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  1. EnVyUs v LDLC Prediction: EnVyUs -0.50 Asian Handicap Odds: 1.869 Pinnacle First, let’s start with the recent roster changes. After an unsuccessful year and an early exit from the Boston Major Qualifier(kicked out by QBF), EnVyUs made two roster changes. xms stepped down from their active roster and was replaced by kioShiMa, while SIXER has been demoted down to the Envyus Academy team and replaced by hAdji. On the other side, LDLC replaced their in-game leader Ex6TenZ with LOGAN from ARES. LDLC’s most recent tournament was the online qualifier for the IEM Katowice 2018 Closed Qualifier. They finished dead last in their group, with two lost matches against Quantum Bellator Fire(2-1) and Epsilon(2-0). As for their ESL Pro League performance, they managed only one win(16-11 against Space Soldiers on Cobblestone), while suffering five losses against Space Soldiers (16-1), AGO (16-2 and 16-11) and Astralis (2x 16-5). As for the Team EnVyUs’ most recent tournament, they were invited to the IEM Katowice 2018 Closed Qualifier, but they finished at the 9-12th spot, with two defeats against Singularity(2-0) and Natus Vincere(2-0). It is worth mentioning that they were still playing with SIXER, while VKLL was playing as a stand-in for xms. In the ESL Pro League, they will be playing their first game tonight against LDLC. Looking at the odds, EnVyUs are rightful favourites to win both maps, priced around 1.40 on both maps. Alltrought they are relatively untested with their new lineup, the quality difference between these two teams should be notable on the server. With the addition of Kioshima and hAdji, Envyus are looking good, at least on paper, and should be more competitive than their previous roster. On the other side, LDLC replaced a veteran IGL with a young player, and so far I am not convinced with his performance. I recommend betting on EnVyUs winning both maps.
  2. Natus Vincere v Space Soldiers Prediction: Space Soldiers +4.50 rounds on Map 2 (Mirage) Odds: 1.757 Pinnacle A quick look at the odds and we can see that NaVi are favourites to win both maps, priced about 1.30 to 1.40 on both maps. If take a look at both rosters, the odds are pretty fair, especially after the amazing performance that we have seen from s1mple during the StarSeries i-League Season 4. During that tournament, NaVi managed to reach the finals, while beating the likes of FaZe, Astralis and Gambit, but in the finals, they lost to the Mousesports 2-1. S1mple was awarded the MVP award for the whole tournament. As for ESL Pro league, they played six maps, winning three maps in regular time and one in overtime, while losing two maps in regular time. According to the HLTV stats, s1mple is currently the best performing player in the league. Space Soldiers' most recent tournament was the Play2Live Cryptomaster, where they beat Windigo and Godsent to qualify for the finals against the polish team AGO. The lost the first map on Cobblestone 16-10. but they managed a comeback on Train 16-9. The final map was Inferno, which they lost 16-13. As far as their ESL Pro League performance goes, they played six maps, winning three maps in regular time, while losing two in regular time and one in overtime. They are performing very well in the league, currently at the top of the HLTV rankings with a rating of 1.21(Mousesports on the second place with 1.16 rating). These two teams met several times, their most recent encounter was a BO3 match during the last season's ESL Pro League Relegation stage, which NaVi won 2-1. Space Soldiers won on Mirage, but it was a close match, whit the final score being 16-14. In H2H stats, Navi leads with five wins out of seven maps played. Teams will play on two maps, first match on Inferno and second match on Mirage. The first map should go to the NaVi, as it is currently their best map(70% win rate during the last three months). As for the second map, I believe Space Soldiers should have decent chances to at least keep it close(66% win rate on this map in 2017). The obvious danger for this prediction is s1mple repeating his I-League performance.
  3. FaZe v Fnatic Prediction: Fnatic +1.50 maps Odds: 1.806 Pinnacle If take a look at the odds, we can see that Faze are priced as 1.44 favourites, which seems about right. Their roster is definitely more talented than their opponents and if one of their star players goes berserk, not a lot of teams can stop them. These two teams already played against each other in this tournament, with Fnatic winning the BO3 match on Cache with the score of 16-8 and on Inferno with the score of 16-11. Fnatic are in a pretty good form this tournament, they won all of their matches with only one map(Cache) lost in a BO3 encounter against G2, but then again, we could easily say that Cache is currently G2s best map. FaZe started their Katowice campaign with trashing Order 16-3 and then beating North 2-0 in a BO3 match. The next match they lost to Fnatic, 2-0 in a BO3, so they had to play Cloud9 in a losers bracket. The match was quite close, but eventually, FaZe prevailed on the third map after a double overtime. Then they played against Astralis, and won quite comfortably with the scoreline of 16-10 on both maps. As far as maps go, I would say Fnatic has the advantage on maps like Inferno, Cobblestone and maybe even Nuke(but I highly doubt this map won't be banned, as both teams don't really play on it). With Mirage I would have to go with Faze, as in the last three months they managed a respectable 87% win rate on this map(LAN matches only). If Train or Cache comes up, I would say both teams have equal chances to win these two maps, although FaZe might have a slight advantage on Cache. On Overpass, I see Faze as clear favourites. The last two times Fnatic made the playoffs at Katowice, they won the tournament, but it is worth noting that they are playing with a different roster, although the core of the team is still the same(Krimz, flusha, JW). For the prediction, I have to go with the Fnatic to keep it close and force to play all five maps. If Krimz can keep up with his amazing performance, they actually have a decent chance to win.