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  1. DotA 2 LootBet Cup Effect vs. Cascade Bet: Cascade +1,5 @2,22 2/10 Pinnacle cSc underrated here because no one really knows them. In this competition they had to play another round before this one which is not registered at any DotA coverage site, but going thought cSc's VK account you can see their match against Cyber Anji (official team of FC Anzhi) which was won 2:1. I consider Effect as a better team than Anji but the difference is not that big. They had an amazing run in late march but afterwards their results were not impressive anymore, of course facing some good teams. Anyway, they lost a lot of matches now and their mental state is questionable. Now facing an unknown team which can't be predicted draftwise will be tough for Effect. The other way around cSc have enough data of their opponents to work with. One map for over 2 odds is great in this spot. Yesterday I also started my own eSport Betting service after having a successful US-Sport service for 2 years now. If you guys want to follow on FB https://www.facebook.com/ESport-Bets-1688705957824278/, https://kebab.blogabet.com or have any questions feel free to contact me Would be great to see some of you around.
  2. Snute vs. Kelazhur ML @2,70 1/10 Betspawn SC2 WCS/Dreamhack. Kelazhur is a monster in TvZ, 70% winrate overall and right now he is in good shape. Came out of the group first yesterday against good players like NeeB and SortOf. Looking through his year he was able to beat high class Koreans in TvZ like Solar, sOo, taking a map of Dark, dominating all series against TRUE etc. . Snute for me he is playing worse as soon as the single elimination bracket are on and he performs worse. Okay, he won like the last 4 Go4SC2 on ESL but it is not the same level of competition. Overall he should be favorited a little but these odds are ways too high with the favorite matchup of Kelazhur this can swing in his way fastly. Playable until 2,2.
  3. SC2 StarLeague herO vs. ByuN ML @1,90 2/10 Betspawn I don't see ByuN as the underdog in neither way. In the VSL League he showed extremely good games, 9:3 in maps beating every Protoss crossing his way. Trust, Stats, Patience, Creator, Dear and also herO were not able to stop him. This year ByuN has 9:6 Maps against herO overall but right now his shape is on point. herO of course is not a player to talk bad about as well, he looks really strong in the last weeks beating GuMiho and TY in BO5 matches but his curve seems dropping in this moment. Facing a player he has a negative head-to-head over 30 games played I would not rate him as the favourite. ByuN about 1,70 would be my suggested odds, see him winning this.
  4. Maru vs. Super +1,5 @2,3 1/10 Betspawn Saw the match of Maru against Dark, Game 2 & 3 were terrible by Maru, not the player he supposed to be some months ago. PvT is Super's favorite matchup which is also shown in the head2head between them, 6:3 maps in favor of Super. With Maru not being on his peak and facing an opponent he hates to face the chances for one map are pretty high.
  5. Dr. Hippi ML vs. Pashadizel @1,65 2/10 Betspawn Bet yesterday was an easy win, today similar situation. Pashadizel is a better player than Arthas but Hippi also is a much better player than Allad at the same time. He is the runner up of the world championship 2016, one of the best players world wide. Yesterday he beat his team-mate Naiman convincingly. Streamer vs. pro-gamer, all day with Hippi here. They also both play pretty same lineups from the decks, both surprised with Ramp Druid. Fair odds about 1,4 , Hippi should beat a streamer for sure. *WON*
  6. Today first round from Nutsbet Cup finished. Two big surprises rest went fine. Tomorrow, 16:00 Allad ML vs. Arthas @1,75 3/10 Betspawn BET OF THE WEEK! NUTS Bet as the host of this cup ofer 1,45 for Allad which is fine. The 1,75 on Betspawn is insane. Arthas is a pure streamer who has even problems to reach legend in ladder... Allad in contrary won last cup, beat ShtanUdachi (reigning Winter Champion in Hearthstone) twice and has 13 HCT points, which means he had at least one top 100 finish last 2 months and two high finishes in open cups. Allad is miles away skillwise of Arthas. The Nutsbet odds are fair, the 1,75 is crazy. Btw I can really recommend you guys trying Betspawn, was trying the site a couple of weeks and it is great, you find bets super easy, limits are fine and the odds are also good.
  7. 21.4 GSL: Billowy vs ByuL

    I am also on this bet, love it, H2H is clearly in his favour, if you lose so many times against a guy you are kinda scared even if you are a pro. Amazing odds, great bet
  8. Luminosity ML vs. G2 @2,07 1/10 Pinnacle Going against G2 once again but this week there is another reason for it. This weekend will be the European Pre-Eliminaries and every player who is qualified will put the focus on them, all three G2 players are qualified ofc so I don't think they will think much about Trinity Series. Luminosity have one more week for pre-elims because the Americas will be next week, with a better preparation they can win this one for sure.
  9. Comanche ML vs. FRIENDS @2,86 1/10 Pinnacle FRIENDS are not too stable to be high favourites against anyone. Comanche are not too bad and in RUS vs. RUS anything is possible to happen. Odds should be around 2,3-2,4.
  10. Team Secret -1,5 vs. Ad Finem @2,41 1/10 Pinnacle Ad Finem seem to be in terrible shape right now after losing 0:2 vs. B)ears. Secret start getting stronger and stronger in their last matches and 2:0 is not impossible because AF tend to lose the 2nd game after losing the first, their comeback potential is not too high, these guys live of momentum most of the times which does not build up after trailing.
  11. NaVi ML vs. B)ears @1,653 2/10 Pinnacle Bears were able to put a huge upset on Ad Finem but is it worth overrating them for so much. NaVi looked better than AF in the past weeks and the team begins to settle slowly but steady. B)ears are a fresh roster with an upset in the first game but before they had proven more, I can't resist on a NaVi bet.
  12. Vega ML vs. Empire @1,909 2/10 Pinnacle Empire struggled in their first match to beat FRIENDS who are in pretty bad shape right now. In general I see the Vega roster being much stronger, Empire lacks star power I think, Chappie is not the kind of guy who can carry a team in important matches. Vega not with the best results either but there is a difference between NaVi and Secret and Empire today. I feel like odds should be at about 1,70.
  13. Team Spirit ML vs. Effect @2,08 1/10 Pinnacle In my opinion Team Spirit have a really good lineup in the future with two players in fng and Phobos who can coordinate the team really, really well. Effect beat VP, which was a huge upset already but if you are looking through their previous matches they were not able to perform with high stability, especially as favourites they choked many times alrdy while beating teams were they were big underdogs. Spirit will be a tough opponent today and I think they will outpick Effect also with two former drafters in the roster.
  14. fnatic -1,5 vs. mousesports @2,16 1/10 Pinnacle Mouz underwent important changes in the last weeks and it always to perform directly especially if you are unfavoured against an experienced roster like fnatic.
  15. Echo Fox ML vs. Team Liquid @2,0 1/10 Pinnacle Liquid are in terrible shape, getting destroyed in their last match, Echo won two games in a row and look stronger and stronger from game to game, fair odds 1,6-1,7.