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  1. 8/22 Topsports -vs- OMG

    E Sports / LOL / Kick off: 22 Aug 2018, 13:00 League of Legends - China LPL Topsports -vs- OMG Topsports to win @1.54 probets.club If Top win they will secure a spot for play off for the 1st time of their history meanwhile OMG is actually out of playoff, they play for nothing. TOP have a better macro than OMG, they just have to don't let Icon too free in mid lane to win the game.
  2. Bayer Leverkusen v MSV Duisburg Over 2.5 (Total Goals) @ 1.570 Bet365 Every time this two teams had met there had been goals and this match even if is friendly is not exception I defently see a minimun of 3 goals for today’s match Leverkusen will play a lot in rotation players just like their opponent and I defently see this match being an open match from beggining to end I have no doubt both teams will have a lot of opportunities for them to score goals in today’s friendly game I don’t see the teams taking this game to serious and they won’t defend well I expect a lot of goals in this match Best odds is 1.65 at http://bit.do/highodds
  3. 04.07 North - OpTic

    North - OpTic Full Event Home -4.50 (AH) @ 1.8 PINNACLE ESL One Cologne - Same reason, Optic did a disappointing quals to major, losing 0-3 against worst teams like Vega Squadron and Renegades (16-10 both). Little time to prepare ESL One and lot of doubts since their IGL JasonR left the team and now playing with their coach hazed. North should win easy this.
  4. Natus Vincere - Liquid Full Event Home -2.50 (AH) @ 1.8 PINNACLE ESL One Cologne - Liquid without time to train because they play quals to major yesterday, eliminated in last game against Flipsid3 after 3 overtimes. They travel today from Bucarest and I think that they must be tired and with low moral. NaVi should win easy as they win in their last match on LAN in May (16-4) against Liquid.
  5. Team SoloMid vs Unicorns of Love - LOL - Rift Rivals Team SoloMid (Match Winner 2-Way) @ 2.25 Bet365 UOL have less experience on this kind of events, and they are playing really bad lately so I wouldn't place the odds like this. As I said in the FNC pick, Exileh is playing really bad so Bjergsen/Jensen can snowball the lane and the game from the midlane, in my opinion both of them are in a really good moment. Low stake because Bo1 is always risky and I'm laying UOL in all the big matches.
  6. Bpro vs Gux & Friends CS:GO ESEA Premier Match Winner 2 Way @1.72 Bet365 BPro vs a mix seems like a pretty close affair. However vs a mix on Overpass is another story. BPro nearly always ban overpass before the opposition has a chance to pick it and I don't blame them. Its a map that doesn't suit them. But it suits a bunch of friends well as it's all about rotations which are easy to work out together. Could be close but I expect Gux + Friends to take it.
  7. Planetkey vs FlipSid3 Tactics CS:GO ESEA Premier Match Winner 2 Way @1.4 Bet365 Flipsid3. A repeat major appearance team. Now expected to lose to Planetary with this much time to have worked on themselves since their last outing and on Overpass a map they always loved and played when they could. If planetary can't beat a newly formed Epsilon on this map they have no chance vs Flipsid3.
  8. Pride Gaming vs Binary Dragons CS:GO Hellcase Cup PRIDE GAMING TO WIN 2-0 Odds 2.62 Bet365 PRIDE to me are of a higher calibor. Team123 got dismantled by the teamwork of Binary Dragons yesterday but I feel not only do PRIDE outaim and out veto them. But also have a higher level of teamwork just due to them being good friends on and off the game. I feel like they just have this especially with the veto process first.
  9. Jin Air Green Wings vs BBQ Olivers - LOL - LCK Summer Split Jin Air Green Wings (Match Winner 2-Way) @ 1.66 Bet365 I really dont know why this odd is so high. Jin Air was an awful team in last split but this summer split they are a new team. They know how to snowball when they have advantage, thing that before they couldnt do. Good odd for Saturday, I publish now because the odd can decrease.
  10. Ever8 Winners - bbq OLIVERS Full Event Home @ 1.653 Pinnacle This is a very risky one, since both teams are at the bottom of the tournament and i think they are pretty equal, but Ever8 Winners can close the games, and BBQ Olivers have problem with closing games even when they are ahead - Much like Solo Queue players
  11. 16.2 Fnatic - Misfits

    Full Event Away +5.50 (AH) @ 2 5% PINNACLE Fnatic looks like their having trouble integrating their two "new" players again. They look idealess when thisngs arent going their way. Misfits on the other hand imoressed against VP, so with the right map choice i predict a closer match than one might think. GL
  12. 16.2 G2 vs UoL

    Full Event Away (ML) @ 2.12 2% PINNACLE G2 E-sport and UoL are both dominant leading teams in EU LCS. It would be not strange whether one of the teams gets a victory under observation of their recent games. G2 is the all-rounded team and have shown their solid performances for a long time. UoL with their rookie jungler Xerxe and his favorite champ Ivern, dominated their league in this season. G2's supporter Mithy showed unstable performance during their last few matchups. UoL's jungler Xerxe over performances whole season, and I expect to show his strength this match against G2's jungler Trick.
  13. Over 2.5 (Total Maps Over/Under) @ 2.000 1% Bet365 Undervalued Team Spirit have showed last week that they're improving. I gives them credit awaiting them to win at least a map today.
  14. ALTERNATE aTTaX -5.5 (Rounds Handicap) @ 1.8 (Bet365) betsize 4% 5.5 is a lot but Crowns is really bad. They were good last season but they lost their two big fraggers and are left with the leftovers while ATN picked up oskarish and ecfN to make up for keev & kzy, these two have done pretty good and when ATN has 16-1'd envision, had a close match w/ BIG and beat fnc academy then I think this should hit.
  15. Full Event Home -1.50 (Pts HC) @ 2 1.5/10 Bet365 Cloud9 are the best team in NA, no one can compete against them. Team Liquid is an embarassing team, they make lots of mistakes and they will pay hard for each them. Trust: 1.5/10