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  1. 1 point
    Fnatic win with odds 3 or more. 1% Yes, I am going to pick Fnatic this watch, I still cannot forget that Newbee just get kicked out from Starladder without winning even 1 map. First lost to SG esport 0-2 with payout odds lower than 1.2, then lost 0-2 against Secret and there they just got kick out of starladder like that. If these matches not yet happens, I would go 2% on Newbee win this bo1. However their performance is seriously need to get better to have better than 60% win this bo1 game. I would also go Newbee 1% if this is bo3 game. With 3.0 payout odds on Fnatic, I would try my luck on them, Fnatic not tier 1 team in Sea, and only able to considered as tier 2 team when their performance are all good. They are inconsistent, like winning against EHOME with 2-1 then lost to them 0-1 in past 2 days. Another thing to mention is that Fnatic only able to get into this tournament because Clutch Gamers Visa Issue. So 1% is more than enough for this pick, skip is also an option, you can put more bullets on bo3 game.
  2. 1 point
    EMpire win 2-0 with odds 1.73 or more. 1.5% I would go 3 % for this match if ESL ONE is not coming up tomorrow, save bullet for that match would be wiser choice, however we should not skip this match as well, I was fucking shock when I find out EMpire is actually having 7 win streaks (series) and 14 win streaks(per map) which means they have 2-0 against 7 teams. Well, those team definitely not tier 1 team, however there are some of the strong team lost to Empire like Penta, Kinguin and also Vega. So I would believe Empire able to keep this momentum and take down Gambit 2-0 as well.
  3. 1 point
    Fire Dragoon win 2-0 with odds 2.1 or more. Well, I really do not pay much attention on SEA lately, however the best lineup team in SEA now are Mineski, Fnatic and also Fire Dragoon, although Fire Dragoon does not shows us their consistency however they do show us they are belong to tier 2 team with their lineup. Ah Jit a good carry player with 343 as support, even with alacrity as position 2, their lineup are very good. Entity Esport although with TeeHee and Eyyou, but their recent result still makes me think it is safe to put 1% for Fire Dragoon 2-0 here. Well, try put low bet here because I am doing this pick based on lineup only. I got no time to watch their matches because they are not worth my time and I am quite bust lately. Also save bullet for ESL One Hamburg
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    EG win with odds 1.7 or more.0.5% Well, both team are actually almost 50-50 favors on no team, and this is fucking bo1 game, 0.5% is enough. I am picking on EG although their payout odds is lower than Secret because I am seeing consistency in team EG, Midone in this patch or season is try too hard for some big play, and sometime he just act like Eternal Envy from last time do a lot of stupid stuff and most likely cost the game. I still remember his Dragon Knight in first game against Immortals on 19 October, he blink into enemy base withtout open bkb and get nuked down by Pugna's second skill + 2 dagons. That is real shit, although Sumail might have some stupid move sometime, however we already know it is his style, 'getting aggressive farm or else lose the game eventually'. That is his quote. But Midone is a fucking strong player should not have this kind of big mistake. So I would go for EG here. Will give higher bet size when it comes to bo3 gam