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  1. Optic Gaming win with odds 1.63 or more. Both team are actually having almost 50-50 here however their head to head recently is favoring on Optic Gaming, I will advise only 1% on this match. COL yesterday did pretty job by taking down DC, however DC right now is no match to COL nor Optic, so I could not analyse much from that match. I would say Optic is doing more consistent, so 1% for them should be good.
  2. Newbee win with odds 1.57 or more. I will go for Fnatic here if Liquid is with their full roster here taking down Fnatic, I would think Fnatic is still a team that belong to top 10, however their lost against Liquid with Heen standin for miracle is kind of disappointing. I think that Newbee would actually won Liquid with Heen Standin right now, so 3% on Newbee should be good enough
  3. Fnatic win with odds 1.3 or more. Fnatic right now is one of the top 10 team while Empire is only tier 2 team. I am not commenting Much on this match. I only can advise low bet on this as EE is very inconsistent now. Yesterday his lone druid still farming NC when enemy killed his team courier in 1000 range away. I really fking hate EE gameplay but overall fnatic should still win against Empire if EE do mistake for few times.
  4. 23.3 OG vs Newbee

    Newbee win with odds 1.39 or more. OG winning pain gaming is not a big deal as Pain Gaming without w33 definitely not belong to tier 1 anymore. Newbee lost against Secret is also normal thing where yapzor once again showing a new type of supporting hero ,terroblade. I always impressed by Yapzor, well come back to Team Newbee, the onyl thing we must aware od OG are notail arc warden. Arc warden is such good in this patch. Might go live bet on Newbee if OG not picking micro heroes.
  5. 22.3 LGD vs Ehome

    LGD win with odds 1.2 or more. Ehome been patrolling about tier 2 team for such a long time. I am not seeing any potential for them to upset LGD in this moment or incoming next 1 weeks. LGD Is still tier 1 team,might not one of the top 10 right now but still should be easy for them to upset Ehome.
  6. Liquid win with odds 1.69 or more. As liquid having Been their coach to standin for Miracle. Their synergy is definitely not good however Fnatic is not a team that having high chance to win against liquid with Heen. Seeing 1.69 odds on Liquid, 2 %on them would be good enough. Fnatic is strong but only 30% for them to win this from I seen. Yesterday liquid did a pretty good job and tell us that they are serious in being champion of dream league.
  7. Pain Gaming win with odds 2.81 or more. I am picking Pain Gaming here although they lost to liquid with Heen standin for Miracle because of OG taking 7mad replacing resolution here. First of all,7 mad is definitely not on the level as resolution was right now. Secondly, we all should know that synergy is taking very important part to win the match. Although Liquid able to win with Helen standin but I doubt OG able to do the same without resolution.
  8. Empire win with odds 1.59 or more. Empire performance yesterday is better than I expected. Although that first match is a messy for them however that second game they did a good job in maintaining the net worth as well as map control although they are weak in team fight. Immortal on the other hand is just cannot be a good team without their full korean roster.
  9. Liquid win with odds 1.15 or more. 3% I am not going Liquid 2-0 here although pain Gaming without w33 definitely will be weaker as their individual skill power. however their performance against Team Russia was impressive, I am giving them credit here and not buying Liquid 2-0
  10. Team Secret win with odds 1.13 or more.3% Team Secret win 2-0 with odds 1.7 or more. 2% Although Secret not playing well in Burcharest Major, however any team right now also can lose to Team newbee, so their 0-2 against Newbee is not really a mess. Empire however is not very strong now, although their performance still stronger than I expected but tier 2 team is their level now. Secret should not even losing 1 map here.
  11. 21.3 Fantic vs OG

    Fnatic win with odds 2.02 or more. Despite Fnatic should be winning Navi 2 days ago, but their Eternal Envy once again do trash player. Using Death prophet patrol in enemy base when his ulti is gone. Then lead to 3 core die and he should were Buyback earlier to push or even defend. Waiting to re spawn without BB was a stupid mistake. I am trying to say that Fnatic is still strong however E/E is the one making mistake. OG on the other hand taking 7mad and kick Resolution is stupid decision making. 5% on Fnatic should be good.
  12. Cavalry win at least 1 map with odds 1.5 or more. Cavalry is being underestimated too much here, their last performance was about 2 months ago, although they did have some minor competition in China but they are still considered not stable at the moment, Newbee young is confirm the better team here but China Match always have upsetting happening. Futhermore, Newbee Young does not shows they are belong to tier 2 team when they lost to Clutch Gamers and Execration in playing against SEA Team, So I will try 0.5% on Cavalry here.
  13. Team Spirit win with odds 1.26 or more. Team Spirit with Illidan is getting better but still considered as tier 2 team which is almost same as Gambit Esport now, however Gambit Esport only can be considered as weak tier 2 team while they are on their peak performance. Gambit Esport is not that stable right now so we should go with Team Spirit here with 2%.
  14. Fnatic win with odds 1.5 or more. To be honest, I wanted to pick DC because I am moonmeader fan however Fnatic is just too strong right now. They took down TNC with 2-1 right after TNC came back from Burcharest sitting on 5th to 8th place. Fnatic could be considered as one of the top 10 team right now. While DC (ex-iceberg) is not doing well no matter against VG .j storm or other team from NA they also showed themselves as tier 2 team right now. Fnatic should be wining this and 1.5 odds definitely worth for us to put5% here.
  15. Final tribe win with odds 5.29 or more. While VG.J Thunder proven themselves to be one of the top 3 team in the world by placing second in Bucharest major. We should favors on them but like I said. Final tribe line-up is just so good and could upset any team right now. 1%on then for 5.29 payout odds is worth it.