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  1. 05.09. - Liquid vs Optic

    Liquid vs Optic Pick: Liquid (BO1 match) Odds: 1.34 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Liquid is expected to win here. They had a pause, and i expect them to return stronger. Optic is really shaky atm, they can win vs better team, but they can be crushed too. Not looking good for them. But remember this is BO1, everything can happen.
  2. 05.09. - North vs HR

    North vs HellRaisers Pick: North (BO1 match) Odds: 1.29 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) North are big favourites and in excellent form. Maybe there will be surprises in this match, but i expect North to win easily, even tho HR can win too. Risky match for low odds.
  3. 05.09. Spirit vs Vega

    Spirit vs Vega Pick: Spirit (BO1 match) Odds: 1.47 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Spirit are big favourites here. Vega changed couple of players and are definitely not expected to win here.
  4. 05.09. BIG vs Renegades

    BIG vs Renegades Pick: Renegades (BO1 match) Odds: 2.33 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Have a feeling about Renegades about this match. BIG is good, but the odds are like 60-40. I believe Renegades can surprise them. Odds are worth of trying.
  5. 05.09. - TyLoo vs Gambit

    TyLoo vs Gambit Pick: Gambit (BO1 match) Odds: 1.90 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) That's very risky bet, but odds are good for BO1. Gambit is in very bad shape, they can't find their play, and TyLoo is known to beat all major teams. TyLoo are the favourites but i went for the Gambit, because the odds.
  6. NiP vs Virtus.pro Pick: NiP (BO1 match) Odds: 1.27 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) NiP is looking good lately. VP is falling apart, they are playing terrible.
  7. Space Soldiers vs Rogue Pick: Rogue (BO1 match) Odds: 1.93 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) SS are playing with their coach. I expect for cadiaN to carry Rogue.
  8. Liquid vs mousesports Pick: Handicap mouz +1.5 (it means they need to take at least 1 map from BO3) Odds: 1.58 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Definitely possible. Don't know why so low odds on Liquid and high on mouz. i think this is 40-60 match for mouz.
  9. FaZe vs Space Soldiers Pick: Handicap Space Soldiers +1.5 (means SS needs to take at least 1 map from BO3) Odds: 1.56 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) FaZe looks shaky, and SS looks in really good form. If you want to risk more, go for SS win, but i expect them to take 1 map from FaZe.
  10. BIG vs Não Tem Como Pick: Handicap Não Tem Como +1.5 (it means NTC must take at least 1 map from BO3) Odds: 1.43 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I don't think BIG is so good that they can win NTC with 2-0. No way, maybe NTC can even surprise them, they have cool linuep, able to surprise, i expect them to take 1 map at least.
  11. EnVyUs vs VG.Flash Pick: EnVyUs Odds: 1.29 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) That's safe bet. VG.Flash can surprise Envy with 1 map, but thats max i think. Safest bet you can make today.
  12. Virtus Pro vs OpTic Pick: OpTic Odds: 2.93 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) BO1 match. Optic has definitely shown that they can beat the best teams, so im aiming for surprise here. 2.93 odds are simply crazy!
  13. OpTic vs OG Pick: OG Odds: 2.23 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) This match is BO1, even tho winner is unpredictable, both teams played good yesterday, i decided to go with higher odds, even tho i think Optic has a slightly better chances to win.
  14. Mineski - LGD.FY Pick: Handicap LGD.FY +1.5 (it means LGD will take at least 1 map) Odds: 1.61 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Maybe Mineski is little better team overall lately, but yesterday LGD.FY impressed me with their play, and i think they can take at least 1 map from Mineski.
  15. Liquid vs Empire coL vs FTM Pick: Liquid + FlyToMoon Odds: 2.08 (BetOnBit; my betslip) I believe Liquid is 100% win, but i went risky with FTM vs coL, as i belive their aggressive style will bring them victory. coL is not in a good shape.
  16. OG vs NaVi Pick: handicap +1.5 on NaVi (it means NaVi will take at least 1 map from 3) Odds: 1.51 (BetOnBit; my betslip) OG is playing with their coach again, NaVi has few good matches lately, and i dont see the reason why not to bet on NaVi. If you want to go big risk, bet ML on NaVi, if you want to go safer as i did, go handicap +1.5 on NaVi, good odds.
  17. Virtus Pro - paiN Gaming FlyToMoon vs complexity Pick: ML on VirtusPro + FlyToMoon Odds: 2.18 (BetOnBit; my betslip) I think paiN can't do nothing vs VirtusPro, VP will just outclass them, or at least paiN can get 1 map, but that's not very likely (maybe due to 1st match of the tournament, oppening day, people are tired etc...), but otherwise, very low odds on VP and easy win. FTM vs coL, very interesting match, i just think FTM are very aggressive CIS team, and they will crush coL which is not in their best shape lately. However this is not safe bet, if you want safe bet go +1.5 handicap on FTM (means they will take at least 1 map) GL all!
  18. Astralis vs Liquid Pick: ML on Astralis Odds: 1.36 (BetOnBit; my betslip) Hopefully Astralis will start playing like they know. They are much quality team then Liquid, they should go to playoffs. Low odds on Astralis, but Liquid can take a map or who knows. My bet is on Astralis.
  19. fnatic vs Natus Vincere Pick: ML on NaVi Odds: 2.07 (BetOnBit; my betslip) fnatic and NaVi are in good shape recently, but again i think s1mple will carry NaVi to the victory. They shown good play vs Astralis lately, i don't see the reason why they can't beat unstable fnatic. Good odds to try it!
  20. mouz vs NiP Pick: ML on NiP Odds: 1.61 (BetOnBit; my betslip) I think mouz is in better shape lately, and are better team overall. It will be hard match, but i believe 2-1 or 2-0 for mouz, NiP is too unstable.
  21. Vega Squadron vs Gambit Team Empire vs Team Spirit Pick: Vega handicap -0.5 + Empire handicap +0.5 (= Vega 2-0, Empire 1-1 or 2-0) Odds: 2.07 (BetOnBit; my betslip) I love to bet handicaps on BO2, because its too risky to bet on maps etc... This is very risky betslip tho... All teams are in the same level mostly, so i expect very hard match Empire vs Spirit, will be hard. If you want to bet safe go with just Vega match.
  22. Team Spirit vs saint squad Team Empire vs flytomoon Pick: Spirit handicap -0.5 + flytomoon handicap +0.5 (= Spirit will take 2-0, and flytomoon will take at least 1 map) Odds: 1.66 (BetOnBit; my betslip) I love to bet handicaps on BO2, because its too risky to bet on maps etc... Spirit is much better then saint squad, i expect 2-0 for Spirit, aswell flytomoon can take it 1-1 or 2-0, all depends. DOn't see Empire taking it 2-0.
  23. Kinguin vs Alliance thefinaltribe vs mad lads Pick: ML win on Kinguin + The Final Tribe Odds: 2.03 (BetOnBit; my betslip) Easy prediction on GESC EU qualifiers favourites. Kinguin and The Final Tribe are way better teams and in way better for now then their opponents. Should be 2-0 or 2-1 wins for them.
  24. Kinguin vs Enyoy Quantum Bellator Fire vs Enyoy Pick: ML win on Kinguin + Enjoy Odds: 2.68 (BetOnBit; my betslip) Kinguin is in better form now then Enyoy, so i belive they will win 2-1. IF you want go more safe go on +1.5 handicap on Enyoy. Enyoy has beaten QBF last time 2-0, so i believe they will be the winners now too. Odds are too good not to bet on them on that match. GL!
  25. ORDER vs Tainted Minds Pick: ML win on ORDER Odds: 1.45 (BetOnBit; my betslip) ORDER has been beating Tained Minds lately easily, so i expect them to do it today too (2-0 or 2-1).