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  1. Rogue vs Hellraiser WardiTV Pick: Rogue -1.5 (Mid: 3%) Odds: 1.3 (Pinnacle) I assume Rogue will open overlord speed in all games and defend against any cheese with a breeze. If hellraiser goes late game, gg.
  2. Zest vs Hellraiser WardiTV Pick: Zest -1.5 (Mid: 3%) Odds: 1.264 (Betspawn) Zest is murdering protosses, including winning 3 series against Stats. Hellraiser is a no name EU player, GL sir.
  3. Zest vs Rogue WardiTV Pick: Rogue (Mid: 3%) Odds: 1.7 (Pinnacle) Zest dropped 2 series against Impact and one against Ragnarok - Rogue dosen't have many games played but did win a series against herO. Hard to make a case for Zest here, he might be making a comeback but Rogue has proven to be one of the top for a couple months now.
  4. Zest vs Innovation WardiTV Pick: Zest (Mid: 3%) Odds: 1.9 (Betspawn) Zest has been wrecking Terrans since the new patch including a 2-0 over Innovation.
  5. herO vs Impact WardiTV Pick: Impact (Low: 1%) Odds: 2.15 (Betspawn) 17-14 for Hero in H2H - The score isn't quite enough to justify the bet since it hits on the nail. Going with a small bet here because zerg is looked at as the stronger race right now in the new patch.
  6. herO vs Creator WardiTV Pick: herO (Mid: 3%) Odds: 1.26 (Betspawn) H2H is 9-2. They played two bo3's in 2017, resulting 4-0 for herO. HerO is a beast right now, I'd be shocked if Creator even took a map tbh.
  7. TY vs herO WardiTV Pick: herO (Mid: 3%) Odds: 1.65 (Betspawn) H2H is 22-9 in Heros favor which gives him 70% winrate over TY. Well exceeds the percentage we need with the given odds.
  8. TY vs Creator WardiTV Pick: TY (Mid: 3%) Odds: 1.33 (Betspawn) This is going to be tough for Creator, H2H is 9-3 for TY which justifies the odds however i imagine TY being more favorite than the h2h implies.
  9. Creator vs Impact WardiTV Pick: Creator (High: 5%) Odds: 2.87 (Betspawn) They played a bo7 yesterday with Impact barely edging it out 4-3. About 2 weeks ago a bo5 that went 3-2 for Creator. H2H is really close between these two throughout history aswell. This seems to be a coinflip with good odds.
  10. TY vs Impact WardiTV Pick: TY (Mid: 3%) Odds: 1.5 (Betspawn) H2H is 9-1 in TYs favor, some of the matches happened this year.
  11. Namshar vs Serral WESG Pick: Serral (Mid: 3%) Odds: 1.1 (Betspawn) The odds are really steep, they've played 3 times in 2017 - Serral winning all 7 maps. You have to scroll back to 2016 to find a winning map for namshar against Serral. I'm intrested in what odds the handicaps will be, might even go for -2.5 for Serral. He just looks ridic strong these days.
  12. Nerchio vs Serral WESG Pick: Serral (Mid: 3%) Odds: 1.5 (Pinnacle) H2H is 14-14 but the recent matches have gone to Serral. The ladder results for Serral are insane. I think nerchio is going to struggle in a bo7 however, where nerchio gets the upperhand for sure is his experience in live tournaments. Serral is quite green in that respect.
  13. Nerchio vs Showtime WESG Pick: Nerchio (Mid: 3%) Odds: 2.850 (Pinnacle) Not sure why nerchio is being shown as such an underdog - recently they've been trading quite equal. H2H overall is 54-43 in Nerchios favor.
  14. Serral vs Elazer WESG Pick: Serral (Mid: 3%) Odds: 1.61 (Pinnacle) Serral is 22-6 over Elazer in H2H. That's pretty much my reasoning.
  15. Majestic vs DeMuslim WESG Pick: Majestic (Mid: 3%) Odds: 2.81 (Betspawn) Majestic recent form seems better than DeMuslim - their h2h is 2-2. Terran seems weak in this patch aswell.