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  1. 3 points
    Pick: Empire win 2-0 with odds 3.5 or more. It's been a long time I didn't went for such high odds, well instead of saying I am favoring on Empire, you can say I am underestimating alliance, alliance can lost to rebel with 0-2, I think same things could happens in this match. I was favoring on alliance all the time because their lineup is so damn good but their synergy are not stable especially recent match. I cannot believe they lost to rebel and Empire with stand in in last few days. I am going max bet for this,this might hurt but I really lost faith in alliance. I remember my last high odds bet was 6.25 betting on a 3-0 match and won. Hope this hype could happens again. Either you skip or u go for Empire 2-0, I think it is pointless to bet on any team win ML. 5% is my max bet
  2. 3 points
    Been following you since your reddit spreadsheet days, Quingno and i remember supporting you over that controversy that happened back there with people also accusing you of some mischief. You seem to have that following you everywhere haha. All i wanna say is that your predictions have always been solid and you shouldnt get carried away by people like this guy hating on you. Keep up the good work, there are plenty people who like you here and this guy doesnt mean anything. <3
  3. 3 points
    The bet size depends on how big your inventory / bankroll is. If you have a big inventory a bet size of 1 could be 1% of whatever you can afford to bet thus unit size 3 would be 3%. Some people who have smaller amount of cash or don't mind taking a risk could use 3% or even 5% as 1 unit, so in this example it could be 9% of whatever your bankroll is. It's whatever amount you feel comfortable betting with.
  4. 3 points
    Well, my story was simple: I'm from Southeast Asia and play CS:GO casually and one day, I realized that the weekly skin drops from that game can be used to bet on competitive pro games in the scene! So I started watching pro games last year, and from $1 my inventory went to an all time high of $70 from betting (yes it's little, however I did not even invest real money in this game yet). I started to research more and more about the pro scene, and realized that I could predict games with a high rate of accuracy. I also dabble in investments in the CS:GO market, investing in items that are bound to rise and have made alot of money there, which I did cash out and use the money. My biggest accomplishment was predicting two huge underdog bets with crazy odds like 11.3 and 8.0 last week during Dreamhack Masters Malmo, where nobody knew the potential of the Chinese team TyLoo as most are clueless about the Asian scene. I started posting my analysis on the CS:GO betting subreddit, and although people liked my analysis there, the competition is way to high over there, with veteran analysts there that charge fees to view their predictions having all the attention there. Everytime they post, all other predictors just pales in comparison with the people upvoting the veteran and downvoting the others. Once, I posted a 1500 word analysis which I predicted correctly, but people just downvoted and buried my post. It was heartbreaking to see that happen, while the people who charge fees get the upvotes. I found this forum from my friend, Qingno which is a Dota 2 analyst, and we are currently applying to be one of the tipsters in this forum. Fingers crossed, but this is a new place for us to try to get an audience. You can find my analysis and picks in the CS:GO section of the forum.
  5. 2 points
    So guys, tell me your story. I can start. I have been betting on sports since 2008, in the 2012 it got pretty serious and and I was making quite big pucks out of it. I'm also a owner of the finnish betting community VihjeParatiisi.com. I don't have really esports background myself, I only played BF2 on highlevel back then. When twitch became popular I started to watch games everyday, mostly CS. I think it was Pinnaclesports who offered the first value odds on CS and I have been betting on esports since that. I always compare odds, so I can get the real value. I like how the odds move in esports betting, that means that there is always air in the odds. I think that esports betting is the field where you can make money now nd in the near future. I made this forum because I want to get a group of people who enjoy betting and we can share information and make money together!
  6. 2 points
    Classic vs TY SSL Pick: Classic (Mid: 3%) Odds: 2.25 (Betspawn) Classic looking really great today in PvT, murdered aLive and had a great showing against TY taking his GSL group 2-0. Feels wierd favoring Classic over TY but i think this is the bet to make.
  7. 2 points
    So your bankroll is about 5USD (or any currency you using now), if you cannot get your bankroll bigger. There are 2 ways for you to bet follow my analysis: 1st choice: Making my 1% is your 5%, my 2% is your 10%, my 3% is your 15% and my 5% is your 20%. So I am making 3 usd bet you might go 0.25 bet. OR 2nd Choice: You can skip all my 1 and 2% match and only follow my 3% and 5% bet size match. Second choice would be better, as China Match right now really inconsistent, if you play too big following my analysis you might suffer big lose recently. Ask me again if you do not understand what I am trying to say.\ Optimist Choice would be making ur bankroll to 20 usd. I really think keeping bet size lower than 5% is the best way to bet here. Try to Remember this, do not go all in, I had lost 150usd in 1 day because of my rage bet, I already cover that loss throughout my long term safe bet here, and still building up my bankroll slowly now with all lower than 5% currently.( Sometime I personally might go 10% on some match and livebet but I never rage bet anymore.)
  8. 2 points
    Played this pick as well, TooDming shouldn't be underdog at all, this match a pretty good coin flip for the odds offered
  9. 2 points
    Toodming vs XY GPL Pick: Toodming (High, 5%) Odds: 2.860 (Pinnaclesports) Soo... this seems to be a super value bet. I don''t know why Xy is a 2-1 favorite especially since TooDming is winning 43-33 over Xy, won the last 2 recent matches against Xy. It was close... 4-3 and 2-1 sure. Toodming is also ranked as #2 china while Xy is #4. These odds seem insane. I guess XY is a bigger fan favorite and the odds are swinging his way because of that? Hey, he needs to win a little more often than 33% and history says Toodming is the favorite...
  10. 2 points
    Seriously Qingno, your predictions and analysis is totally legit. Don't be discouraged by some random guy flaming.
  11. 2 points
    Pick: CDEC win at least 1 map with odds 1.64 or more. I not sure how LGD is getting such low odds payout like 1.3 or lower. Bookie is favoring too much on LGD I guess, after their lost against team EHOME.X 3 days ago, I thought this match will be a even match from Bookie’s perspective, well this give us some chance to get easy money I guess. CDEC already get 1-1 against team VG 10 days ago where VG is still with FY and considered as top team of China. Well CDEC only get 2-1 against Tongfu but not 2-0 is a dissapointing result however China match always like that so we cannot do much about that. Since the inconsistency of China match and CDEC Gaming definitely have chance to upset in this match I would go for CDEC win at least 1 map, 2% would be perfect. LGD is 100% better in individual skill as Maybe and Ame are performing god damn well, and this is the reason I do not advise CDEC win game with ML. Note: Please comment your opinion before game start but not after game ended. Any insult after match end will not be entertained.
  12. 2 points
    Pick: Newbee young win with odds 1.69 or more. Newbee young will my favor here even though Cavalry just took down EHOME with 2-1 score few days ago. The reason that CAVALRY able to win against EHOME is EHOME do not have synergy at all. I guess disbanding EHOME is their next move, they have all players that are above average but they cannot perform consistent and stay in tier 1 longer time. Newbee Young might can take down EHOME with 2-0 right as CAVALRY is not really a strong team. There is still a small chance that CAVALRY can upset this but I am favoring on Newbee Young 70% so it is safe to bet them win Money Line. I really do not advise bet on Newbee Young 2-0 after this is China match.
  13. 2 points
    Vega Squadron win map 1 and map 2 with odds 1.64. Ok, since this is bo2 and I am not too confident with Vega Squadron new lineup so I am gonna make bet like this if Vega Squadron win map 1, then I will go 3 % on map 2. 1% on Vega win map 1, if they win then 3% on Vega win map 2. I am not 100% sure their lineup, I think Ditya-ra as 1st position then G as second position, Mag as offlaner then Cematheslayer and Soneiko will be support. I am more preferable if Sonneiko is 4th position however I am not sure about that. Ok with this kind of lineup, their individual skill confirm better than !REBEL! already. Although !Rebels! as I expected can take down Evil Corporation however they lost to team Chew Toy in bo1 match is definitely a disappointing result. Since !Rebels! lost their momentum and Vega Squadron with such strong lineup, it is to be safe to assume Vega have 80% win chance in this match.
  14. 2 points
    Team Empire win 2-0 with odds 1.6 or more. I think bookie is favoring too little on Empire, despite how much I love Horde, Empire will the be favor here like 75% win chance. Empire last match against Alliance is with 3 stand in include Chappie, yol and also Fn. Chappie is definitely a amazing player after watching those game he played with Empire. However Yol is not a player as good as KingR. I hope that KingR will be return for this match so Empire will have better win chance like 80% but it does not matter if Yol is still playing this match since Horde is lacking of synergy and drafting strategy after all.
  15. 2 points
    Wings Gaming win at least 1 map with 1.1 odds or more. From the odds offered by bookie, I am aware that they are highly expected Wings Gaming can come out with 2-0 however i have a different opinion since I think IG have the potential to win 1 game so bet Wings Gaming win at least 1 map is the best choice and safest choice even the payout not high.
  16. 2 points
    Odds: 1.78 for PENTA at least 1 map (EGB) Pick: High (3 units) Stupid odds due to GODSENT's previous LAN results. Yes, they managed to win against a team like NiP, but to be honest, NiP Hasn't looked good for quite some time already, and domestic match-ups are really different from international matchups. GODSENT is a good team led by pronax from Fnatic in the past, and they play good on LAN settings and are notoriously worse in online matches (getting 0-16'd by Team YP). PENTA on the other hand, they are a great tier 3 team mainly online matches. Seeing as this is online and GODSENT is very inconsistent, I think 1.78 odds for PENTA 1 map is a steal.
  17. 2 points
    Pick: Polarity final score 3:0 with fanobet odds 6.65, bet size: 3 I will make this pick because i have 70% confident the final score will be it, PR the team which are on fire been taken down by polarity 2-0 the other day while PR already on dominating form against all other tier 2 team and even get 1 game from liquid. Imperial lost against Broodmother which is performing so bad lately on bo1 game. These 2 team form are the reason i am betting on final score 3-0 favor on Polarity.
  18. 2 points
    Mineski vs ExecrationPick: **Execration**Odds: 1.97 (Fanobet) Once a really strong team, Mineski no longer dominate the SEA teams and no longer have the bragging right to be the called the top Filipino team around. Ever since their roster shuffle, Mineski's plays have been rather shakey. Both TnC as well as Execration are stronger than Mineski as shown from their TI6 SEA qualifiers. Execration will be looking to play hard and improve on their team chemistry and strat if they wish to make it through Wildcard qualifiers since there are 3 other strong team in the group. **Bet Size = 3** *Feel free to drop comments on how I can improve on my predictions or give me information that I may have missed out! I am also happy to share my personal thoughts on other games!*
  19. 2 points
    ShaDoWn vs Lilbow Pick: Lilbow (All in, 5 units) Odds: 1.820 (ESportGaming) Lilbow is a way better player than ShaDoWn - quite crazy that ESportGaming is putting them on equal grounds.
  20. 2 points
    Hi everyone, first of all I'm glad people are enjoying the spreadsheet and active users are consistently submitting their predictions via the form; so far it's working well. Today I am publicly posting an idea I was discussing with Vetomestari, weekly / monthly forum tournaments for best predictors! How it could work is as follows: Considering that 20 euro = 250 pts means 1 point = 8 euro cents (pts / points - referring to storepoints that can be used in the store in exchange for prizes). Using the spreadsheet we could make separate tournaments each week and once large one monthly running alongside, winners would be picked based on profit made in the specified time period. The way that storepoints work now it isn't hard to exploit the system over a period of time - especially if the forum gets popular. We could nerf (reduce) the amount of points given by creating posts and potentially increase the prize pool for the tourneys. It would be also possible to make special events for majors (ESL, dreamhack etc) where additional points will be given out to best predictors for matches during those events. --- All four E-Sports categories combined (as the spreadsheet works now) - excludes "Other Betting Tips" Weekly competitions (total 36.80 euro / month): 1st place -> 50 pts (4.00 euro) 2nd place -> 30 pts (2.40 euro) 3rd place -> 15 pts (1.20 euro) 4th and 5th place -> 10 pts each (0.80 euro each) Monthly competition (total 45.60 euro / month): 1st place -> 250 pts (20.00 euro) 2nd place -> 125 pts (10.00 euro) 3rd place -> 75 pts (6.00 euro) 4th and 5th place -> 30 pts each (2.40 euro each) 6th to 10th place -> 15 pts each (1.20 euro each) These are only suggested prizes and are subject to change. --- I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions and especially suggestions to the above idea, let us know by commenting below.
  21. 2 points
    My odds:55-45 for Sweden Bookie odds: 2.32 for Sweden win (CSGL) My pick: Low for Sweden win (1 unit) Denmark: squidi, Lukki, Fonzen, Console, Ryxxo (EXPECTED) Sweden: ANTON, ano, fAERSKA, bishop, xajdish (EXPECTED) This is a Kings of Nordic BO1 online game, which means the underdog always win 70% of the time. This tournament series is always regarded as a joke and not worth betting on, however there are a few talents to be highlighted. 4 out of 5 of the players in the Denmark side played for Eastern Vikings during the CPH.W 2016 BOYC qualifiers, and while they did not really impress anyone, it is worth noting. For the sweden side, I have heard only good things about bishop(he has 60% headshot rate apparently) and ano. Basically low tier teamwork team vs mid tier talented individuals. No matter how good your strats are, if your aim is not up to par, you can't really do anything to be honest. This is why plenty of teams could not stop Luminosity, they have the aim to back up their strats. Pure 50-50 actually, maybe a slight edge to Sweden. If you're not a betting addict, please do yourself a favour and SKIP this game.
  22. 2 points
    Hello guys, this is my first prediction on this website, please bare that in mind! I am using my old reddit format aswell. I've made some predictions for my own spreadsheet earlier and it went pretty good but I thought I'd do some predictions over here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Virtus.Pro: Wow, we saw a whole other VP yesterday than we have seen in the past. Although I went ICB on them I didnt really expect them to perform but I feel like they perform much better when they're underdog, because of their style and the fact that they are just so damn inconsistent. They really need Snax to turn up if they want to win since pasha hasn't been performing recently and they will need someone to bring him up and Snax has been the carry of this team for the last ~6months. Something that really helped them aswell was seeing Taz perform like he did around the PGL days, where he would get all the clutches that he got into and was an absolute beast at CT-side. Mousesports: Sadly mouz is about as inconsistent as VP are, and are kinda into the same scenario as VP. Though they showed us great potential at DH Malmö but still, they choked yet again. If you compare the teams I'd say Snax is the same kind of player as NiKo is, an insane rifler who can easily 2nd awp. They have some inconsistent players who need to show up to win, and honestly I wouldn't be suprised if these players do show up. As ChrisJ said on stream, he really loves Train and he sees it as his favorite map and he put up big numbers against VP on it last time and I feel like he'll out awp NEO on it since NEO wasnt really playing all that well vs NIP, last but not least I feel like nex is in the same situation as TaZ (they need to show up in order to win) Map veto: VP bans Dust2 mouz bans Train/Overpass VP picks Overpass/Train Mouz picks Cache( I feel like they'll be confident after their 16-5 win on it vs VP 2days ago) VP bans Inferno Mouz bans Cobblestone Last map is Mirage Should be 50/50 imo. Both teams have chances on all three maps. Conclusion: I feel like this will be a 50/50 match relying on whoever shows up. My bet: Gonna be going on the team that ends up at -45% on CSGL / +1.90 odds on any bookie. (Gonna update later)
  23. 2 points
    I would love to play Liquid on this one, but the odds are unplayable in my books. If Liquids odds rise to above 1.45 I'll be grabbing them.
  24. 2 points
    EHOME - Fnatic ESL One Manila Pick: EHOME Odds: 1.775 (EgamingBets) Bet size: 2,5 (scale 0.2 - 3.5) Late at ni.ght and I found these crazy odds from tomorrows early game. EGB is offering 1.775 for EHOME's win, while Bet365 is offering 2.50 for Fnatic. This means the return percentage is 103,8%. There is absolutely air in these odds. Both of the teams are really good, but I'm going to give the edge to EHOME, since they have such a good reputation in big tournaments. Fnatic has played good recently but they haven't really played versus the best teams out there. The game is a sure bet, so if you want you can make a profit of 3% by betting the right amount to both teams on EGB and Bet365. However I'm rolling with EHOME.
  25. 2 points
    HR v Epsilon My odds : 70-30 for HR Odds offered: 1.27 for HR win (Fanobet) 1.67 for HR 2-0 (Fanobet) My pick: High (10%) for HR win Medium (5-7%) for HR 2-0 Well, after days of battle, HR and Epsilon are now in the CEVO Finals, battling for the qualification LAN finals. HR has shown us how capable they are moving forward, both without bondik and after having bondik on the team. He was absolutely amazing, brimming with confidence against Gambit, Efrag, Torpedo, Empire, winning 5 matches in a row. Epsilon on the other hand, they have been going well too, however they got to the finals through an "easy" group, as evident by their opponents, Penta, nerdrage, AGG, etc. As individuals, HR is way better than Epsilon. As a team, HR is way better than Epsilon. I think HR will get this in the bag, and even a 2-0 scoreline.
  26. 2 points
    16:00 NoLifer5 vs. BrooDMotherS ML @2,46 1/10 Pinnacle Have to go against NL5 again. As I said, the team is not really motivated right now, their loss against Kaipi was a close one but getting one game from them is not enough to justify these odds. BMs are solid players and close friends to the Ad Finem team, some of them were part of the old LC team which had pretty strong results. These odds have to be taken, value!
  27. 2 points
    EnVyUs vs. FaZe My Odds - 70:30 in favour of EnVyUs There isn't much time left so I'll try to be short where possible. FaZe are currently hyped up due to the nice comeback and overall win vs VP, their match versus Astralis was not the best though. Looking through individual players kioshima has his ups and downs on match basis; at times carrying and other times at the bottom of the score board. On the other side EnVyUs have not been pleasing their fans in past two matchup losing 2-0 to mousesports and Na'Vi (where they got completely destroyed). KennyS quickly picks up the momentum after a good round with the snowball effect on the whole team. The game will be exciting to watch and could be close but I believe that EnVyUs will take a 2-0 victory or a 2-1 if they make bad calls. EnVyUs are definitely a better and more experienced team, I believe they will try to prove themselves in a match like this one. I would bet for EnVyUs to win overall but the best odds I could find were 1.5 which are too risky. This is what I bet for this game: EnVyUs to win 2-0 | Bet Size: Low | Odds @ 2.75 | Bookie bet365 EnvyUs to win round 1 map 1 | Bet Size: Low | Odds @ 1.8 | Bookie bet365 EnvyUs to win round 1 map 2 | Bet Size: Low | Odds @ 1.8 | Bookie bet365 May the odds be ever in our favour. - Poisoned
  28. 2 points
    I took fun bets since I was 16 (9 years ago) but took it more seriously since 2012. The first year was terrible with all kind of mistakes but with more experience things looked better and better. I was able to earn some money with betting while studying. People started contacting me and I got invited in several private bettings forums. After I finished my masters degree in brand management and marketing last September I decided to go the next step and start as a professional bettor with two investors who were introduced to me by a private forum member. I focus on NBA and NFL in my "real" betting, eSport limits are not high enough right now to make a real living out of them. Anyway, before I started at university a was really active in the eSport community. As a player I played DotA ESL Major Series, was in the same team as XBOCT for example but had my biggest achievements as a FIFA gamer, participated at two World Cyber Games (2009 Chengdu and 2010 LA) and two Samsung European Championships (2010 Berlin and 2011 Warsaw), also played in the ESL Pro Series for several teams. I was also active in the WC3 and SC2 community later, in SC2 I worked as the team manager of Team Thermaltake and also had my own organisation named uPro Legends bringing out players like XBOCT, xelsing (WC3), Bly (he was part of our team in WC3). So I tried myself in eSports betting as well, things look okay right now but still a lot of space to improve
  29. 2 points
    Chiefs eSports Club is a team from Australia and one of the most established in the region . They are a team who can win with anyone and loose to anyone unfortunately. But its neccessary to tell that they had really tough schedule from the start. Hard Random , Supermassive and Saigon Jokers, but they were able to beat INTZ what counts. With a little bit of luck they can still advance to semis and in my opininon they are able to do so. On the other side we have team from Argentina Isurus gaming. They somehow manage to take the game from Saigon but they are not that good . They can play decent early stage but thats not enough. Chiefs are far more experienced with bigger motivation and better skilled. I believe that they will take this. BET : Chiefs Esports Club @1.72 BET365 GL to us
  30. 2 points
    Virtus Pro vs Vega Squadron ESL One EU Qualifiers Pick: Vega Squadron Odds: 1.98 (Pinnacle) Today there is an important BO5 game for Vega and VP. Winner of the match will go straight to the finals while the loser has to play versus the winner of LB final. The odds for the match are extremely even and the bookies are having disagreements on who is the favorite for the match. I think that Vega is being underrated for some reason. They have been killing it in the ESL qualifiers, not losing a single round and winning highly competitive teams. I also think that BO5's are something Vega is really comfortable with, because their players' hero pools are quite big and often times they tend to outsmart their opponents in the draft. Virtus Pro is of course a good team, but I think the masses are betting for them and rising the odds of Vega higher than they should be. The game will be a pretty close one but in my books Vega is a slight 55-45 favorite to win the match.
  31. 2 points
    International wild card tournament is hosting teams from different regions for a spot in MSI 4 teams will adavance to semi -finals. For my bet i have chosen match between Brasilian INTZ and Japanesse DetonatioN FocusMe . INTZ was considered to be one of the favourites , since they have really good infrustructure and they have a chance to prove they can be a PRO team one day, even if they are 2-2 now but they have shown quite a good performance and have beaten teams which they should s have : ISG and Lyon . They have lost to Hard Random but thats not that suprising and they were shocked by Chiefs by their very unpredictable playstyle. On the other hand we have japanesse team which is quite rookie and i dont expect much from them honestly they are 1-3 which is really deserved. They have beaten ISG only and even lost to Lyon . I think experience is on brasilan side and if they want to advance to semis they have to proove it. I know odds are not so big and i dont like to play odds under 1.8. But i still see value in this pick. My pick : INTZ @1.53 BET 365 GL to us
  32. 2 points
    Disclaimer: Bet on your own risk, analysis is considered as secondary advice for your research CPH.W vs ENSO Well, this will be a short one, as CPHW is rightfully favored against a team like ENSO. Initially I would favour CPHW 78-22 One important thing to note however, is that the champion of this tournament gets just $3500 if I'm not mistaken, and while CPH.W is many times better than ENSO, my mind thinks that CPH.W MIGHT throw 1 map to earn some money in betting sites. This is just an assumption, but time and time again I see teams being the favourite throws 1 map in BO2 games like these. With the current odds on Fanobet being crazy favoring CPH 1.12:4.89 (81-19), a 1-1 score bet is worth 2.47 right now. It is attractive for very low bets (1%). SKIP might be a better option for lower bankrolls, going high is an option as you won't lose your money if the score is 1-1... but upsets always happen when we least expect it to. Risk: Low Recommended bet: LOW on 1-1 score line or HIGH on CPH.W if odds <78%
  33. 2 points
    Hi, this is my first analysis in this forum, so I will try to be detailed, however this is a tier 2 matchup, and we all know anything can happen. Some of you who frequent the csgobetting subreddit might know me as /u/pandacmh. Let's start by talking about Selfless vs Vault Disclaimer: Bet on your own risk, analysis serves as a secondary resource for you during research. INTRODUCTION After a few days Dreamhack Malmo which had a ton of upsets and amazing performance by NiP, it's time to focus on our favourite tier 2 games. Selfless has really been making waves and showing good results, even beating LG in a bo3 recently during the iBP invitationals, and are currently having a 5 win streak. Vault on the other hand, is a relatively new team and is having a 4 loss streak. Initially I would favour Selfless 75-25 Selfless rating rating Vault Nifty 1.10 1.09 jcrueL Relyks 1.01 1.06 Nerdy Uber 1.00 0.96 effys m1tch 1.00 0.90 Rarkar MAiNLiNE 0.92 0.90 GRAMPZ Average 1.01 0.98 Average SELFLESS ANALYSIS Selfless lineup: relyks, mainline, uber, nifty, m1tch, ryu(coach) Let's start by talking about their lineup. relyks and nifty is really insane with their shots if he shows up. I do think that they are really confident in their play, and it reflects in their results. One of the most important things to talk about for this team however is their coach, Ryu. Ryu puts in alot of effort into analyzing games and coming up with new strats, and the players trust him, which is a big factor for teams to win games. A very good example is NiP. THREAT as a coach literally leads his team to victory, while another example is Liquid, in which we see players like s1mple disobeying his coach and IGL often, and it pays in their results. Look at Liquid v Tyloo at dreamhack Malmo, that was a trainwreck as koosta was literally a rifle decoy as s1mple just takes over the awp always. Recent results: 2-0 NRG, 2-0 Optic, 1-1 Winterfox, 0-2 Cloud9, 2-1 LG The most impactful result here is definitely 2-1 LG, literally no one thought that will happen as at the time, the skill gap is just too wide apart. Of course, LG did not really care that much about that game as there were focusing on the major, but Selfless showed us that they have a hell of a team. Losing 0-2 to Cloud9 with horrible scores is shocking to me, as they did win a map against them some time ago. I'm not sure what happened there, but it was an anomaly for sure. VAULT ANALYSIS Vault lineup: nerdy, jcrueL, Rarkar, GRAMPZ, effys Well, as evident by the statistics, nerdy and jcrueL are the heavy hitters of this team, but some of the other players can show up and have some decent results as well. There is really not much to say about this lineup, it pales in comparison with teams like Selfless who is on a roll right now. It is interesting to note the m1tch used to play for Vault from September 2015 until February 2016 and he jumped ship over to Selfless, so Selfless can exploit that fact like how pronax in GODSENT having a slight advantage over the current Fnatic team. Recent results: 0-2 NRG, 1-2 coL, 2-1 Bee's Money Well, they don't look too good in comparison with Selfless, as mentioned above. CONCLUSION Well, Selfless are the clear favourites here, I would say they will take this game 2-0 easily. This is a tier 2 online match however, anything can happen. CSGL odds: 81-19 favouring Selfless Fanobet odds: 1.19:3.09 favouring Selfless Risk: Medium Recommended bet: Medium/High on Selfless or SKIP
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    OG %50 - Newbee %50 BO1 4.11.2017 Dotapit Although OG looked a bit shaky yesterday and lost 2-1 against VG, VG looked well preperad for the new change however OG was so dominant today against Fnatic on the other hand yesterday Newbee Lost 2-0 against Liquid and won 2-1 against SG. I think for a BO1 game it is pretty risky to pick a side for this game but i beleive OG will come up ahead with a moral of their first game today.. PS: Teams are still struggling to find out best builds and hero picks.. My betting amounts: 0 - 7.5$ Low 7.5 - 25$ Middle 25 - 50$ High My Pick : OG Amount : Middle Bet
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    Hero vs TY SSL Pick: herO (mid: 3.25%) Odds: 1.65 (Betspawn) H2H this year is 4-1 in herOs favor which makes this a potential niceness bet. I also noticed that in the TY vs Byun series that TY is abit slow to adjust, maybe most of his adjustments come between games. I'm not sure - but i do know that herO is really tricky and the more adversed you are on your feet there better you'll do against him.
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    aLive vs Solar SSL Pick: aLive (Mid, 2.5%) Odds: 2.8 (Betspawn) The h2h is 12-15 in Solars favor with aLive taking the recent 2 most bo's between them. I imagine this matchup being quite coinflippy, with these odds it means it's a great bet.
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    Cham vs Probe WCS Austin Pick: Cham (Mid, 2.5%) Odds: 1.36 (bet365) Probe hasn't done well against anyone that is 1800+ rated, Cham sits at 2k. The h2h lies 4-0 in Chams favor. The odds are quite steep but i feel like it's good enough with Bo5 and the statistics.
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    Odds: 1.9 for EnvyUs (EGB) pick: Medium (2 unit) NiP has been HORRIBLE lately, they have been losing matches with less than 3 rounds; how is that possible for such a legendary team? I literally have no hopes for NiP now with this roster. It doesn't make sense for us to bet on NiP, we will be better off trying to bet on EnvyUs. Literally any tier 2 team can crush the NiP right now and its no joke.
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    despite all of the analytics and prognosysts said that SK will win i did a bet for Astralis... aaaaand i win! - I don't know why every1 decided that SK will win.. they are probably tilted after the game vs g2 + astralis are super good and loot.bet (dunno about other) had an excellent odds for me, like 1.70 from the start. So.. SK are not so good as every1 thinks
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    Odds: Above 1.4 for Kinguin Pick: Low (1 unit) Kinguin absolutely smashed LDLC around yesterday and looked super confident. Kinguin has always been a very good tier 3 team, and especially in online games. With more and more LAN experience, Kinguin is improving alot. Muffin Lightning made a name themselves for being in the American Minor, but they just look so poor in their last few matches, their statistics has been horrible recently if we took a look at HLTV. Go for a handicap bet for Kinguin, they should take this easily without problems.
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    Not sure why that we have haters in such a small community here. We are all working hard and providing free predictions for the public here and I can vouch that Qingno is one of the most experienced Dota 2 predictors around these days, people who follow him since the beginning would know that... in fact he is known for his underdog picks most of the time rather than the opposite. Of course we will have setbacks, that's all betting is about. Even the most experienced sports analyst and bettors will have bad pick and days, remember betting is about the long-run profit.
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    F.R.I.E.N.D.S win with odds 1.64 or more. I was thinking why F.R.I.E.N.D.S is being the favor in eye of bookie, well, F.R.I.E.N.D.S just lost to Flipside yesterday with 1-2 score. But their head to head was 1-0 favors on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. As you can see Prodota Gaming lost to team ATT 0-1 while F.R.I.E.N.D.S won ATT with 2-0 score which is impressive because they been unstable for quiet a long time, I hope they can become more stable and step in tier 2 again in future. Prodota Gaming recent game was mess like lost to Horde 0-2 , lost to Empire as well with 1-2 score. All of these results make me feel not safe by betting on them. F.R.I.E.N.D.S yesterday although unable to win the game against Fipside but I still think they are trying their best and doing as much as they can in order to win this tournament.
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    A bunch of games tomorrow, I have 80% confidence for all of these games... Fingers crossed for easy profit and not super upsets happening. When I say teams are trash in China, I mean it. Me and Qingno are Malaysian born Chinese, we understand the language and even if I search for Chinese CSGO news, those teams are still trash and the news websites even posted an article asking Western viewers to be patient for the Chinese CSGO scene to grow more talent as they are trash aside from VG and Tyloo now. Keep in mind these are BO1 games, so I have adjusted 1 unit to be 1.5~% of my money instead of 2%. Tyloo vs Epsilon | 1.35 for Tyloo (EGB) | Low+ for Tyloo (1.5 unit) The thing is that Tyloo had a poor performance in the Major qualifiers, they were very weak in their T side against western opponents, and I'm sure Epsilon will be trying to exploit that. Epsilon is a LAN team, they are good playing in offline environment rather than online environment, we saw that during Dreamhack. I would still favour Tyloo since they are playing in China with homeground advantage, but current odds I am hesitant to max bet on Tyloo. VG.CBZ vs Energy Pacemaker | 1.86 for Energy below 9 rounds (EGB) | High (3 units) It's a LAN environment and VG is the undisputed number 2 team in Asia, what with LOVEYY and SAVAGE being heavy carries and such. Energy is not a known team in China, I don't think Energy can take 9 rounds against such a good team. The 3rd best team in China, Born Of Fire literally get stomped by VG and Tyloo so badly its not even funny and therefore a high bet is suitable in this scenario. Team X vs FIVE | 1.25 for X (EGB), 1.86 for FIVE less than 9 rounds (EGB) | Max (5 unit), High (3 unit) No chance for trash China teams against Western tier 2 teams. Team X vs Energy Pacemaker | 1.2 for X (EGB), 1.9 for Energy less than 9 rounds(EGB) | Max (5 unit), High (3 unit) No chance for trash China teams against Western tier 2 teams. VG.CBZ vs FIVE | 1.8 for FIVE less than 9 rounds (EGB) | High (3 unit) It's a LAN environment and VG is the undisputed number 2 team in Asia, what with LOVEYY and SAVAGE being heavy carries and such. FIVE is not a known team in China, I don't think FIVE can take 9 rounds against such a good team. Drea3er from FIVE isn't too bad, he has carry potential as we saw during the China vs Singapore team, however, the 3rd best team in China, Born Of Fire literally get stomped by VG and Tyloo so badly its not even funny and therefore a high bet is suitable in this scenario. Tyloo vs eFuture | 1.86 for eFuture < 9 rounds (EGB) | High (3 unit) The best Chinese team against a trash Chinese team. Enough said. Tyloo vs Born of Fire | 1.86 for Born of Fire <8 rounds (EGB) | High (3 unit) BOF is the 3rd best Chinese team, however that doesn't mean much as Tyloo and VG stomps them like nobodies business. Epsilon vs eFuture | 1.78 for eFuture <10 rounds (EGB) | Max (5 unit) 10 rounds for a trash Chinese team against Epsilon? Come on EGB. Epsilon vs BOF |1.3 for Epsilon (EGB) | Max (5 unit) No way BOF can take this from Epsilon. Skill difference between Europe and China is too large.
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    Astralis vs Dignitas Odds: 2.96 (Fanobet) Pick: 1 unit low bet for dignias Astralis playing with glaive instead of kjaerbye which is a downgrade in my opinion , on the other hand dignitas is playing with cajunb which will make this game even more interesting as cajunb was kicked from astralis and I think in a BO1 format dignitas have better chances to win this one as Astralis is always sloppy when it comes to BO1 format. Gambit vs CLG Odds: 1.63 (Fanobet) Pick: 2 units medium bet on Gambit Gambit is better on LAN than online , CLG is struggling with the roster changes so I think gambit should win this. NiP vs Optic Odds: 3.69 (Fanobet) Pick: Low (1 unit) on Optic Optic is being heavily underestimated here , they have potential to upset any tier-1 team and especially in a BO1 format I think they have real chance to upset NIP here. Liquid vs Envy Odds: 1.77 (fanobet) Pick: medium (2 units) on Envyus Envyus is coming back in form and after that victory against VP in e-league I think they finally managed to solve the issues in the team and decided to focus on getting the top 3 position back. I think Envy will secure a comfortable win here. VP vs Mouz Odds : 2.10 (Fanobet) Pick : 1 unit low bet on Mouz VP after that lose against Envyus in e-league grand finals proved that they are still facing inconsistency issues , especially their main star fraggers (byali,snax) are struggling with inconsistency issues and are not able to perform like they should in every game. Especially in this BO1 format we might see mouz upsetting VP. SK vs G2 Odds: 1.7 for SK (Fanobet) Pick: Medium 2 units on SK SK (Ex-luminosity) did lose to G2 but we cannot just judge them from a single game , G2 has always suffered inconsistency issues and they need scream,shox to perform at peak level to have a chance against top 5 teams. I think SK have real chances in securing this win to gain their confidence back. Fnatic vs Faze Odds: 3.57 for FAZE! (Fanobet) Pick: 2 units medium bet on FaZe Fnatic once again being overhyped after that horrible performance in e-league tournament where their star player (olofmeister) was just performing bad, he is yet to gain that confidence and form back and we might see them getting out of this tournament in group stage. Faze on the other hand is practicing hard for this tournament and they have the firepower they need to take down Fnatic here.
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    Hey! Yea i know there are 6 bets there however I do not like the odds of the games there hence I am personally skipping betting on them, but I'm happy to share my thoughts if there are any particular game you're looking at. I'm glad i got my bet on Liquid in before the drop in the odds!
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    First of all thanks a lot for your effort Poisoned, it is a great idea and makes following much easier Have just some things to add: The win percentage is not a deciding factor in betting, people can hit 80% and be in red after all with average odds of 1,2. I would prefer the overall yield of the tipsters, it is more significant than everything elese I would say. Another number I would like to know would be the average stakes of everyones bets. Personally I use a stake system with 3 different stakes but not everyone is using the same, so it would help to convert it to my own stake following other bets
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    HR v Gambit My odds: 65-35 for HR Odds offered: 1.67 for HR on Pinnacle Recommended bet: Low+/Medium on HR HellRaisers rating rating Gambit oskar 1.15 1.13 spaze bondik 1.05 1.04 Dosia STYKO 1.03 1.03 mou Zero 1.02 1.01 AdreN ANGE1 1.01 0.92 hooch Average 1.05 1.03 Average Okay, let me just say that bondik (he just left Fsid3) is complementing HR alot. I am watching the HR v Efrag right now, and bondik is absolutely showing up today. I actually bet on HR v Efrag, but I did not have time to post the analysis here. The comeback on Cache CT side is absolutely beautiful even if they eventually lose or win. Gambit on the other hand, I don't see much from them recently, yes they did win against EnvyUS during MLG Columbus, but that Envy is way worse than the Envy yesterday. They did win against teams like AGG and Penta, but I don't think they can compare to the talent HR has now with bondik.
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    For sure, but personally I like riskier bets rather than smaller odds. In the end no bet is a sure bet and very often I see a lot of value in higher odds.
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    Hello, I'm also from Finland, so obviously loyal to the Finnish teams. The only game I really follow is Dota and I used to be a big 4ASC/STARK fan. Since they broke it was easy to start rooting for Team Liquid since they had 2 Finns playing for them. Now I live and breath Liquid. I also like following other European teams such as Alliance and newly built No Diggity.
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    G2 Esports vs Fnatic Pick: Fnatic Odds: 2.2 Bookie: Bet365 Fanatic had a slow start from the beginning of this series and lost 3 of their last 5 games, while G2 Esports won all their previous 5 games. However during their last game played against eachother Fnatic won.