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  1. 8.9. Astralis - AVANGAR

    Astralis - AVANGAR (BO3 match) Pick: AVANGAR +1.5 Odds: 2.21 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Pitty that grand finals are BO3, it should be BO5. Astralis is big big favourite, but everyone loves a good underdog story, so do i. Let's go AVANGAR, my money is on avangar handicap. I believe they can take 1 map, odds are crazy, worth trying for. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  2. 7.9. NRG - Astralis

    NRG - Astralis (BO3 match) Pick: Astralis Odds: 1.53 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Easy bet on Astralis, decent odds, even tho NRG is pretty good contender too. We saw how unpredictable this Major is, i believe anyone can win this, wouldn't surprise me. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  3. 7.9. Renegades - AVANGAR

    Renegades - AVANGAR (BO3 match) Pick: AVANGAR Odds: 1.92 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) AVANGAR is playing amazingly, i believe they can win it 2-1 for sure. They look very good. I expect to see them in the grand finals. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  4. 6.9. Astralis - Liquid

    Astralis - Liquid (BO3 match) Pick: Over 2.5 Odds: 2.04 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Both teams are not in their best days, this will be very close and interesting match between rank 3 and rank 1. Hopefully we can see all 3 maps, good odds on that, worth trying for. Overall i think Liquid has the edge of winning it, 2-1. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  5. 6.9. Natus Vincere - NRG

    Natus Vincere - NRG (BO3 match) Pick: Over 2.5 Odds: 2.01 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Match is BO3, risk is very high. We see dominant NRG performance and very unreliable NaVi performance. In this situation it's very hard to give NaVi an edge to win this looking previous matches and plays. I think NRG is favourite 60-40 to win, but hopefully we can see all 3 maps today. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  6. 5.9. Vitality - AVANGAR

    Vitality - AVANGAR (BO3 match) Pick: AVANGAR +1.5 handicap Odds: 1.91 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Vitality plays good, ZyWoo is carrying them pretty hard, but here i think AVANGAR can surprise and pull off a map. 1.91 odds on Avangar +1.5, pretty decent, worth trying for. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  7. 5.9. ENCE - Renegades

    ENCE - Renegades (BO3 match) Pick: ENCE -1.5 handicap Odds: 1.83 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Both matches today are BO3. Low odds on favourites ENCE / Vitality. Those are safe bets if you like 1.2 - 1.3 odds, not big profit. Was thinking and analysing a lot about -1.5 / +1.5 handicaps, and decided to go with a clear win for ENCE, i dont think Renegades have a chance to win that match, they can win a map, odds are similar as -1.5 for ENCE. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  8. Ninjas In Pyjamas - Natus Vincere (BO3 match) Pick: Ninjas In Pyjamas +1.5 handicap Odds: 1.66 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) This will be hard match for NiP. If you want safe bet go on NaVI win, odds are pretty low but you should get back some money. NiP +1.5 is risky bet but with little bit of NiP magic i think they can take 1 map off from NaVI pretty easily. Risk is higher, but 1.66 odds for NiP to take 1 map are very good. I predict 2-1 for NaVi in the end. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  9. 5.7. NRG - Vitality

    NRG - Vitality (BO3 match) Pick: Vitality (win) Odds: 1.73 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Very good odds on Vitality. Vitality looking good vs Heroic, Fnatic, Ence, beating them both. NRG is playing good too, but i dont think they can match Vitality. Pretty sick odds on Vitality's win, which is safe bet i think. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  10. 31.05. FaZe - G2

    FaZe - G2 (BO3 match) Pick: FaZe ML (win) Odds: 1.60 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) BO3 match, even tho G2 looks good in last matches, i think FaZe will step it up and win 2-1. Over 2.5 (maps) is good bet too. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  11. Vitality - Ninjas In Pyjamas (BO3 match) Pick: NiP +1.5 handicaps Odds: 1.87 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) This is very very risky bet, because NiP is gonna play with their coach again vs Vitality who just won cs_summit. But thats Vitality's 2nd tournament in a one week, so i expect them to drop a map here and there. Hopefully this is it, odds are 1.87 on NiP taking 1 map. This is very risky bet. Vitality 2-0 is much safer, but i went for a risk because a good odds. Bet small. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  12. 29.05. ENCE - G2

    ENCE - G2 (BO3 match) Pick: ENCE Odds: 1.50 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) This should be interesting match! ENCE is in pretty good shape, while G2 is struggling. While i think G2 can take a map from ENCE, i dont think they can win. ENCE for a win is pretty safe bet with decent 1.50 odds. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  13. 29.05 NRG - Cloud9

    NRG - Cloud9 (BO3 match) Pick: Cloud9 +1.5 handicap Odds: 1.73 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) NRG is playing solid, while C9 is struggling with their new lineup and changes. But im expecting some map wins for C9, they have quality, and odds on C9 taking 1 map are brutal vs not top tier NRG team. Must risk and take that. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  14. Ninjas In Pyjamas - FaZe (BO3 match) Pick: FaZe -1.5 Odds: 1.59 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) NiP is playing with their coach pita, no way they can beat solid FaZe right now. FaZe changed lineup, added NeO and they are playing quite solid. I expect 2-1 or 2-0 for FaZe, but i went 2-0 because of NiP missing 1 player. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK
  15. 26.05. Vitality - ENCE

    Vitality - ENCE (BO3 match) Pick: Over 2.5 (maps) Odds: 1.87 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) With Vitality's form on this tournament, i think ENCE will have a hard time. At this point, is 50-50 match for me, both teams can win, maybe slightly favoured ENCE, but i expect to see all 3 maps. 1.87 Over 2.5 is pretty good bet. MY SPREADSHEET: LINK DISCORD: LINK