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  1. 26.11 Liquid vs NAVI

    Liquid vs Navi BO5 [Midas Mode] Odds : 1.7 -2handicap , 0.5 -1handi My predict is Liquid because #1 team + NAVI dont have much moonbucks left , they will have badpicks and bad bans. Liquid is overall better then them even if navi are starting to come back to the scene. Predict : 3-1 for Liquid
  2. How you got involved in esports betting?

    after i played a bit of csgo i found csgolounge and i had 0.10 skins i dident know nothing about how they work i thinked that factory new means i use the weapon and it gets battlescared so i started to bet with my ugly skins untill that 1$ turned in 30$ after 100 and so on untill i got ~800 and lost everything on jackpot site with 0.07% snipe ... years later i snipe twitter giveway to come back and here i am trying to get back and make some money ... if posible
  3. isent it better to make Daily Predictions Thread then for every game in part this would be more easy to find multiple matches in 1 thread like Title Daily Predictions Thread [11/26/2107] DOTA / CSGO Dota Newbee VS VG [Bo5] Newbee made a comeback 2-1 after 0-1 but VG also destroyed LFY 2-0 and i belive that they will have no mercy on Newbee today. I belive it will be a 3-1 CSGO SSpace vs Godsent [Bo3] SS look pretty good now they 2-0 EnvyUS Godsent won against G2 but still i belive SS will take this 2-1
  4. Your favourite teams?

    DotA2 -> Liquid - VP - VG CSGO -> Faze - Space Soldiers ( getting better and better ) used to be Fnatic fanboy but -olof rip
  5. Getting Store Points

    interesting ideea to make the community grow
  6. How you found us?

    i googled for betting clubs predictions so i can have an second opinion on my bets
  7. 26.11 Newbee vs VG

    every time i bet on these teams i get disapointed ... VG should get this i agree but newbee SCCC can always comeback with style like they always do