft. Jab switching to position 2 and play help I is definitely make their draft wider. Although they are still depending on gyro, but I think 0.5 on them would be worth.
  11. VG win 2-0 with odds 1.72 or more. VG is a team that better than Newbee right now, I would recommend place this bet if Newbee able to 2-0 against Vega Squadron and skip this if Newbee lose 1 map or 2 maps to Vega Squadron. VG able to get 2-0 against VG.J Storm definitely make me more confidence on them taking down Vega Squadron here, 1% on this pick is good enough because I am respecting Vega Squadron lineup and their upset potential more than IG.V and Infamous.
  12. VG.J Storm win 2-0 with odds 3.77 or more. 1% 3.77 payout odds is very attractive as for the first runner up of GESC Thailand Minor to take down Newbee with 2-0 here. I am seriously think Newbee is weak tier 2 team now, while VG.J Storm is also weak tier 1 team but slightly better than Newbee based on their performance since Resolution joined this team. Newbee recently game play are not that bad, still maintaining as tier 1 team, TNC yesterday still respecting Kaka's Naga which is a bad thing, but Newbee did not pick Naga at all yesterday, including another bo2 game against LGD. VG.J Storm on the other hand is doing better in drafting against Newbee, so I would recommend go for VG.J Storm here.
  13. Newbee win 2-0 with odds 2.07 or more. 0.5% Although Vega Squadron is doing their standard play as a tier 2 team yesterday by losing to VG.J Storm and LGD with 0-2 score in both bo2 series. But I think they seriously have more than 60% to win 1 game from Newbee here. So I am not advising more than 1% of bet size on Newbee to get 2-0. Newbee is currently one of the worst China Team in this MDL main event. IG.V and Newbee are on same weak tier 1 team now, so I would not recommend go high on Newbee match moreover this is bo2 match.
  14. Mineski win 2-0 with odds 1.52 or more. 2%. I am really respecting Infamous sudden upset here, so I will go along with 2% of bankroll for Mineski 2-0 here. It is no joke that Infamous is weak tier 2 team, but their upset potential still there especially on 2 bo1 matches here. Mineski is strong tier 1 team but who knows when they gonna stop depending on Pangoliar and pick techies for fun. They did told public they will pick techies when they feel it is suitable but we do not know will they pick techies when against some weaker opponent like Infamous. So keep your bet size low until bo3 games come online.
  15. 14.5 Secret vs OG

    Secret win 2-0 with odds 2.23 or more. 1% Secret is not performing very well in GESC Thailand and get kicked out by team Keen Gaming with 2-1 score in semifinal. Not only that, Team Secret is no longer having their unique play style, I am not sure how to express it, but Yapzor and Puppey recent game play in tournament are not as good as strong tier 1 support. However OG is not very strong either, they do have more than 70% chance to get 1 game from Secret here, so please keep low on Secret 2-0 here.