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  1. 26.11 WESG Nerchio vs serral

    Great shouts again mate. Thanks
  2. 3.6 GSL Group D

    Another great shout. Kudos
  3. 28.5 WCS: Scarlett vs Neeb

    What a shout. Shame i missed out on it.
  4. Coventry vs Fleetwood

    Coventry vs Fleetwood Town (AH -0.25) - Odds: 2.30 Stake: Medium Fleetwood are in good shape and have a really good defence. Coventry didn't win a single game in their last 6, hence why I picked the AH which will refund half money placed in case of draw. Good luck.
  5. Doncaster vs Crewe

    Doncaster vs Crewe - Pick Doncaster - Odds: 1.60 Medium Stake. Doncaster are first in the league having a magnificent form playing Crewe who are struggling both at home and away. Crewe did not score in 3 of their last 4 games. So cleansheet doncaster Odds:2.20 is a good shout too. (low stake) First post here so if anything incorrect let me know.
  6. 10.1. JustMSI vs. OVERDRIVE

    Great shout mate
  7. 7.1 Execration vs Warriors Gaming.Unity

    365 have WG at 1.36 . Still viable Qingno? Cheers
  8. 1/6 Friends vs Horde

    Odds on all bookies for friends are 1.34
  9. 4.1 GSL: Zest vs Keen Decider

    Thats a quality pick mate.
  10. 31.12

    Good one buddy Happy new Year mate
  11. 29.12 Vega Squadron vs ex-The Imperial

    1.22 is a bit short. Would you suggest betting map1 and if they win, bet map2? Thanks
  12. 28.12 Team Empire vs Horde

    Thanks mate. Appreciate the tip