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  1. Pick: Med Pistons My bookie doesn't even have this game added yet, but I think the Pistons will win. They aren't the greatest team by any means, but they are capable and competent. This is why they are sitting at 2-1 so far. The 76ers have looked better but are still not a good team. This is shown by their lousy 0-3 record. The Pistons will also be at home. Also, earlier the Pistons were being offered with points; I'm not sure if that handi is still available, but it should be a really good pick if you can still get it.
  2. Pick: Med Kings (+1.5) Fade the Suns is real. They have a bad 0-3 start and just fired their coach. What's more is that their PG doesn't even want to play for them. They're reportedly looking into trade options. On the other hand, Cousins and Davis should be able to shred them. I probably would've taken the Kings straight up if it was offered. I'm also high on the under as the Kings are still a decently bad team even with Cousins and Davis. To top it off, the kings are at home as well which will give an added boost to their performance.
  3. Pick: FaZe -1.5 games Bet: Med (2 units) Odds: TBD There's no reasonable way FaZe should lose a game to Tyloo. FaZe are pretty much the top 1 team in the world right now. Everyone on that team is a star. Tyloo may be the best in China, but they still don't stack up well against the rest of the world. They might be able to beat some of the lower tier western teams, but they shouldn't beat FaZe. Tyloo haven't played a game since early September, which they lost to Flash 2-1. They also managed to lose convincingly as they won 16-12 and then only won 14 rounds over the next two maps.
  4. Pick: Med Thunder (-5.5) This should be a tight one as I have to settle for 5.5 on vpgame even though other places are doing 4.5. This makes me a bit more nervous about this one. However, OKC looked decent enough against the Knicks and covered the spread pretty easily. Their new big 3 played well together despite some silly mistakes. The Jazz, on the other hand, are trying to adjust to life without Gordon Heyward. This is bad enough, but Rodney Hood is also likely to miss a couple games including this one. The Jazz struggle in back-to-back games. They lost to the Timberwolves by 3 and OKC are a much better team than the Timberwolves.
  5. How you found us?

    I found it looking for a good Dota 2 predictor. <3 Qingno
  6. Pick: Low/ICB VP Vp got absolutely destroyed by Astralis the last time they played on Mirage. However, most of the rounds were quite close, and it could have easily been a different scoreline; one much more in favor of VP. A lot has happened since then, and VP has looked good on Mirage except against VenatoreS. Astralis has also recently dropped Mirage to C9 (12-16) and Fnatic (4-16), so they haven't been great on it either. I think that VP have about a 30%-40% chance to win this game. Astralis also might be more worried about Epicenter than ECS since they have a match against G2 in three days. VP also have a match for Epicenter soon, but I don't think they prepare for individual teams as much as they just start to practice more for larger events.
  7. Pick: Med Under 2.5 goals I think that only one team will score in this matchup. I don't think the team that scores will score 3. This is the case so long as Manchester doesn't go off. This isn't something that happens very often on the road. As long as Huddersfield keep a little bit of pressure on Man United they should be able to keep the match score under. It's going to come down to defensive positioning and possession, but I think Huddersfield are capable of this, especially with Man United's brutal home/road splits. Even if Man United up the pressure from last week, Hudddersfield will have the chance to counter and punish this, which will slow down the game.
  8. Pick: Med Watford (+1.5) Kante will be out, and I think that this will hurt Chelsea very badly. Both Luiz and Bakayoko got hurt against Roma. They could play in this game, but they won't be 100%. This means that they could have playing time reduced as well as reduced on-field performance. If they don't play it might be smart to go high on this match, but it'd also be a bit greedy. Watford is stronger than most people expected. They don't get stomped badly.
  9. Getting Store Points

    I get what it says about 2 points per prediction in the store section. However, I'm a little confused as to how the days are counted. Does the 10p maximum count on a 24 hour basis or from just day-to-day picks. Also, is there a bonus from getting predictions correct? Sorry if this seems dumb, I'm kinda new here.
  10. Pick: Med Under 26.5 Rounds C9 should absolutely destroy Temp on pretty much any map they play. However, if they go to Nuke or Train, I might want to pass on the under just because of added risk that there's no point in taking. Nuke and Train are two maps prone to going over due to how CT sided they are. They are also two of the better maps for Tempo. C9 could also just randomly lose the o/u but I seriously doubt that will be the case. If you don't like the o/u odds, C9 are an 8 round favorite, so you could take the -7.5. This, however, shaves off a round from the o/u and adds more risk. I'm only so cautious because it's hard to trust NACS.
  11. Pick: Low/Med Envy Train is a stupid map that the underdog will often take for no reason in a bo1. However, Envy have been in good form lately and Astralis are slumping. So if they take train, it wouldn't be for no reason. Astralis have a slightly better win percentage over the past three months, but they've obviously been iffy on it as they've only really started playing it more recently. Another thing about train is that it's hard to get one person to carry, which will play to Envyus' favor as they have better teamplay right now. I can also see this one going over, but I think the smart play will reside in picking the team you think is going to win. I also think that Envy +3.5 can be smart if you're iffy on their straight chances.
  12. Pick: Low Portland (-3.5) Again, i'm not going to go much high than 3% just because we don't have a lot of data on how these teams are going to perform in the regular season. Like the Lakers got stomped and the Knicks played a very competitive first half. In what we do have, the Blazers won 124-76 without one of their better shooters. The Pacers on the other hand just barely beat the Nets 140-131. The Nets are going to be one of the worse teams in the NBA this season and almost losing to them isn't a good look for the Pacer's who are down Paul George. There's also a chance that this one goes over, but I would avoid that bet because we don't know how the Pacers will do against better defense than the Nets. Especially since the Trailblazers only gave up 76 on opening night.
  13. Pick: Low Brighton +.5 Both are pretty mediocre teams, so the match could go either way. However, West Ham are missing a bunch of players due to injury or suspension. Pretty much their entire attacking frontline will be mia. I'm only going low because I'm not very experienced when it comes to the premier league. I'm not trying to lose a bunch of bankroll while I find my footing. Despite my personal inexperience, injuries in sports are still easy to analyze. I think that Brighton have a >50% chance to win, and they have good odds as well.
  14. Pick: Low Lakers (+5.5) The Clippers have been dominating the Lakers SU, but struggle against the spread. The Lakers are good against the spread. The Clippers also have to adjust to life without Chris Paul, which could be tough to do initially, but I'm sure they'll be fine in the long term. The Lakers have a pretty improved roster compared to last year including Lonzo Ball who has looked quite impressive in the Summer League. 5.5 is actually a significant spread value as well. As long as the Lakers stay within 1-1.5 scores the spread will cover it. I'm trying to stay low on my NBA picks this early into the season because you can't really tell how well everyone will be doing and team play will be at its weakest at this point in the year.
  15. Pick: Med/Low Optic or Low Over Train is a map that plays to a newer teams weakness. Cache is a pugger map. Even though the Optic roster is up to about 50 maps played together, that's significantly less than CLG. Optic have the better individual skill and firepower than CLG, so I think that they have a solid chance to take Cache. CLG also really struggle on cache, and Optic, while not great, are still better. CLG even lost to Tempo 16-4 recently on Cache. Optic hasn't beaten any big name, but they have played most teams close, so the over is an option as well.