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  1. alternateattax vs virtuspro

    For the next time, read this thanks -->
  2. We are trying to make the site bigger so we are looking for more tipsters. We can pay 1€ per tip (max 4 tips per day) and max total 100€ per month. Write a sample tip on the forums and then send it to me marko.valkeejarvi@gmail.com with some basic information about you (games you cover etc)
  3. As you might know, we are a new site, so every help to bring us users is wanted! We want to start slowly, but our goal is to be the best esports betting community in the future. That's why we have a budget we can use. At the moment we are looking for: Tipsters Team - You will post daily esports betting tips on the forum - You need to know about the esports scene of atleast one of the following games (CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, SC2) - Understandable english (You will write in english) - Salary is based on the overall performance Marketing Team - You maybe have good and active facebook, twitch or twitter profile with many esports followers - You know where we can get traffic from (People who are interested about esports betting) - Keep people informed about our new site on other forums, sites and social media - Monthly salary is possible if we see you are capable of bringing good amount of traffic Other task - If you feel you can help us in any other way, just send us a mail You can send us an application by mail --> marko.valkeejarvi@gmail.com
  4. Seoul Dynasty - Dallas Fuel Pick: Dallas Fuel @ 3.28 Pinnacle Fuel is getting better and better and the new meta seems to work with them. I think this will be closer than the market expects. aKm has been really a good dps pick if not the best at the moment. Also the map-pool is favouring Dallas a little
  5. So guys, tell me your story. I can start. I have been betting on sports since 2008, in the 2012 it got pretty serious and and I was making quite big pucks out of it. I'm also a owner of the finnish betting community VihjeParatiisi.com. I don't have really esports background myself, I only played BF2 on highlevel back then. When twitch became popular I started to watch games everyday, mostly CS. I think it was Pinnaclesports who offered the first value odds on CS and I have been betting on esports since that. I always compare odds, so I can get the real value. I like how the odds move in esports betting, that means that there is always air in the odds. I think that esports betting is the field where you can make money now nd in the near future. I made this forum because I want to get a group of people who enjoy betting and we can share information and make money together!
  6. Anyone can join and write tips in our site, all you need is a free account! There are, however few rules we want to highlight before you start writing your content. 1. Always put the date and the match info on the title like this --> "19.4 - LGD vs VG Reborn" 2. In the actual tip you needs to always mention pick, odds and the bookie. 3. The predictions in this topic need to have analysis attached, just bare picks are not suitable for this topic. Here is an example of a well organized tip:
  7. I from Finland, so I like to follow finnish teams mostly. In the CS:GO we have the recently formed new Ence. Not a good start for them but I im quite confident that they will be in the majors one day! It's the first fulltime paid team in finnish esports. I also like to follow finnish Starcraft player Welmu. I like how humbe he is. Seems like a nice guy!
  8. How you found us?

    Hey guys, I would like to know how you found us, it can be usefull information. Mostly come from Reddit or Blogabet I guess. Anyone from google search?
  9. Getting Store Points

    For max points, it counts on posts made in 24h basis. There is no bonus on getting predictions right, because we would have to check them manually and it's a lot of work.
  10. Update on the forum

    Just testing that everything works good. Let me know if there is any problems.
  11. Immortals vs Team SoloMid Pick: Immortals Odds: 1.11 Bookie: Bet365 The Immortals have won 17 of their 18 and beaten Team SoloMid in both games they played. 1/9 is short but seems the logical bet. Odds is quite low but i still see some value here.
  12. How you found us?

    Nice to see we are already getting some volume from google It takes some time get up in the google.
  13. 26.04.16 OpTic vs. NRG [Both Maps]

    I know man.. But the esportsbetting is getting bigger every month, so I guess you have better options in your local market in no time
  14. 26.04.16 OpTic vs. NRG [Both Maps]

    I'm gonna put my own tip on this thread since I don't have much to say: Pick: OpTic (First to 5 rounds) map 1 Odds: 1.729 @Pinnacle Stake: 3/5 OpTic odds to win the first map is 1.4 so I see some value on them taking the 5 rounds first. They have a little better percentage on pistol rounds, but I also think they have the skill to finish the five rounds first even when they don't win the first round. OpTic likes to make some great starts.
  15. 25.4 - Fantastic.Five vs Danish Bears

    Nice one, Thanks.
  16. 24.04 Virtus.Pro vs Mousesports

    Nice tip mate. Welcome!
  17. What betting sites/tools do you use

    Got this from Kosta. It is for SC2 betters. You can see really nice stats from SC2-players at http://aligulac.com/
  18. Fanstastic five vs Danish bears

    Thanks for the tip and welcome
  19. 22.04.2016 CLG vs Splyce [Both maps]

    Damn, just before you send the new message. I placed bets on Splyce win the first map and (+4,5)
  20. 21.4. SuperMassive vs Saigon Jokers IWCI

    Thanks mate. I also saw value on mapbets.
  21. 20.4. TY vs. Cure

    TY crushed this one as you said
  22. 20.4. - Stats vs. Solar

    Got this one, thanks. Just betted 100€ so there is still odds left for someone
  23. 20.4. TY vs. Cure

    10bet is offering 1.63 for TY. There is some value for you mate.
  24. 20.4 - TY vs Cure

    TY vs Cure Pick: Cure and Cure (+1,5) Odds: 3.17 and 2.07 @ SBOBet Semi-Finals of the Global Starcraft 2 League. Both of the players finished second places on their groups with 2 wins and 1 lose. Still the market sees TY as a big favourite. The fact is that Cure played better in the group phase by losing only 2 maps. SBOBet is giving the top odds for Cure so I will give it a try.
  25. Our Facebookpage is up! You can visit the page by clicking HERE. Feel free to hit the like button. I will run lots of competitions there later on when we get some likes.