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    This topic can be used to collect all of our TI6 props. Pinnacle is giving quite a bit of props bets and I found one that makes no sense in my mind: More popular hero (Pick+Ban): Elder Titan - Faceless Void Pick: Elder Titan Odds: 2.19 Bet Size: 5 Elder Titan is first tier pick/ban almost in every game at the moment. I checked like 10 teams randomly in Dotabuff and almost all of them had ET as their highest win rate hero or atleast over 50%. I think ET is way too OP at the moment to be ever not pick/banned. I genuinely think that ET will be the most pick/banned hero of the tournament and making him underdog against Void?!?! I don't think Void should be in the top 3 popular heroes. I don't understand. Definately high bet material in my books Another one worthy of an attempt: More popular hero (Pick+Ban): Drow Ranger - Shadow Demon Pick: Shadow Demon Odds: 5.00 Bet size: 1 I know Drow is meta at the moment but I feel like it could fade out further into the tournament when teams find a way to counter it. Shadow demon is a high tier support pick and has a chance being more popular than Drow. SD is abused with illusion combos and also played alot with and against the strongest heroes of the patch. Low bet from me, seems to have value.
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    Few new ones: More popular hero (Pick+Ban): Timbersaw - Dark Seer Pick: Timbersaw Odds: 1.704 Bet size: 3 Timbersaw has the edge in this match up since not only is he the more popular offlaner, but also can be played mid and safelane. Dark Seer hasn't been that great of an offlane pick nowadays and definately not banned much. I expect a lot of timersaw bans though even in the 1st, 2nd phase. More popular hero (Pick+Ban): Lion - Disruptor Pick: Disruptor Odds: 2.29 Bet size: 2 Disruptor was the most picked hero of Manila and definately needs to be recognized in TI aswell. Both of the heroes won't face a lot of bans, so it's a match of who gets picked more. Disruptor direct counters more heroes than Lion does and Lion hasn't really been that much favored as a "go to support". I would give the edge to Disruptor in this matchup.