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  1. 4.5 - Vega vs Rebels

    the bet is now 1.071 odds for luminosity to win 1 map, i hope they dont cancel my 1.83
  2. 4.5 - Vega vs Rebels

    fast, on bet365 are odds, 1.83 to win 1 map for luminosty. its game vs optic its a misstake but i dont know if they might cancel the bet i think they wanted make 1.083 odds instead 1.83 csgo bet luminosity vs optic gaming odds are 1.20 win for luminosity, but 1.83 luminosity to win one map lets try
  3. 4.5 - Vega vs Rebels

    can u tell me which sites u check ? i am only at bet365 atm, and pinnacle is no option to me, pinnacle stopped in germany.
  4. 4.5 - Vega vs Rebels

    yay cool find, nice job ! i wanna ask, how long a day u search for surebets ?
  5. Navi vs Empire

    dont worry, i dont follow blind, i do my own ones, but im more the combo guy, dota csgo lol sc2 and tennis
  6. 30.04 NRG vs TSM

    this was a good one ! ty
  7. Navi vs Empire

    honestly, the last 3 lans i noticed, take 1 ammount and bet whole lan on the underdog = profit
  8. Navi vs Empire

    can u post ur bet stats ? it feels like every bet i read of u is a loss
  9. i just came home from work, ty for writing about new patch, this means for me, no bets for some days maybe, in new patches everything is possible
  10. 25.04 VP v Astralis

    didnt vp got sponsored by a rich guy with 100 million dollars ? wasnt there something like that ?
  11. 25.04 Astralis vs Virtus.Pro

    typical my luck, vp wins over fnatic, but then suddenly i see 10-0 for astralis and of course i skip the fnatic bet and take the astralis one lol
  12. 25.04 E-Frag v ENSO

    i dont bet items but thank u anyway ^^. there is always something to learn
  13. Danish Bear vs Fantastic Five

    this is super interessting, 2 bet tips for this game, 2 different tips
  14. 25.04 E-Frag v ENSO

    what means ICB ?
  15. 25.04 Astralis vs Virtus.Pro

    i might try vp takes 1map in a combo, thx for the tip dude