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  1. Renegades - Ninjas In Pyjamas (BO3 match) Pick: Renegades Odds: 1.53 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Even tho some people think NIP will take this, i dont think so. Yes, NiP is bigger name, yes NIP has better individual players, legends, but Renegades is playing much better lately. Im afraid NIP will crumble in this playoffs, and they wont pass Renegades. 2-1 for Australians. €200 on RNG.
  2. 5.4. Fnatic - North

    Fnatic - North (BO3 match) Pick: Fnatic Odds: 1.81 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Neither of those teams impressed me, North had so many fails lately. I was even surprised to see them in playoffs. This is 60-40 matchup in favour of fnatic if you ask me, i went €200 on fnatic ML, even tho North looks good in this tournament.
  3. 5.4. NRG - Vitality

    NRG - Vitality (BO3 match) Pick: Vitality Odds: 1.71 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Both teams are playing good, both with 3-2 score in the group stage. Maybe NRG won vs bigger names like BIG, mibr and North, but in any case this is 50-50 match and anybody can win really. I went €200 on Vitality, i think France will win 2-1. GL
  4. 1.4. FaZe - Renegades

    FaZe - Renegades (BO3 match) Pick: FaZe Odds: 1.85 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) This is like 50-50 match, FaZe is not doing great lately, Renegades won vs mibr 2-1, which is pretty good. I believe we will see all 3 maps, but i go with faze, pretty good odds for such team, they are playing unpredictable, they can win or lose vs weaker teams, but they can crush anybody i believe except Astralis. €200 on Astralis.
  5. 1.4. Vitality - Fnatic

    Vitality - Fnatic (BO3 match) Pick: Fnatic +1.5 handicap Odds: 1.49 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Vitality is in great shape, i believe this match is 60-40 for Vitality, but fnatic has its own chance. Going for handicap on fnatic, i believe they can take at least 1 map, if not more. Safe bet, we will see.
  6. 31.3. NRG - Fnatic

    NRG - Fnatic (BO3 match) Pick: Fnatic +1.5 handicap Odds: 1.49 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Im not sure why NRG is favourite here, i believe in fnatic, they are playing decently this StarSeries. EU > NA. However i will play safe and go with +1.5 handicap on fnatic (they need to take at least 1 map), odds are ok.
  7. 31.3. ENCE - Vitality

    ENCE - Vitality (BO3 match) Pick: Vitality Odds: 2.37 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) ENCE vs Vitality. ENCE 2nd place at Major lately. Pretty good, but Vitality has impressed me lately, i think this will be close match and if you look up the odds, Vitality is good pick with 2.37 odds. 2-1 for Vitality i think.
  8. Natus Vincere - Gambit Esports (BO3) Pick: NaVi Odds: 2.27 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Hard match, Gambit surprised us all lately with their results @ Major. But NaVi is rising in form, and odds are just too good to missed it. I predict 2-1 for NaVi, and im betting on NaVi on 2.27 odds. I think it will be close match.
  9. 30.03. OG - Alliance

    OG - Alliance (BO3) Pick: OG Odds: 1.29 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Even tho odds are very low, if you bet high this is worth trying for. OG showed very good games yesterday vs Liquid loosing 1-2, but they played insanely good. ana is back, and Alliance cant do anything in this match i think. They are not on the same level.
  10. Ninjas in Pyjamas - The Final Tribe (BO3) Pick: Ninjas in Pyjamas Odds: 1.24 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) 1.24 odds, but i dont think NiP can lose this, they are way too good lately to slip this win in qualifiers. 2-0 for NiP.
  11. Keen Gaming - Royal (BO3) Pick: KeeN Gaming Odds: 1.51 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) KeeN Gaming is in good shape currently, i predict 2-1 for KeeN.
  12. 3.3. ENCE - Astralis

    ENCE - Astralis (BO3 match) Pick: Astralis -1.5 handicap Odds: 1.57 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Would love for ENCE to stop Astralis dominance, but i think its impossible. 2-0 or 2-1 for astralis, went with 2-0, bets are good and i dont think ence can hurt astralis sadly GL
  13. 2.3. mibr - Astralis

    mibr - Astralis (BO3 match) Pick: mibr +1.5 Odds: 1.82 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) Astralis is no doubt the best team today, but mibr is looking good in this Major playoffs. I believe they wont be 2-0'ed by Astralis. They will give Astralis hard time. I predict at least 1 map for mibr.
  14. Natus Vincere - ENCE (BO3 match) Pick: ENCE +1.5 Odds: 1.57 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) €200 on ENCE handicap +1.5 I think with their current form and gameplay they will for sure take at least 1 map from NaVi. NaVi has not impressed me. ENCE is potential underdog and i think they can even win.
  15. Astralis - Ninjas In Pyjamas (BO3 match) Pick: Astralis -1.5 Odds: 1.54 (BetOnBit.com; MY BETSLIP) I was wondering if i go Astralis -1.5 here or NiP +1.5, but im not sure if NiP can take at least 1 map in this matchup. They look so shaky, and not good overall, while Astralis is Astralis, i doubt they will lose 1 map, even tho it can happen. Decided to risk it and went for Astralis 2-0. Quote Edit Donate Points